Intern Diary: Bajaj Auto

Intern Diary: Bajaj Auto

Smruti Sucharita Nath | Jan 20, 2020

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The world's third-largest manufacturer of motorcycle, Bajaj Auto Limited, is an Indian global two-wheeler company and three-wheeler manufacturing company. This automobile sector has been soaring heights and displaying unparalleled market dominance across any automobile segment. 

To nurture the desires of the youths to build a prospectus career, Bajaj Auto has come up with the Octane summer internship program. The students get a chance to be a part of the live projects, which gives them exposure to hands-on experience and learning.


As per the academic year 2018-19, 3rd-year undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering with no or one-year gap between intermediates and JEE were eligible for the On-campus internship.


Two months


It is a paid internship with a monthly stipend amount of INR 20000. The accommodation has to be looked at by the interns themselves.


Online test followed by Interview and psychometric test



Team Monday Morning brings you an excerpt on the experiences of the interns associated with their internship at Bajaj Auto. 



 I worked on two projects regarding Quality assurance. The first one was on tyre tube puncture defects. Tyre tubes are outsourced from a vendor in Aurangabad to the Bajaj auto three-wheeler plant. There were several kinds of defects being observed at the vendor site. First, I collected statistics on the number of different faults and analyzed them. I figured out that 'tyre tube cut' was the major one in them and started focusing on the assembly procedure. I suggested several measures to be taken to eradicate the problem. My second project was to observe Critical To Quality(CTQ) parameters of a fuel system part . I worked partially at Pune and partially at Aurangabad. At Pune, I had worked under the guidance of industry experts. My mentor was an extraordinarily experienced and smart person who could effectively figure out solutions to sophisticated bottlenecks. Just watching him work was a great learning experience.

The atmosphere was very intense and very encouraging. I was the only intern in that department, and other folks were in R&D. So I felt alone sometimes but somehow managed to interact well with employees around me. Interpersonal skills are something that I was not good at before. But my experiences at work helped me improve a lot. I am not uncomfortable anymore to work with people who are new to me. There were some of the best minds from various IITs and NITs around me. Exchange of ideas is something that I crave for wherever I go. So those experiences changed my perspective entirely regarding my career. I also made some 'intern diaries' sort of memories there by travelling a lot and tasting different local delicacies. Overall it felt like the best two months of my BTech.



I worked on the suspension system, where I had to develop a mathematical model. In the final state, I had to give documentation and automated sheet in which you have to put some prerequisite values, and my model will provide the solution to it directly. In the very beginning, we had to set the suspension parameters of maximum road comfort. My concern was to increase the ride comfort and road-holding capacity. Before entering the internship, they asked us about our areas of interest. But the allotted projects were not as per our choices. The managers at the ground level set the plans, and the interns were assigned ongoing projects. Bajaj, as a company, will help you grow a lot, and one can have a live practical application on the vehicle. When you work on a thing and implement it on a live project, it satisfies you. Whatever you will design will be used in the vehicle, and you will accurately know how your effort is being used. Individual candidates were assigned different projects. In terms of working experience, my manager helped me a lot during the project. In the beginning, I reported to him twice a week. Still, towards the end, I summarised him every day. In our educational system, you may not get a grasp of how to approach a particular project. But here they teach you how to proceed. They were quite helpful in that sense of responsibility. Initially, they asked us to make a floor plan. There were two presentations, mid review and end review, based on which they evaluated. Suspension systems were entirely new to me then. So I had to work a lot for the initial days. I read journals and books, which gave me an overall view of what they were planning to do. I had to make two-wheeler designs to adjust the front and rear suspensions optimally. I started with a single wheel then moved to 2. After making 2-3 models, I was able to analyze them using Matlab. Setting your priorities and excellent communication are essential for such internships.



I have been an integral part of SAE clubs, and that helped me a lot. One should have a basic knowledge of subjects like the strength of materials, and a good understanding of vehicle systems and subsystems because one has to work in specific departments in such internships. My internship revolved around braking subsystems, so I had to know everything about brakes. I was given the project for benchmarking of brake subsystems, and benchmarking means that you have to compare the braking subsystems of Bajaj vehicles with other vehicles.

Interestingly, I had to work with all higher cc bikes like BMW gs310, apache 310. My job was to open the braking subsystem of each bike and measure the parameters, apply all formulae, and calculate the braking efficiency for each bike. I had to ride the bikes to test the brakes, and I enjoyed it the most. My mentor is the braking head who guided me pretty well. Bajaj takes internships very seriously, their way of segregating projects to interns has been very good. My mentor was in regular contact with me. The working environment was as good as I could have imagined. It was my first exposure to the corporate world, and everyone around me was very professional. The infrastructure, manufacturing facilities at the bajaj was excellent. I feel any person who gets this internship will have a lot to learn and certainly enjoy it. They expect you to deliver something creative and valuable. In that way, I had to think a lot.

The people around me were helpful, and I got to learn a lot. My project ended before it was supposed to end, so after the mid-term evaluation, I was assigned another project, which was to work on the brake hose pipes. The problem with the current Bajaj bikes was that they are using steel braided brake hose, which is a bit expensive. They want to replace the steel braided brake hose with a rubber braided one. My job was to calculate the performance increment that will take place if replaced with rubber and calculate the cost reduction. It was something new that I did. For internships, Bajaj is a wonderful place.

Monday Morning wishes every aspirant good luck for their future endeavour.



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