A Fest Beyond Magic: NITRutsav 2k20

A Fest Beyond Magic: NITRutsav 2k20

With a campus that boasts of 6500 students and a lush green land cover of over 1000 acres, it doesn't take a 'Legen-wait-for-it-Dary' individual to know that NIT Rourkela students breathe and live for their fests. NITRUTSAV, the official cultural fest of NIT Rourkela, is rolling around the corner to air out the blues of mid-semester examinations to spark things up in the monotonous college schedule.
Like Joker said, 'Madness is like gravity, all you need is a little push!', NITRUTSAV is knocking at your doorstep and bringing along a varied degree of fluctuations in the excitement in the air. With Convenors, Manish Kumar Panda, Anand Kishore and Shivam Kumar (Dean's Nominee), it seems that the NU team has been hard and pushing through every barrier to make it a festive gala.

Due to an outspread of Corona Virus in India, the fest has been officially declared postponed by the Administration prioritising the safety of students and prevention of the spread of Corona Virus in the Institute. This was declared on March 9th.


Adorning NITRUTSAV is the theme of 'Comic-Con' which encapsulates the growing fanatic craze of fandoms that are taking over the millennia craze. 
With Iron Man and wizardry like animation embracing the website, comic-con is sure to bring about an overwhelming sense of 'NU feels' to lit up the entire campus with zest and a new-found enthusiasm.

Speaking about the theme, the convenors said:

We have a creative theme and there were many suggestions. N Manyata, the creative head, gave the idea for the theme and she already had brilliant ideas for the theme of INNOVISION. 
Unlike last year, we hope for better decor to incite more attraction and relevance to the theme.

Shedding more light about the decor:

The total decorations take up 3 lakhs of the budget and we have kept a part of it for decor related to the theme. The decor theme will decide the decoration and it will be limited to the academic area but if time permits, we will extend it till DTS.

Team NITRUtsav

Nick Fury dreamed of bringing a group of remarkable men together who saved the Universe from Thanos. Going on the lines, a strong team ensures smooth execution of all the events and competitions

The team of NITRUtsav follows a hierarchical structure in which there are convenors on the top and a Core team working under them. Every Core Team member has a core-coordinator of a team and has some coordinator under them. In the last level, the team consists of volunteers who do most of the groundwork. The list of all the teams and their Core-Coordinators is given below in the table.

Talking about the selection of the team, Manish Panda mentioned:

We have selected the students according to their previous experience and their performance in various tasks that we alloted them from December. We have ensured that everyone is equally devoted to the fest and make it successful.

Comparing the team dynamics to last year's NU, Shivam Kumar dignified:

This time, there is no zonism effect in the team and there is proper coordination among them. We believe that this is one of the best and most hardworking teams a fest has ever had.

Sl. No.

Team Name



Event management

Adarsh, Girish



Raj, Aditya, Ishika



Rupesh, Chaman, Adarsh


Internal Affairs

Akash Jaiswal, Abhishek Sharma



Ravi, Sahitya, Swapnil



Priyanshu, Rahul, Shruti Jain


Stage Management

Amrit, Biswajeet



Robin, Kartik, Shubhra



Milind, Hemant



Himanshu, Binod



Amit, Saurabh, Kiran



Soumitra, Smruti



Chandu, Mohammed Ayaz, Partha



Biswajeet, Abhishek, Selvan


Booking Permission

Animesh, Shiv Kushwaha


Public Relations

Praisy Satpal
























Publicity: Beating All The Odds

Despite the fact that the NITRutsav dates were shifted to avoid clashing with GATE examinations, the presence of fests in other colleges might hinder the fest's footfall this year. However, with full confidence in the Publicity team's capabilities and outreach, the convenors said

The publicity team along with the PR has made day and night alike to spread word about the fest. Moreover, we don’t want to judge the fest by its  footfall but how successful it is. We want to make it memorable for the students of the college as they are our first priority.

Budget- What Will It Cost to Avengers To Fight Thanos

A 5 lakhs increase from last year, 18 lakh rupees has been allotted to conduct the fest successfully and to make sure that no requirements have been left unfulfilled. The budget breakdown has been given below in the table.

