GOGROCY @Jeypore: A Community Welfare Start-Up Amidst Covid'19

GOGROCY @Jeypore: A Community Welfare Start-Up Amidst Covid'19

Tanaya Sahoo | Mar 30, 2020

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GoGrocy is an online grocery service operating in Jeypore (Koraput district of Odisha) and a brainchild of V. Girish, a pre-final year B. tech student at NIT Rourkela. Girish along with fellow NITians Vishal Rana and Sanjay Kumar Senapati came up with this idea amidst the outrageous pandemic caused by Coronavirus that has forced lives and livelihood to a standstill. While India has taken to a state-enforced lockdown, it has increasingly become difficult for people to avail necessary daily supplements from home. In this backdrop, GoGrocy provides home delivery to customers. 

According to Girish, the key idea behind this independent venture is to digitalize ration stores and help forge a connection between the store and the nearest customer. The start-up is not incubated by FTBI, NIT Rourkela or financed by Start-Up Odisha. The entire venture is financed by V. Girish as the proprietor. GoGrocy provides essential grocery items like pulses, snacks, packed foods, domestic items (detergents, toiletries etc) and rice products at their market prices and free delivery.  Any resident of Jeypore can simply login/register at the site: www.gogrocy.in to avail the items. 

The immediate target of the venture is to deliver the aforementioned items to people at their doorstep so that they do not have to step outside their houses amid a lockdown. The business model is meant to be branded in a manner that attracts customers and creates a customer base at a low budget. For this purpose, a fully functional website was designed by Vishal Rana within 4 days and helped by Sanjay Kumar Senti. An impediment to the otherwise noble venture is the fact that the delivery guys sometimes decline taking out the orders because of the lockdown. In this scenario, Girish himself sets off to provide delivery. 

Girish says,

The complete working website was designed in just 4 days. My team didn’t sleep or eat properly for 5-6 days while pulling through the project. Hence, all credits to them. As final comments, I would say, it is okay to waste time on Instagram or WhatsApp and engage in the trendy challenges but being NITians we should always look at the ways we can contribute to the society and nation-building, no matter where we are! 

Team MM salutes the team’s spirit and nobility and wishes a safe and overwhelming venture for the start-up. 

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