AI to the Rescue: Team Bit by Bit's win at GE Healthcare Challenge

AI to the Rescue: Team Bit by Bit's win at GE Healthcare Challenge

Sriniketh Shankar | Feb 10, 2020

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Hackathons have become a trend in today’s world. As India is becoming a brimming pool of talent, these hackathons provide them with the much-needed platforms and opportunities for them to innovate and solve problems of great significance. These events have become so successful that even prominent Multinational Companies (MNCs) have started to organize them. One such Event is the GE Healthcare Hackathon that is conducted by General Electric (GE) in Bangalore every year. The themes at the challenge this year were Video Content Analytics, Contextual training platform, Contextual care protocols. There were 371 teams with numerous groundbreaking ideas in store. The main motto of the challenge was to provide high quality, affordable technology to the people who need it the most, especially the rural population of India.

The eligibility for the hackathon is that the student should be studying in IITs, NITs or other Tier-1 colleges from a list of 36 colleges decided by the organizing team.  Other than that, he/she should be technically sound in their respective fields and should be pursuing his second/third or fourth year. The notification about the dates and problem statements comes up on NIT Rourkela had the maximum number of teams from any institute. The teams were:

Team Vahini:

Biswajeet Sahoo

Biswajeet Nayak

Abhijeet Tripathy


Team Scoop troop:

Shaswat Lenka

Debabrata Panigrahi

Vedant Raghuwanshi

Ankit Samota

Team Bit by Bit:

Samarth Mohanty

Abhilash Mishra

Abhishek Meharia

Ritvik Verma

Team theDfaulters:

Debaprasad Badajena

Abhishek Jaiswal

Rahul Sasmal

Jagannath Pandit

Team Bit by Bit won third place in the hackathon and was awarded Rs 50,000 and an internship at GE in summer and Team Vahini bagged a consolation prize for their idea. Other teams got an interview for summer internship at GE.  Team MM got a chance to catch up with Samarth Mohanty from the winning team:

Monday Morning (MM): Take us through how this healthcare challenge works.

Samarth Mohanty(SM): The notification for this came on and was also put up on many WhatsApp groups. At first, there was an Idea presentation round where we had to come up with an idea and make a presentation explaining the idea, its stakeholders, the procedure, etc and email it to the organizing team. The idea is accepted after evaluation and then 32 teams were shortlisted for the final round in Bangalore.

MM: What was your problem statement and how did you approach it?

SM: The challenge which we took upon basically focused on applications of machine learning, deep learning and neural networks for various healthcare applications. The idea that we provided was to estimate the quantity of the drug Warfarin, which is a blood thinner or anticoagulant. The prediction of the dosage to be given to a patient is very tricky as if given in the wrong doses, it may even cause death. So, we used Machine Learning Algorithms to estimate the dosage of this drug.

MM: How many hackathons have you been to before this?

SM: Our team had recently won the Myntra hackathon. That was the first time for some people. Other than that, we have been to hackathons conducted in colleges and other institutes.

MM: How was your experience at the GE healthcare challenge?

SM: It was a pleasant experience as there were many things that we didn’t expect, but were present there and many other such factors. The accommodation we were provided was really good and the overall hospitality with which we were treated took us by surprise. The professionalism with which this event was hosted was on full display. Normally, people think that hackathons are events where students sit and code for hours at a stretch. But, it wasn’t the case here. There were many games, VR booths, eateries, darts and other such fun activities happening around the clock during the competition period.

MM: What other innovative approaches did you witness at the challenge?

SM: I loved going to the hackathon specifically because of this aspect of it. There were many other brilliant ideas that were pitched in by the students. Team Vahini’s design of an exoskeleton which helps patients with muscle or bone disorders to move was impressive. They even got a consolation prize for that.

Team MM also had a chat with Shaswat Lenka, who had won the challenge last year, interned with GE healthcare and also has a patent to his name. The stream chosen by his team “Team Scoop Troop” was AI in maternal care. The idea was to determine the health of an infant using the vital signs of a mother during the gestation period and portray the data in a web dashboard. All the coding had to be done on the spot in the given timeframe. According to him, this year’s judges came in pairs to the team in contrast to the previous year when the team had to go to them.

Shaswat encouraged everyone to go to hackathons as GE was his fifth hackathon and he believes that learning is an iterative process and we always learn something new when we go to any hackathon. It all boils down to testing your own potential on how good you can be in the given 24 hours and how passionate you are about product development.

Biswajeet Sahoo from Team Vahini had the following to say:

This was our first experience on an on-campus hackathon as the previous one which we participated in was conducted online. Getting our idea selected for finals and bagging a consolation prize in such a big event is a matter of pleasure and satisfaction for us. Our idea was based on "Providing an Efficient and Intelligent Rehabilitation System using IoT and AI techniques". The 28hrs Hackathon was a great platform for the exchange of ideas and technologies as well as presenting it in front of the experts from the industries. We got to know a lot of new ideas, new technologies, how to present your ideas in a professional manner. The hospitality given by them was the best thing. The mentors provided were really supportive, motivating and guided us throughout the whole period with their valuable remarks. Overall It was a  great learning experience and we look forward to participating more in such Hackathons.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the winners and participants for their run at the GE healthcare challenge 2020 and wishes them all the best in their future ventures.

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