Acing the Numbers Game : Synapse 2.0

Acing the Numbers Game : Synapse 2.0

Naman Agrawal | Jan 20, 2020

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Synapse 2.0, a mathematics fest featuring an abundance of inspiring mathematical challenges and puzzles that require creativity and persistence to solve, was organized by AXIOM, the official Mathematics Club of NIT Rourkela. Ensuring that the journey towards gaining knowledge should be fun-filled and enjoyable as well, the fest also featured fun events. The fest saw students studying in class 6th to class 12th participating from more than 10 schools of Rourkela including Saint Paul’s School, Mount Carmel School, Delhi Public School, D.A.V Public School among others with a total footfall of around 150.

Sunday morning witnessed the LA Lawns buzzing with many maths enthusiasts. The process of registration started at 7:30 AM. To ensure fair and unbiased competition, the students were divided into three groups. Group A comprised of students from class 6th to 8th, group B from class 9th and 10th and group C from class 11th and 12th.

Let us have a look at the events that took place:-

1)Rubik's cube

It consisted of four rounds. Around 30 students participated in the first round and the ones whose timing was less than 1min qualified for the next round. In each round, competitors faced each other while attempting to clock a quicker time than the others. 8 participated in the second round and the 4 with the least time qualified for the 3rd round. Finally, two students competed in the final round. Standing around each other, the young boys looked on curiously as spectators while also solving jumbled cubes in their hands without looking at them.

2) Vedic Maths Workshop

The Vedic Maths Workshop was conducted at LA 104 where numerous examples were given to ensure enhanced understanding for children. The workshop ensured that the participants acquaint themselves with the magic of Vedic maths and learn formulae and tricks that help solve complex mathematical problems with ease. Heramba Panda, Ajibesh Mohapatra, and Aman Kumar Sahoo conducted the workshop.


Maths Talent Search Examination is a mathematics skill and mental ability based competitive exam. The focus of the exam is on mathematical reasoning, mental ability, novel approach, concepts, accuracy and speed for students. The exam was held from 10 am to 11 am in three rooms.

LA 204 - Group A

LA 217- Group B

LA 214 - Group C

Approximately 70 students participated in the exam.

4) Painting Competition

The painting competition was organized in LA 114 from 10 am to 11 am. All students who have a propensity for drawing and painting art shared their talent in the competition. The students were provided with different themes.

Group A- Numberful world(conceptual art)

Group B - Nature and Maths(natural patterns)

Group C - 3d illusion sketching/geometry illustration

5) Elocution

Elocution is a competition where students are asked to speak about a particular topic allotted to them. It was held at LA 104 from 10 am to 11 am. The topics allotted were:-

Group A – Importance of mathematics in day to day life.

Group B – An example of geometry 11-12.

Group C – Role of mathematical analysis in everyday life.

The topics were similar to the competition to evidently bring out the best essay and eloquence. There are several factors like the culmination of voice quality, speech content and the delivery standards on which the students were judged.

6) Ganith@ghar

Ganith@ghar is a mathematical aptitude test conducted for students of NIT Rourkela. Short and tricky multiple-choice questions were asked to check the mental and reasonable ability of students.It was held in LA 217 from 11 am to 12 pm.

7) Fun Events

Along with all the mathematical events, Synapse contained a plethora of fun events to bring refreshment and energy. There were four fun events and were held in the second half.

i) Tic -Tac -Toe

ii) Quiz Shooter

iii) Buzz

iv) Seven up Seven down


The Synapse 2.0 wrapped up with great enthusiasm and zeal. The multihued assemblage of young minds, who actively represented their schools in various competitions succeeded in exhibiting their inner talent with flair and brilliance. The prize distribution ceremony as a reward of excellence was held in TIIR Auditorium. The ceremonial honoring of winner participants was graced by – Prof. Divya Singh, Prof. S.K. Behara and Prof. Manas Ranjan Tripathy. They handed over the trophies and medals to the winners. The best school award was bagged by Saint Paul’s School.

The fest culminated on a happy note by the fun-filled activities. It ended with some good long memories and with the determination to be a part of the next year’s event.

Subham Ranjan Sahoo, the President of the Axiom Club had this to say:-

The main motto of our club is to spread the love for Maths and we feel through our fest we could enhance the zeal of school students towards mathematics. It was an amazing experience in successfully conducting various events. And we are really delighted to see the excitement of the kids for various competitions. Overall the club members efforts as a team were commendable and we promise to come back with the third edition of Synapse with more participation and exhilarating events

Anshuman Guru, a member of the Axiom Club said:-

We are delighted by the response that we got for our annual flagship event, Synapse. School students came in large number for the fest and enjoyed all the events present in the same. I was surprised by the talent of the students that came for the fest specially those who came for the rubik’s cube competition. We expect even more participation and enthusiasm for Synapse 3.0.

Team MM congratulates Axiom Club members for conducting Synapse 2.0 successfully and wishes them luck for the next one.

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