Inter NIT Sports 2020- Quest Of Champions

Inter NIT Sports 2020- Quest Of Champions

24th-26th January 2020 marked the annual inter NIT sports meet at NIT Rourkela. The Athletics and Volleyball series was held at the institute. Participants from several NITs across the country competed for the titular championship. The opening ceremony on 24th January formally declared the events open.  Esteemed Director, Dr. Animesh Biswas addressed the gathering and hoisted the national flag followed by institute flag. This followed the march past of the teams with solidarity and a pre-lunch session of athletics and volleyball.

The volleyball series (both men and women) drawn for 8 pools consisting of three institute teams each. The events for the three days were as follows: –


Inter-NIT Volleyball Tournament 2020

Volleyball, one of the popular games where unlike handball, the ball has to be rebounded back. It is played all across the world and the Inter-NIT volleyball Tournament for men and women, kept the volleyball courts bustled throughout the weekend. 25 NITs participated from all across the country in the three-day-long tournament, with 25 men’s and 18 women’s teams.

3 volleyball courts beside the DTS were surrounded by net and crowd can be heard cheering the teams with energy. One of the courts was reserved for only the women teams and at the rest two held the matches for men.

Day 1

Men’s Volleyball Tournament

There was a total of 25 men’s teams representing their colleges, who enthusiastically participated in the tournament. A total of 8 pools was formed,7 of them having 3 teams and one having 4 teams under it. An intra-pool league was played between the teams of each pool, consisting of 27 rounds on the first day.

Women’s Volleyball Tournament

With 18 teams, a successful tournament was conducted. A total of 6 pools of 3 teams each was formed and a league tournament was played among the teams of each pool, consisting of a total of 18 matches, out of which only 10 held on the first day.

Day 2

Men’s Volleyball Tournament

The morning of the second day began with a more competitive spirit, and all the winners of the intra-pool matches gathered sharp at 9 am on the volleyball court for the second round. Day 2 began with a knock-out tournament between the winners of each pool, having 4 matches in total.

The winner of the matches got entry to semifinals, and despite the cold-evenings, the crowd gathered to cheer up the semi-finalists teams. Two matches were played between the 4 teams, and the winner of each match got entry into the finals.

Women’s Volleyball Tournament

No-less enthusiasm could be seen in the girls whether its playing or cheering. The second day began as a part of the first round with 8 more intra-pool matches.

With the day falling, they held their enthusiasm for the three more matches of the day, between the winners of each pool. It was a knock-out tournament, with the winners getting entry into the finals. Three teams made it to the finals.

Day 3

Men’s Volleyball Tournament

Even after tiring past-days the teams were not less of energy and power to perform and play for being the best. The third day began with a match between the losing teams of the semi-finals to decide the third position. And then there were finals between.

Winners – NIT Jamshedpur

Runners up – NIT Calicut

2nd Runners up – NIT  Trichy

Gaurav Sushil,  the Captain of NIT Jamshedpur joyfully said

Feeling good after the win. I am in the fourth year and this was my last chance to bring the trophy. I and my team did it. The management was quite good, last year we got mess food in NIT Trichy but here they provided us good food. 

Women’s Volleyball Tournament

Three league matches were played between the winners of the inter-pool matches on the morning of the third day. 

Winners – NIT Trichy

Runners up –  NIT Jalandhar

2nd Runners up – NIT Bhopal

The Winning Captain, Preksha Priyadarshini ( NIT Trichy) had this to say

We played as a team and enjoyed playing the game. The final was a fun match and we totally deserved it. The whole tournament was really good managed, all of it was fair.

Player of the Tournament

Anup Mahadev Akare – NIT Jamshedpur

Srinidhi – NIT Trichy


 All India Inter NIT Athletics Competition 2019-2020


                            LIST OF WINNERS ( WOMEN) 



                             LIST OF WINNERS(MEN)




Overall Champions

1st- NIT Trichy

2nd – NIT Kurukshetra

Team MM congratulates all winners, participants and organizing team for a successful Inter NIT series.

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