A Session Of Ups & Downs (2019-20): The NITR Rewind v2.0

A Session Of Ups & Downs (2019-20): The NITR Rewind v2.0

Team MM | Jun 15, 2020

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A remarkable academic year comes to an unexpected close. While the spring end-semester stands cancelled owing to an unprecedented pandemic, the entire fraternity of NIT Rourkela has seen a roller coaster of an academic year. From a revamped Soapbox to a glorious Innovision, from bidding adieus to welcoming renowned personnel to its haven, NIT Rourkela had it all. This year also saw the inception of multi-faceted clubs while prominent events and tournaments had a successful show. So, brace up with Team MM as we unfold before you yet another bygone year.

Starting with,

Awaaz-e-SAC (July 29-31, 2019)


Monday Morning, under the supervision of SAC, revamped Soapbox to extend a platform for candidates contesting SAC elections to highlight their agenda. The event was conducted at BBA from 29th to 31st July, in what saw a spectacular footfall by the NITR junta. While the candidates spoke briefly about their vision, the then Dean (Student Welfare), SAC President, the VPs of the four societies and the students, confronted the candidates about the same with an extensive Q/A session. The first day of the event witnessed the nominees for Annual Sports Fest (Vriddhi), Innovision and NITRutsav. The second day of Awaaz-e-SAC was dedicated to the nominees in the Technical Society and the Film and Music Society. And the third day marked the presentation of the nominees for the Literary and Cultural Society and the Games & Sports Society. Here are the links for the same:

Awaaz-e-SAC 2019- The Inception

Awaaz-e-SAC 2019- The Intermediate Chapter

Awaaz-e-SAC 2019- The Conclusion

Orientations and Inductions (1st and 2nd week of August)

Life at NIT Rourkela cannot be imagined without its wide spectrum of club culture, be it your passion, learning something or bringing awareness. It has more than 60 clubs for different activities out there. Every academic year begins with the orientations and inductions of different clubs for the freshers. Orientations are engaging and form the first impression of the club inspiring the new starters and giving them an insight about the mission and vision of the club, which is followed by an induction process that lays the foundations for a new starter to have a good relationship with the club and pursue the objective of the club. With so many clubs the induction process goes on for weeks in the start of the odd semester, while some clubs may conduct inductions in the even semester, open to all freshers and students of other years (depending on the club). Each club follows a versatile induction process, but it helps a new starter to effectively adjust into the club and be inspired. 

ZONISM: The Convictions of NITR Junta (August 2019)


Zonism in the campus of NIT Rourkela is something which is felt everywhere, be it the hostels, elections or any other engagement of students. Doomed by some but surely embraced by a big mass. Team MM in collaboration with the ICS, came up with the opinions of a few among us to bring this issue to limelight in the hope of an impact and generate awareness. Neither supporting nor endorsing anyone’s judgments, the article is just an unfiltered version of NIT Rourkela junta’s conviction on Zonism.

With an unconcluded end, we have left the settlement on you, “Do we stand united or has this culture or maybe a habit has divided sections amongst us?”. Check out the article below:

NITR Junta’s Conviction on the Impact of Zonism

Security Changes (August)

Security Changes

With the Institute witnessing a cut in the funding allotted by the Government, there had been a set of drastic yet non-student-friendly measures to cut costs in terms of security expenditure put in place by the institute. These steps were not welcomed by the student fraternity well as it became a hindrance to a variety of day-to-day activities of the students. From the reduction of club activities due to the early closure of LA to early locking of multiple gates, resulting in students having to take longer routes, this was annoying to the NITR Junta. Apart from this, the early in-times for first-year girls and the warning e-mail sent to the residents of CVR hall resulted in the girls taking up arms against the administration regarding the discrimination against in-times. The sub-par answers of the administration made the students more livid. It is safe to say that this year has witnessed a spectrum of security issues and unjustified changes to the rules put in place. Read the whole article to know more at the link below:

Safe inside the Security of Illusion - Addressing The Security Changes

Prof. Jayabalan leaves for Heavenly Abode (August 17, 2019)

R jayabalan

A cloud of gloom surrounded the NIT Rourkela campus when news broke about the unexplained demise of Prof. R Jayabalan (Department of Life Science) and his wife on 17th August, what was reported suicide. The nature of death was highly speculative as the campus mourned the loss of one of its most spirited and beloved professors. Grief poured in from all quarters, and so did prayers. Read about it at:

Forever In Our Hearts: Rest In Peace Prof. R Jayabalan

NIT Conclave 2019 (August 23-25, 2019)

