Applied Health and Nutrition Economics: Workshop by CoE of Public Health Nutrition

Applied Health and Nutrition Economics: Workshop by CoE of Public Health Nutrition

Shrestha Mohapatra | Jan 27, 2020

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The workshop on ‘Applied Health and Nutrition Economics’, held from 20th to 24th January, was sponsored by UNICEF and organised by the Centre of Excellence (CoE) on Public Health Nutrition in partnership with the Humanities and Social Sciences Department. The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences has started a Centre of Excellence (CoE) on Public Health Nutrition (PHN) with the initial support of UNICEF. The basic objective of the CoE is to strengthen collaboration on knowledge management regarding food and nutrition security and public health nutrition. The Centre intends to create, update, share and use the knowledge on public health nutrition and make it more accessible to both internal and external stakeholders. The CoE shall be conducting various assessments, studies, develop policy notes, process documentation, situational analysis, facilitate crucial workshops/training, conduct academic collaborations and knowledge management activities in the field of public health nutrition.  The people behind the success of this workshop are Niranjan Bariyar, program manager, Dr. Priyanka Singh, research associate, Hena Fatma, admin assistant and Prof. Jalandhar Pradhan, Investigator in chief.

The students were selected on the basis of their CV and profile and a limited number of 20 people were short-listed. As stated in the brochure, The Applied Health& Nutrition Economics workshop was open to the working health care professionals, finance officers working in Health, W & CD, Planning and Convergence Departments at National or State level, faculty members & trainers, senior project managers and NGO officials/promoters working in the public health nutrition sector.

The objective of the five-day course was to support the health and nutrition professionals to understand the basic concepts of health economics and enable them to take better decisions in the health/nutrition sector. The training focused mainly on the theoretical aspects and application of Health Economics concepts. It aimed to teach the students how to evaluate various health care and nutrition policies in terms of costs incurred and the outcomes achieved.

Senior Research Associate, Tamal Reja, spoke about the workshop’s agenda:

This workshop is for people who want to join NGOs and CSR working for research methodology and community work. It is held to promote more knowledge on handling expenditure regarding health economics of community based organisations too.

Better health and nutrition is central to human wellbeing and contributes towards economic progress and enhanced savings of a country. The health system of a region can be made more effective, efficient and equitable with the application of health economics principles. Health and nutrition economics is a study of how scarce resources are allocated among different alternatives for various health promotions, protections and preventive measures, thereby ensuring judicious use of available resources for maximizing health benefits. Nutrition economics is a discipline dedicated to researching and characterizing health and economic outcomes in nutrition for the benefit of the society. It studies the interdependency between the nutritional behaviour, health and public expenses.

The subject also includes quality, value and behaviour in the delivery and consumption of nutrition and healthcare products and services and includes spending by both public and private sources.

Dr. Priyanka Singh said the following:

This workshop is for Academicians, researchers, CSR personnels and we try to give more focus on tribal studies and the health and nutrition for primitive beings. The CoE promotes applied knowledge regarding economic evaluation of situations and has many on-going development projects which can be found in the website. We’re also gearing up for the National Conclave which will be held next week.

Team MM wishes the Department of Humanities and Developmental Studies all the best for their upcoming Conclave and congratulates it for their successfully held workshop.

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