Sl. No.PurposeExpenditure (In Rs.)
1Light And Sound4,00,000
2Tent House and Bedding Arrangements1,40,000
3NU Events Requirements1,20,000
4Fun Events1,00,000
5Theme Based Decoration3,00,000
6Guest Hospitality40,000
9Pro Shows(For 13th and 14th March)3,00,000
10Workshops and Exhibitions


11Prize(In-Kind Only)1,00,000
13Miscellaneous(Charges like labour and extra security charges)95,000

Other than the budget allotted, Team NITRUtsav is expecting a footfall of 500 from outside. And the registration fees is 500/- per head, which gives a surplus of 2,50,000/- rupees of which they will be allotting 1,40,000/- and 1,10,000- rupees each for registration kits and pro shows. Also, they are expecting at least 1,00,000/- rupees from their sponsors which they will be allotted as required. Shivam Kumar added to the allotted budget:

Any allotted budget is going to be short in some way or the other. But we have allocated the budget in such a way that it will be utilised in an efficient and exhaustive manner.  The unspent budget from Pre-NU was owed to the cancellation of a few plans. Initially, we had planned a musical night and bonfire in SAC during the night. It got cancelled because playing loud music inside the SAC or in the academic area is not allowed. We didn't want to disturb families and do anything illegal. Also, SAC Officials refused to grant permission as the residence of the Director is near Mangla Mandir. We could have arranged something like that in DTS but changing the venue after 10:30 PM from BBA to somewhere else is not feasible.
Pre-NU was more about giving back to the society just like Inn'fluence.We spread a social message through most of our Pre-NU events.

Flagship Events: Infinity Stones Of The NUVerse

Flagship events are organised extensively during NU. This edition has seven flagship events which all lined up to enthral the audience. Let's take a look at what's in store for the junta. 


It's about glitz, glam and all this fancy. FASHIONISTA is an event which would appeal to the glamour savvy population of NIT Rourkela. For this edition, the teams are to judged by Miss India Odisha 2018 and FBB Femina Miss India Top finalist Miss Shrutiksha Nayak. The event is aimed at the fashion lovers on campus who will be given a chance to unleash their inner fashionistas. Students have to participate in teams of minimum 7. Each team can have a choreographer and a designer. Judging criteria includes coordination, creativity and theme (which the participants are free to select).  It will be held on March 13th at 6 pm at DTS.


Dance lovers, this one is for you. Footloose (as the name suggests) is all about letting yourself free in the rhythms of dancing. Its tagline is dance, live, repeat. This event is also the platform for the Odisha auditions of Hip hop India dance championship 2020. Registration can be done on the spot or through the app. There are three categories- solo, duet, group. Each category will have a winner and runners up. The maximum cash prize is INR 30,000. It will be held on 14th at 10 am in BBA.

Voice of NU

A treat for melomaniacs, Voice of NU has been a long-standing event in the history of the fest. It will be held in 2 rounds. Top 5 candidates from the first round will qualify for the finals. Participants will be judged on their tone, rhythm and other technicalities of music. It will be held on 14th at 3 pm in BBA

NU Journalist 7.0

This one is the brainchild of club Clarion. Students will get a chance to test their detective skills by solving a murder mystery based on the evidence, information and interview of the suspects. The event will be held on 15th at 10 am in the library lawns. 


Maktub is one of the flagship events conducted by Heartbeats club. In this edition, the team would be celebrating 11 years of musical extravaganza with a musical face-off. The event will be held on 15th at 9 pm in LA lawns. 

Rap Battle

Rap battle is a competition that is aimed at providing rappers with opportunities to showcase their skill in spitting rhymes. It will be held in two rounds. Judging criteria strongly emphasises on authenticity and lyrics. The winner will receive a cash prize of INR 10,000. The event will be held on 14th March at 2 pm in the NU arena.


Nukkad is an art of summing up vitality. It advocates various communal affairs and fights for justice and sovereignty. Participants will be given a time limit of 20 minutes, and a maximum of 20 people are allowed in a group. Within this, individual groups have to show their knack on the open street and in front of all patrons. The event will be held on 15th at 10 am in front of SAC.

Competitions: Clash of the warriors

Event Name

Organising Club


Cash Prize

Date, Timing and Location

Trump Card


Participants can make a group of their five favourite avengers using trump cards. These trump cards will be used for playing against others.

No cash prize. Avengers keyrings and goodies are at stake.


10 am

NCC Stage

Snakes and Ladders


The classic game but with a twist.

No cash prizes. Goodies and certificates await those who win.


10 am

RM Hall



A team of two will play a guessing game where one participant has to guess what has been drawn by the other.

No cash prizes.


10 am

Comic-Con Quiz





10 am

LA 214

Comic Verse Assembly


Participants will recommend amendments to the Sokovian Accords.

No cash prizes


10 am

Senate Hall

Watch me whisper


A time-based event in which one person has to guess what the other person is saying by observing only.

No cash prizes


10 am

Library Lawns

Escape Room

Degree 361

Participants will have to answer a set of questions to escape a theme-based room.