NIT Conclave

With the dawn of 23rd August 2019, NIT Rourkela was all buckled up to kickstart the day to host the 9th edition of grand NIT Conclave 2019. With an ambitious dream and a practical framework to boost entrepreneurship and technical skills among the youths of our nation, the conclave continued till 25th August 2019. The three-day-long conclave fostered numerous trailblazing events that provided another dimension to the perspective of people from various NITs to think and analyse meticulously upon the various issues faced by them from ground zero and how they could work to propose feasible solutions. The inaugural ceremony hosted Mrs Aparajita Sarangi (Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha constituency) who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The events that were organised during these three days included a hackathon, institute presentation, startup hunt, panel discussion along with social nights and gala dinner. Mr Sohrab Sitaram, CEO and Founder of Keventers Beverages, was also invited to grace the event, who was also the judge of the open pitching session of the Startup Hunt event. Altogether 16 NITs had participated in the conclave including the host NIT, and it was the second time that NIT Rourkela got the opportunity to organise and host NIT Conclave on such a grand scale.

Click the link below to have a glimpse of the entire article:

The Final Showdown: NIT Conclave 2019 - Monday Morning

Freshers’ Day (August 30, 2019)

Freshers Day

The evening which every fresher wait for anxiously and seniors wait for excitedly is the Institute Freshers’ Eve which was organised successfully on 30th August 2019 and following a ritual, it rained that evening. Starting with the Graffiti painting on the SAC wall by Chitraang Club, the evening saw many great performances by different clubs and groups along with the release of Degree 361’s mini issue and Monday Morning’s Freshers’ video. Euphony gave tributes to one of the members of the NITR family- Late Dr Rasu Jayabalan whose passing away was grieved by the entire institute by performing ‘See You Again’. The institute also saw a stand-up comedy act by one of the most famous stand-up comedians of the institute- Siddharth Rout which was appreciated by the professors too. Get more detailed insight by clicking on the below link.

Beginning With A Bang: INSTITUTE FRESHERS’ 2019

Click here to watch the Freshers’ Video by Monday Morning.

Fire at Data Centre (September 1, 2019)

Fire at data Centre

The dusk hours of 1st September reported a fire breaking out at the Data Centre, the heart of network operations of NIT Rourkela. Smoke hurled up the area as the fire brigade and security launched into action to put it off. The mishap was counted in the saga with two similar fire outbreak incidents only eight months prior in the Purchase and Works department. The mishap caused a lengthened disruption of intra-networking on the campus, causing unrest and speculation. Institute website, Zimbra Webmail, Monday Morning, all remained non-operational for almost a week following the accident. Read more about the nature and cause of the accident at:

Smocked Up: Fire At Data Centre Disrupts Intranet For A Week

Formation of the Training Committee

training Comm

To work as a sister organisation to the Placement Committee and to serve some highly important purposes like to improve the placement and internship scenario, help students choose their field of delight, ensure a better alumni relationship and improve the skill set of students, the Training and Placement cell of NIT Rourkela started a committee, Training Committee, along with the culminated efforts of the then Placement Secretaries (Anshuman Bebarta, Anshuman Maharana and  Subhransu Sekhar Dalai), Sashank Sai and Soumya Sambit Rath, spearheaded by Deepak Kumar, Rohit Dash and Swaha Swayamsiddha. The committee took up the following initiatives:-   

  1. Conducting year-round workshops.

  2. Conducting Soft Skill Development Sessions.

  3. Connecting with alumni (pursuing higher education in renowned universities).

  4. Notifying students about various off-campus internship opportunities, both international and domestic.

  5. Open to all coding classes.

  6. Profile Development sessions.

The team consisted of three secretaries and 20 TCCs (Training Committee Coordinators) who took charge to conduct all these sessions and workshops smoothly. The committee targeted third-year students and had a points system to ensure maximum participation. Click on the link to know more about the Training Committee:

The Emergence of the Emancipator: The Training Committee

Rainbow Dot 

Raibow Dot

The historic judgement of the Supreme Court that lifted the colonial-era ban and declared Section 377 of IPC unconstitutional,  laid the groundwork for protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Supporting the LGBTQ community in its quest for rights, NIT Rourkela established a club under the Literary and Cultural Society- Rainbow Dot. With a motive of equality of genders, the club aims at making NITR a welcoming abode for students belonging to this community. Rainbow Dot club also helped NITR in organising its first-ever LGBTQ+ mass sensitisation programme, ‘Queering Our Premises’. The programme intended on eradicating the stigmatisation of the LGBTQ+ community and spreading awareness among the society. Read the related article to know more about the club.

