'I feel so tired at 5:15'

'I feel so tired at 5:15'

Sayan Dey | Jan 20, 2020

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I feel so drained at 5:15
I feel so compelled at 1:15
I feel so powerless at the end of the semester
And I will feel so useless after all of it’s over.

They fear the robotic age, I fear we have transformed into robots. Small pieces of monolithic intrigue; destined to go nowhere; willing to risk nothing; a suffocating stagnant pool of semiconductors and deadlines surrounded by an event horizon you can never escape from, a paradox of impasse and lifelessness in the name of happiness and satisfaction.

They say, ‘Focus on your aim, invest your energy to be what you want to be.’
P.S. ‘on our aim, and what we want you to be.’

‘It is just a confirmation of you growing up, being more mature and being flexible to accept life as it comes,’ they would say. Be aware! they are just forming a system, an army of skilled but too agreeable ‘personnel’. A system that on ‘his’ click will do anything ‘he’ wants, kill any dream ‘he’ unlikes and do any injustice on ‘his’ say of justice with a vestigial brain. They use inferiority-complex as their weapon to kill us within ourselves; to infect us with the idea of autophagy.

And people will follow you once they think you have fitted in their world because then you have so few earthly needs to be fulfilled, you dream of today but a missing ‘you’, a loss forever you suffer from. But, you won’t be that bold to tell your misery to the youngers but put on a mask of settledness and stability. And then these lines will be fighting you,  lines you are reading today, fighting me, lines I am penning down.

You will say, ‘We bring out rallies. We put up protests.’ That’s mere chaos, an opportunistic outlet of the energy that was meant for some alpha qualities. You fight because you can but perhaps not for the reason you were meant for, not in the way you are meant to. 

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