Profile Development Session on Management Studies by Soham Ghosh

Profile Development Session on Management Studies by Soham Ghosh

Kunal Singh | Mar 09, 2020

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Training committee, under Training and Placement Cell, NITR recently conducted a session on Profile development for management studies after graduation on 01 March with Soham Ghosh, an alumnus of NIT Rourkela, and a member of Placement Committee at XLRI Jamshedpur, as the Guest of the session. Soham Ghosh is a 2017 batch graduate who scored 99.836 percentile in XAT 2019, coupled with 99.43 percentile in CAT 2018, making him a perfect candidate to guide the aspiring students wishing to pursue an MBA as a future career.

Soham Ghosh started the talk by citing the statistics of the number of students appearing for the entrance exams to B-school comparing it with ones finally getting an admit. The ratio was quite low and disturbing. Soham as a successful MBA student has figured out the most essential ingredients to stand out among the crowd and build the profile;e strong enough to attract the selectors.

Throughout the session, Soham Ghosh focused on important aspects of choosing an MBA after graduation such as

  • Why you should not pursue an MBA

  • Why you should pursue an MBA

  • How does your profile make it easier for you to roll into a top tier B-school

  • Various exams, competition, and a person’s previous achievements

  • Importance of a good CV

The above-mentioned points were the highlights of the talk on which Soham Ghosh stressed the most:

Creating an impactful profile

The key to build an impactful profile and a good CV is growth and consistency. These factors give you browny points and attract the selectors. Quitting any work in the mid-way would again create a negative impact on the selection The same consistency and growth in your work must also be reflected in your CV.

Why you should not do an MBA

Just because the majority of students are pursuing an MBA after graduation, should not be your motivation to choose it as a career. You should have a clear vision before considering your next goal. Having managed a fest or having a business idea does not mean that you are ready to pursue an MBA. The best way to be sure is to either work for a few years after graduation and explore or do an internship related to your interest in business and management. 

Why you should do MBA

MBA opens up various doors of opportunities for students in many top tier companies all around the world. Before joining a college for MBA, one should have some knowledge and experience in management and business-related area. If you wish to solve any business problem or be a part of the network of alumni and get exposure to a wide variety of thoughts then you might want to go for an MBA. This way MBA opens up a portal for you to expand your networking circle and get to know new people, share ideas and hence build a strong profile.

Getting into a top-tier B-School

To name a few entrance exams to get into a B-school, we have CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, MA, ATMA, NMAT and many more. Good preparation for these exams will not guarantee you admission. You will also need a strong profile and an outstanding CV to showcase your past achievements and consistency and growth in your work to impress the selectors. 

The talk concluded with a short Q and A session between the student and Soham Ghosh. The students were curious about the preparation strategies and future prospects of a career in management.

Team Monday Morning caught up with Soham at the end of the session and he said

Students at the undergraduate level are not sure what they want to undertake as a career and talks like these are important for guiding them. So when I got a call from Deepak(Coordinator, Training Committee) asking me whether I can give a talk on Management studies, I was genuinely interested. I think the students enjoyed the talk and there were a lot of takeaways from it.

The Training Committee of NIT Rourkela would sincerely like to thank XLRI Placement Committee for this talk.

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