Waving the rainbow flag: Rainbow Dot

Gabe Gabrielle Visit (October 2019) 

Gabe gabriele

On 19th October 2019, George ‘Gabe’ Gabrielle visited NIT Rourkela to deliver a ‘Space Talk’ arranged by Planck Society in BBA (Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium). Gabe is the former Director of Engineering for the US Air Force’s Special Operations Command as well as an engineer at Kennedy Space Center for NASA, where he was a member of NASA’s Speakers Bureau for ten years. Having visited more than 500 schools across America, Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Trinidad, Qatar, England, Singapore, and Australia, Gabe likes interacting with students about space and science. From struggling in his school days to working for NASA, Gabe’s journey to fame is truly inspirational. Monday Morning caught up with him in the backdrop of his room in the guest house for a detailed interview. Here is an excerpt from the same:

From McDonald’s To NASA: An Interview With Gabe Gabrielle

Club Achievements

The clubs make SAC the epitome of all excitement that happens in the college. The clubs have given rise to a way of life within the students, what we fondly refer to as the “club culture”. In its essence, club culture refers to the avid socialising, functioning and participation, which happens within the clubs that exist in NIT Rourkela. In the past session, the clubs have emerged out with flying colours by achieving extraordinary accolades and recognition in varied domains, be it debating, science and technology, dance and drama, etc. The links to various clubs’ commendable feats can be found out below:

They Went, They Debated, They Conquered: Clarion at CNLU


The Successful Alchemists: AIChE’s International Triumphs

Celebrating victory with Connoisseurs of Dance: Synergy’s feat at XLRI, Jamshedpur

Innovision’19 (November 1-3, 2019)


NIT Rourkela continued its legacy of hosting the largest techno-management fest of the region – Innovision 2019 marking its 16th edition. The fest saw a total of 2103 check-ins making it the largest Innovision in the history of NIT Rourkela. Apart from having exhilarating pro shows, the fest also had 60+ events and workshops which lasted for three days from November 1-3. Seasoned with the theme of ‘A Space Opera’, Innovision 2019 conducted several guest lectures and witnessed numerous hitches related to them. Inn’fluence, the pre-Innovision event, witnessed its first edition under the patronage of Innovision’19. A series of workshops, exhibitions, and competitions for the students from various schools of Rourkela. With performances from DJ Olly Esse, Anubhav Singh Bassi and Gajendra Verma, Innovision’19, undoubtedly, had one of the best pro-shows in the history of technical fests at NIT Rourkela. To get an insight into the fest ceremonials, check out an unabridged version of Innovision’19 full coverage by team MM.

Everything About the ‘Space Opera’: Innovision’19 Full Coverage

Vriddhi 2019 (November 8-10, 2019)


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. That being said the annual sports meet of NIT Rourkela got underway from 8th-10th November. As many as nine colleges participated in a total of six games. The intensity of the games reached a new height as the players battled it out on the playing field trying to be atop. Team MM brings you the coverage of three vigorous and fun-filled days showcasing this extravagant journey of celebrating sportsmanship:

The Citius, Altius and Fortius of our own: VRIDDHI 2K19

International Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials (ICPCM) 2019 (December 12-14, 2019)


The second edition of the International Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials (ICPCM) was conducted on 12-14 December 2019 by the Department of Metallurgy and Material Engineering. The conference aimed at discovering new technologies in the arena of Material Science. Over 300 delegates from across India attended the conference with an agenda of expanding their horizons in the field of Material Science. The invited chief guests for the event included Dr Damodar Acharya, former Director, IIT Kharagpur; Dr PC Patnaik, Chief Defence Scientist- Aerospace, Canada; Dr AK Swar, Chief Engineer, Pollution Control Board, Odisha. The event incorporated talk sessions by renowned speakers, introducing the students to lucrative research opportunities and providing them with a platform to showcase their talent through presentations. Read the following article to know more about the ICPCM 2019.

Materialising Dreams: 2nd International Conference on Processing and Characterisation of Materials

5th IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems 2019 (December 16-18, 2019)


NIT Rourkela played the host for the 5th edition of IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic system which was organised from 16th-18th December 2019. The conference was sponsored by IC IIT Patna, Ministry of Electronics and Information technology, AGC, JV Micronics, and Embesys Technologies. It was organised to provide a platform to researchers where they could discuss their groundbreaking ideas with like-minded professionals and students from across the globe. In this edition, research aligned to developing smart electronics systems which could offer potential solutions to climatic challenges were discussed. Institutes such as NIT Rourkela, IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, IIIT Delhi, Central Michigan University, IIEST Shibpur, IIT Patna, University of South Florida, USA, DR SPM IIIT Naya Raipur, IIITDM Kancheepuram, ISM Dhanbad, NSIT Patna, NIT Warangal, Princeton, University of Essex, University of Calcutta, University of Northern Texas, MNIT Jaipur, University of Texas, Tyler, Amrita Viswavidya Peetham took part in the three-day-long event. A detailed article describing the event can be accessed at: 

