Real Is Relevant, Should Be Given Some Time!

Real Is Relevant, Should Be Given Some Time!

Anonymous | Apr 20, 2020

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This editorial has been written by Mridul Totla, a sophomore pursuing BTech in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.

There’s always a buzz around that we should live our life to the fullest in seeming less ways. To procure it, we should live in the present which is of ample importance. This “present thing” is always thrown upon us, that just keep your present smooth and stable else everything hither & thither around us would be sumptuous (which mightn’t appear to us instantly). Whether its past or future, how we shape the present is all that matters in creating both the things. 

It is really viable to think about or better say work about the present. But are we really working hard to design it in proper way? Well, everyone knows it’s not easy to live in the present but that’s the best choice I suppose. Let’s go where actually all this talk about present is taking. Many of us know that it’s important to rectify the glitches of the present and pave the way for a wonderful future but it comes by working the things around us “real”. Now, what is real anyway? Definition comes by its parts. In this rapidly moving world, we are gradually going towards a “really small but elaborate world, connected but without those strings’ world”. There’s a lot to ponder about the reality within us.

Now, it is not just about the multimedia world which has overtaken our lives. There has been a lot of discussion made on that. It is more about how it has impacted our life, our real-world life. It’s really fine that we are connected to almost the whole world with this technology we behold. And there’s no doubt about how explicitly it has evolved our life. 

But argument here is, has it really affected our “real social life”? I know it sounds a bit boring, but it is actually there. I have some simple clauses regarding it. We can’t live without our phones for a single minute. There’s no reason why but we feel a bit of insecurity without it. I think that when mobile phones weren’t introduced then also people lived with contentment. Whenever we are idle, we find them the best way to engage ourselves. It is almost like, let’s make an Instagram scroll or Facebook scroll or check the new WhatsApp messages. I am not criticizing about social media again, it is just that we have stopped ourselves from going for a “me time”. And whether its true or not, but it is a bit universal that everyone needs it in his/her life. Why is it felt that when we are in loo (without phone), then we get some of the best or innovative ideas of our time. It may sound as joke but it is just because we sit alone there, empty-head. It is a spare time with no interruptions. Maybe we get closer to both, the problems and along with their solutions of our life. We just need our “me time” to get along with all these things & there’s no condition to sit in loo anyway. We just need a space in which we are alone & comfortable. For e.g. Music for a music-lover in a separate place. Basically, we just have to recede ourselves from creating a virtual void in our real day-to-day lives. 

There are many more things to which we all haven’t erased but rather said goodbye for a while. Our real-world socializing has been reduced a bit maybe. Its absolute that we get along with the people around us very well, our colleagues, present friends (does not include older school or college friends). More or less we check their WhatsApp status or Instagram story & that’s it. During this COVID-19 outbreak, I think many of us are even getting connected to the people of whom we might have ignored messages at some point of time or we get to see their faces in years. Or whenever we go home, how often do we sit with our parents at night discussing our lives with them where they can guide us showering their experience. No, actually we have escaped from parts of real-life socializing. We have actually omitted those old-school things from our lives. I know we can’t turn the things all way round in this new & evolving world but we can improve. Just do some things that are really Original & can create a long-lasting impression on our heart & mind. So, we have to decide exactly what’s better Talking to our girlfriend (or boyfriend) on call or not letting our fingers rest on the keyboard. The choice is ours that, either we should go for real (actually rich) things or a bit more easy but virtual things. There was actually a marvelous essence of those classical things which were the part of our lives. 

Well, its not only us who are concerned about these things. Companies who have gifted us this new feature of life are also much desperate to gift “digital wellbeing” too. All the major tech-companies are really working hard towards this. Google, Apple, Facebook & Microsoft, all have taken subsequent steps to engage digital wellbeing among the users. It is actually taking hype in the silicon-valley. For Android users, a “Digital Wellbeing” feature has been recently introduced in Android 10 version for phones. For iOS users, “Screentime” feature is there in the recently introduced iOS 12 suite. All these apps mainly keep track of the usage of the device that mainly how it is used, how much frequently & for how much time. Which apps has been used the most, how many notifications came, how many times the phone is being unlocked. Everything gets analyzed regarding usage. We as users can keep track of our usage & can bind strictly to the phone hours using the app. We can see that out of our total hours (should be around 14-18) of the day, how much do we spend on phone. 

We can determine how important digital wellbeing is in our lives by just a tinge that Google is working so passionately towards this, that it has created a channel “experiments with google” for the common experimenters to submit their digital wellbeing projects on it. If the world’s most Innovative Technology Company is working hard towards something, then it would be of relevance definitely. In this world which is now majorly run by technology, we can’t detach ourselves from this. But surely, we can confine our usage to a certain extent for “our wellbeing”. 

It’s life, we can’t be in total command of it. We mightn’t be able to write every page of it according to our will. But we can keep reading it & can try to write it with the same indigenous ink of ours, where maybe the pages could be new & modified. We can take care of that & we have to.

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