A Tryst To Excel Beyond The Ordinary: Satish Ranjan Pradhan at IMEC

A Tryst To Excel Beyond The Ordinary: Satish Ranjan Pradhan at IMEC

Sibasis Sahu | Jan 13, 2020

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We all are familiar with the accomplishments of ASME club of NIT Rourkela. With the amount of time they have put in for pursuing their passion with sheer determination and perseverance, there is nothing surprising about their track record of triumphs in coveted events. Adding another feather to this crown of achievements was the Vice President of ASME club, Satish Ranjan Pradhan, attending the IMEC conference.

The international body of ASME, like every year, had conducted the prestigious E-Fest all around the world. People from different corners of the world come up together to showcase their talent and prowess through various competitions. India witnessed its own edition of E-Fest which was held this year from February 1-3 in VIT, Vellore. Satish was contesting in the old guard oral presentation competition. This demanded of the students to give a talk along with a presentation for 15 minutes. It was then followed by a 5 minutes Question and Answer session. He emerged victorious in this competition, getting the better of his opponents. The top 2 participants of this competition were selected from the Asia-Pacific region to attend the IMEC (International Mechanical Exposition and Congress). The world finals of all the competitions of E-Fest were scheduled to be held in this conference.

The IMEC Conference was held at Salt Lake City in the USA in the month of November 2019. The much-anticipated finals of Satish’s competition were held on 9th of November. The competition proceeded with the same set rules as earlier. His visit to the USA was sponsored by the international organization of ASME with an amount of 1500 USD(1 Lakh INR approximately). Besides that, he had to spend an extra of 50,000 INR from his own pocket. Out of the 10 participants, only the top three were awarded at the finals. He wasn’t able to clinch a podium finish however when asked about the experience he was quoted saying:

The competition continued for only a single day. The judges and all others in the administrative council of this event were very friendly. The feeling of getting to answer questions enquired by the chairmen, vice-chairmen and people of high ranks belonging to global leader companies was phenomenal. Getting a bit off track there were talks about my institute, my future goals, about ASME in India. It was fun to answer to them. Nearby the competitions arena career fair(placement cell equivalent of USA) was setup, where the likes of Boeing, Bosch,Toyota etc were waiting for the right candidates to approach them and bag jobs. Boeing was the main sponsor of the IMEC event. I got to know a lot of stuff from them too. Overall my exposure was real good and my experience was worthwhile.

Speaking in terms of competitiveness on the global stage Satish pointed out that we are far behind others. He elaborated as follows-

I was the only third year under graduate student at the finals. There was only one other undergraduate who was in his fourth year. I only spoke about my idea and project at the finals however the others had already incorporated similar ideas in real life and brought out their product in the market already. So the level of competition was very high. The clubs here at NIT Rourkela put in efforts from their own side to build something however those people have mentors at every step to guide them through every possible step. They have better resources than us. Their universities help them out on a great scale both in terms of money and knowledge. On one hand it is quite good that we are capable of doing such things on our own .On the other hand a little help and support from the institution would boost up our morale.

Team MM congratulates Satish for bringing laurels to this premier institute on a global platform and wishes him and ASME all the best for what waits ahead for them in the future.



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