Engineering Excellence-The 5th IEEE International Symposium On Smart Electronic Systems 2019

Cosmpolitan 2020 (January 10-12, 2020)


The Cosmopolitan fest, the annual multi-ethnic fest of NIT Rourkela was celebrated in high spirits from January 10th-12th. It was an audio-visual treat which showcased various art forms, be it dance, music or drama of different regions of the country and beyond.

The fest based on the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’ provided a common platform to the plethora of cultural and ethnic groups to display their rich heritage through dance, music, and drama. Clubbed with the ethnic food fest Cosmopolitan reached new heights this year. Documented here is the proceedings of the same:

Cultural confluence at it’s best: Cosmopolitan fest 2020


Convocation 2020

January 18, 2020, witnessed happy faces streaming into NIT Rourkela as the graduates gathered on the occasion of the 17th Annual Convocation. The ceremony was organised at the NCC Ground where students dressed in the hues of maroon, blue and green were given their official degrees. Dr Virander Singh Chauhan, the Executive Chairman of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) graced the occasion as the revered Chief Guest.

On the convocation day, female graduates were dressed in traditional Sambalpuri sarees and their male counterparts in kurtas. On the previous afternoon, students were engaged in a rehearsal at BBA to ensure that the official ceremony goes as planned.

The ceremony began at 9:30 AM sharp and eventually, Director Professor Animesh Biswas delivered the welcome address. Altogether 559 B.Tech, 24 B.Arch, 135 dual degree (B.Tech and M.Tech), 88 integrated M.Sc, 365 M.Tech, 106 M.Sc, 13 MA, 30 MBA, 04 M.Tech (by research) and 141 PhD students were conferred with their valuable degrees. Moreover, special medals such as Gold Medals to the toppers in various specialisations, Branch Topper medals to the toppers of the branches and Endowment Medals were also awarded to the bright and deserving students of NIT Rourkela. The highlight of the event was the presentation of the “Distinguished Alumni Award” to the alumni of NIT Rourkela. They have excelled in various walks of life such as Academic and Research, Industry and Management, Entrepreneurship and Public Life, etc.

The event was officially declared closed by the Chairperson of the Board of Governors (BoG), Dr Santrupt B Misra. The event got over at 1.30 PM, and the batch of 2019 came out in front of the building to have the last round of photographs and greetings, with their heavy hearts and memories of the college. Lunch was organised at the community centre for all the graduates, staff and parents, which marked the end of the ceremony.

The link for the above article is attached below:

Back In Familiar Lanes: The 17th Annual Convocation

Inter NIT Sports Meet (January 24-26, 2020)

Inter NIT

24th-26th January 2020 marked the annual inter NIT sports meet at NIT Rourkela. Athletics and Volleyball were the sports hosted by the institute this year. Participants from several NITs across the country competed for the titular championship. 

The home team NIT Rourkela bowed out of the quarterfinals in Men’s Volleyball and the group stage in Women’s Volleyball. NIT Rourkela bagged several medals in the various athletics events held at the Dilip Tirkey Stadium. 

NIT Jamshedpur emerged as winners in Men’s Volleyball while NIT Calicut secured the second place. In Women’s Volleyball, NIT Trichy finished as winners, and NIT Jalandhar ended up as runners up. NIT Trichy ended up as overall champions in Athletics, and NIT Kurukshetra bagged the second position. Read the following article to know more about every event held at the sports meet:

Inter NIT Sports 2020- Quest Of Champions - Monday Morning

National Entrepreneurship Summit (February 7-9, 2020)

nes 2020

E-Cell, NIT Rourkela organised National Entrepreneurship Summit (NES) 2020, one of its flagship event and an entrepreneurial platform for new-age entrepreneurs, eminent business personalities and college students for their entrepreneurial endeavours and experiences and to pledge to take entrepreneurship in NIT Rourkela and India to greater scales on 7th February 2020. The major draw of NES is the quality and variety of speakers. This edition of NES witnessed Asuthosh Srivastava ( the CTO and co-founder of Jodova Technologies ), Mr Vishal Kumar (Founder and CEO of Learn While Travelling (LWT) and Mr Rishi Singh, a Designpreneur himself and the CEO of  AwesomeSauce Creative. It was a blend of keynote speakers, guest lectures, events, workshops, Start-up Camp and panel discussion. Here is the link to the full coverage article.

