Pre NITRUtsav 2020: A First Of its Kind

Pre NITRUtsav 2020: A First Of its Kind

K Aditya | Feb 03, 2020

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To give a glimpse of the colossal NITRUTSAV 2020, for the first of its kind a Pre-NITRUTSAV event was conducted on 29th January 2020 in our very own Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium(BBA). The event acted as a miniature version of the upcoming NITRUTSAV 2020 scheduled to be held from 13th-15th March 2020. For the very first time in the history of NU, NITR Junta witnesses such an event, the program commenced at 6 PM and had a footfall of about 450 people. The audience largely comprising of students from the institute supported and encouraged the performers with full spirit, the event was also attended by the deans and the SAC officials. 

Manish Panda, Convenor Nitrutsav expressing his delight over the successful completion of Pre NU -

We are really happy to have organized the event with grand success, although there were lots of hitches on the way still we managed to pull it off well. We had to planned to have many more events for Pre NU but to various constraints, it couldn’t be possible. It's great to see so many people turning up for the event, the footfall would have been even higher as a large fraction of students have traveled back home due to holidays.


The proposed budget for Pre NU was about Rs.30,000/- but only a mere amount of around Rs.6,000-7,000/- was spent in the conduction of the events. The major expenditure was made in providing refreshments to performers and authorities. A large portion of the required amount for the conduction of Pre NU was borne by the clubs from their sanctioned club budget approved by SAC.

Rupesh Mahore expressing his despondency over the authoritative powers of Pantomime club over the event said-

The management team did a great job, the only problem was it was not "PRE NU", it was "PANTONITE" because most of the budget was extracted from Pantomime which obviously gave them more authority in the event(which reflected in the posters). The event started a little late and Panto was the last to perform, so they asked us to wrap up early, I had to cancel two of my performers. Anyway that's no fault of Panto either, if 80% of budget is extracted from their side they'll feel authoritative.


Five Shades of Poetry by Kalaam 

The event targeted at influencing and encouraging the poetic talents of NITR was the curtain-raiser for the Pre NU. The event was organized by Kalaam, a poetic community of NITR, a bunch of 5 talented poets in making (Yamir Ahsan, Amrit Raj, Madhav Gupta, Nikhil Gupta, and Ankush Gautam) performed in front of the largely filled BBA.

Debapriya Mohanta, a part of the audience seemed really mesmerized with the shayaris and quoted-

Witnessing such amazing shayaris was a great experience. I hope that in future, more and more people turn up for such events and encourage the performers. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire show and kudos to the NU organizing team for putting up a great show.

The crowd seemed mesmerized with some of the shayaris delivered by the poets, below is one such piece of Shayari delivered by Yamir-

“Mujhse meri mulaqat to hone do,

 zara is soch ko azad to hone do,

kamiyabiyan aur bhi milegi rahon me,

abhi zara gumrah to hone do”


Open Mic

The highlight of Pre NU and the crowd favourite was the open mic event which comprised of storytelling and stand-up comedy. The event initially scheduled to start at 7 PM, commenced after a delay of nearly 30 minutes. The event served as a huge crowd puller. Even though the storytelling event didn’t take off well but later it was compensated with some of the hilarious standup comedies by the very popular Rupesh Mahore and Sidharth Rout, who went onto guffaw with some great punchlines.

Cracking a joke about the dispensary, Rupesh said-

Doctors treat mental health issues like the way I deal with my end-sems.


The out of box element of the event was Samay Kar, a 1st-year student who entertained the audience with his gutsy jokes.

Team MM caught up with one among the audience, Satyadip Mahapatra who was highly impressed with the series of events and added-

The standup was sort of a laughter riot, with lots of pun and sarcasm. Pre NU which has been held for the first time can be termed as a success.


A play showcased by our very own Pantomime club. Byaghrarohan is basically a play based on Odisha’s folk culture and each small element in this play symbolized the heritage of Odisha. The play comprised of 17 characters in total, which were portrayed by the members of the club. The play included two traditional folk dances of Odisha, one of which was the very famous Chhau dance. ‘Pride hath a fall’ is the message that the performers tried to imprint in the minds of the audience through the play. The play went for about 50 minutes, which is one of the reasons why the audience started to lose interest, but none the less the event was witnessed by a healthy audience.

Chiranjit Das one of the spectators had the following to say-

The play had a really good plot with a meaningful message. The traditional folk dances of Odisha just added feathers to the cap. It was worth a watch, but a bit too lengthy. Overall, it was a good experience to witness Pre NU for the very first time.

Sandeepta Sahoo, a member of the Pantomime club who successfully aced the role of the king in the play depicting his experience working on the play-

It took about a month's preparation for us to prepare this play, but at the end of the day, I’m happy that all the hard work paid off. Byaghrarohan is an award-winning play in IIT Dhanbad in 2017. It felt great to perform in front of such a warm audience.

Meyank Mohapatra, Chief Coordinator Event Management team Pre NU citing his views on the smooth conduction of the events-

Initially we had planned to conduct Pre NU for two days but due to constraints from various sources and permission issues from SAC we had to constrict the number of events and conduct all of it in a single day. I’m happy with the way my team managed all the things overall and the crowd management was a big issue for us.

Team MM congratulates the team Nitrutsav for conducting Pre Nitrutsav successfully and wishes it the best of luck for making NITRUTSAV 2020 a grand success.

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