No cash prize


12 pm

LA 117,101,104

Stranger Tales


Participants will have to frame a story or an essay from hidden words found from a word grid

No cash prizes


10 am

Library Lawns

Game of Cards



No cash prizes


10 am

Library Lawns



Painting competition with an NU related theme

No cash prizes


12 pm

Mechanical Seminar Hall

Match the Stash


Card and word-based matching game

No cash prizes


10 am

LA Lawns



Participants have to use their literary, hearing, speaking skills along with a sound knowledge of comics movies/series fandom, pop-know and much more to come as a winner

No cash prizes


10 am

Library Lawns

Just a minute


Participants get to complete four fun games in a team of 2

No cash prizes


10 am

Library Lawns



Full-blown dance battle

No cash prizes


2 pm

SAC Gallery

Q fiesta


A science comic quiz consisting of 3 rounds

No cash prizes


10 am

LA 117



Fun Events

 As compared to last year, NITRUtsav has more fun for you in the form of Fun Events. Fun events as the name suggests are meant for fun, including a light hint of competitions as well.  Till now there are 27 Fun events listed in the website including sporty events like Tug Of War and Futsal, trendy games like VR Fantasy, Paint Ball and many more.

Stand Up Comedy Show

Open Mic has planned to organise a stand-up comedy show by Adesh Nichit which will take place at BBA on 14th, i.e. day two from 5 to 7 pm.

NU Arena

Other than the attractions which will pull the crowd, team NU has also planned an NU Arena which will be an open space where participants can have a quick bite at the various food stalls set up by the sponsors. Some events are planned at the NU Arena itself to attract the crowd to that place. Also, there will be an EDM day at the same place.


The website- www.nitrutsav.com went live on February 13th and consisted of all the information like events list, schedule, registration and payment portal, FAQs and other important information. One can register for an event from the website directly and deregister too. Talking about the website, convenors added:

The website’s responsibility was given to Malkhan Singh, Biswajeet Sahoo and Selvan who all have worked in previous year’s website team. Now, NITRUtsav 2020 website is one of the best in NIT Rourkela. It is smooth, beautiful and totally theme based. We have zero website crashes till now and assure total transparency from our side.

Celebrity Night and Pro Shows

Celebrity Night, conducted by Film And Music Society of Student Activity Centre, will be the show-stopper of the fest in terms of its mass appeal and the anticipation built around it. Although the celebrity has been finalised, it will be disclosed by the FMS society after complete confirmation. The same goes for the pro-shows, and the NU team assures that the star-struck shows will steal the limelight. FMS Secretary, Sibasis Sahu confirmed the occurrence of the shows:

Last year, the celeb night got cancelled due to some discrepancies but this year we worked our way through. The rules keep changing over time and it is difficult to to cope up with those and work accordingly. Everything is going online and same is the case with the tendering process. The tendering was done through E-Wizard and that brought upon us a string of problems.  Special permissions had to be taken for this purpose. If not for able guidance and help from the SAC authorities this year's celeb night would not have been a reality. In the end I have the FMS team to thank who toiled hard to make this happen. It is the first time in the history of NITR that two artists will be procured. We have plans to make it bigger and the NITR Junta will see for themselves in the near future.

Prof. S. N Alam, the VP FMS society, expressed abut the event in a positive manner.

There’s good news that the celebrity night will be held this year. The NU team has been very co-operative in all aspects and is successfully organising the fest with great enthusiasm. Fests are all about the efforts put by the students. It is the students which make a fest happen. 

Pro Shows

To keep the participants involved and entertained, Pro-Shows are organised in the evening in which renowned artists perform live. For this year's NU, one band Anurag Halder Live or AHL band has been finalised to rock the stage on day 2 at Dilip Tirkey Stadium. Team NU is also trying to organise a DJ Night on the same day in which one of the most renowned DJs of India may come.


There might be certain levels of scepticism regarding the quality of the fest, considering the bleak performance of last year's fest but Kishore Anand ensures us that it will be an exceptionally momentous fest for all of us:

This fest is connected to me and I got elected for it. I mentioned in my Soapbox that I’ve been an integral part of the running of its fest even in my second year. The graph of NITRUTSAV has been going down and down every year but I intend to take it to such new heights that the past records do not matter at all. We want to make it a very special fest for the NITR Janata to remember.

Living up to the words of Lord of Winterfell, Ned Stark- "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.", are the convenors. Shivam Kumar is very positive about NITRUtsav this year:

After Innovision, everyone said that it was the best fest ever but after NITRUTSAV, I want everyone to say that it has been the most “Celebrated” fest ever. We’ve created many new events and new concepts for this edition and I really want everyone to enjoy heartily. There are a lot of new collaborations and new venues this time. There is no corruption. This edition has the best light and sound.

Talking about the numbers, Manish Panda claimed: 

We have been working sleeplessly since last two-three months and our target is to break the highest footfall NU has ever seen i.e. 450.

Team Monday Morning wishes team NITRUtsav all the best for the fest and hopes that the team achieves its goal and make it a successful fest.

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