Step into the entrepreneurial world with NES 2020

24X7 LAN during Exams

This academic year (2019-20) saw the implementation of 24X7 LAN during exams. A 24X7 internet facility had been demanded for many years. The move is regarded as the first step towards the fulfilment of other demands by students such as 24X7 functioning of BPCL during exams, a 24X7 LAN and the entire campus being made Wi-Fi enabled. 

Minor Grade Sheet Differentiation

Minor degrees were implemented at NIT Rourkela in the year 2017, but the grades of minor subjects appeared in the same grade sheet. It was quite necessary to have the minor courses’ grades differentiated as a poor performance in it led to a depreciation in the grades of many students. The long-pending demand was fulfilled by the authorities in late February 2020. Get a glimpse of an article by MM on Minor Degree:

Minor Degrees: Worth The Time And Efforts?

MINARE (March 7-8, 2020)


The two-day event of the miners commenced this year on the 6th of March, which witnessed a footfall of over 200 students from different IITs and NITs. The official proceedings of the fest started on 7th of March. With around nine events which were more competitions, Minare also had two guest lectures from Harshpal Singh Sarangdevat, Managing Director of Earth Mining group, Falguni Sarkar, Head of Internal Safety Organization, Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL), Jharkhand and a talk from Prof AK Gorai over how to fare in GATE Examination.

Refer the following link to know more about the Geomining Multifarious Convention MINARE:

The Geo-Mining Multifarious Convention: Minare 5.0 - Monday Morning

HackNITR (March 20-22, 2020)

OpenCode, the open-source community of NIT Rourkela and Developers Student Clubs, an initiative under Google Developers Group successfully conducted HackNITR, a hackathon for social good. Keeping in mind the situation of crisis arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire hackathon was conducted completely online to ensure the safety of all. This made HackNITR the first-ever online hackathon and the second successful hackathon of NITR.  Numerous attractive webinars were organised on online mode. The event could gather a great number of participants from all over the country.


NIT Rourkela witnessed a phenomenal performance on Training and Placement grounds in the past session. Various top-notch MNCs such as Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, SAP Labs, Qualcomm, Amazon, Wells Fargo, ISRO, HUL, IOCL, ExxonMobil, TATA Steel, etc rolled into the campus for recruiting hundreds of brilliant minds for full time offers as well as for internships. With 200+ companies visited, 900+ job offers rolled out, this time NIT Rourkela saw a surge in the quality and quantity of placements like never before. With an average CTC of 9.2 LPA, more than 900 students placed and 160+ internship offers, the placement season of 2019-20 was one of the most successful seasons so far in NIT Rourkela.

A Complete Shutdown Amidst the Global Pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic over a new coronavirus which caused an illness known as COVID-19 that has presently spread over 200 countries and territories and counting. Although the illness sounds like the name of a college fest, the pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 has a fatality rate of 2-3% and is no party for us. Train journeys and bike rides are the stuff of the past. Maintaining social distancing has become the need of the hour and the new norm in the social bubble. The world, as we know it, has taken a turn for the worse. The harrowing picture of internships and job offers being declined led students dwelling in uncertainties. While the administration deliberated swift steps towards academic balances, decisions pertaining to academic regulations remained unclear with continual circulars.

College sessions were abruptly halted, and speculations of hostels getting converted to quarantine centres were ablaze. Ultimately, the end-semester examination was cancelled, keeping in mind the gravity of the situation due to the global pandemic. From holding online exams for alternate mid-semesters to innovative startups for fighting COVID-19, NIT Rourkela is presently adapting to this new age society in its way.

The Conclusion

Though the session has come to an end, what has remained unshattered is the undying spirits of NIT Rourkela junta in finding numerous ways in keeping their days productive amidst these prolonged holidays. Nostalgia has engulfed amongst the student community to return to their very own college and relive those beautiful memories they used to cherish before the nationwide lockdown. Nevertheless, following the guidelines, henceforth staying safe has become the new normal, and of course, this trend would continue unabated in the days to come.

Team MM wishes good health and strong will power to the entire community during these testing times. Stay Safe!


DISCLAIMER: The content, opinions or views expressed on the Monday Morning's website and its social media platforms, including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, are strictly the property of Monday Morning and represent the extensive research and work of the working team of respective academic year of Monday Morning and not those of the institute. The reports and statements published are consolidated from the collected background research and interviews. The institute's official statements can be found in the press releases published by the institute or via an RTI application.

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