Expanding The SAC Territory : New Clubs At NIT Rourkela

Expanding The SAC Territory : New Clubs At NIT Rourkela

With the onset of new technologies and innovations, coming-of-age organizations are looking for a diverse set of skills apart from academic endeavours. Extra-curricular activities confer an opportunity to enhance skills as it helps an individual to strengthen leadership and teamwork abilities. Clubs are the best platforms that allow disciples to take forward their passion irrespective of their academic background. It lets people interact with others of identical taste, help them to understand the significance of commitment, team spirit, and responsibility.

NIT Rourkela has an admirable club culture and extends its canopy to many clubs and teams under the four pillars of SAC. With the onset of this Corona affected semester, 17 new clubs have been approved under the Technical Society, Film and Music Society and Literary and Cultural Society. Many new domains, like Game development, 3D printing, have been discovered, while new clubs of old domains like Data science have been approved.

Technical Society

With the addition of 9 new clubs under the Technical Society, the tally of clubs under the Technical society reaches 34, accounting for almost 50 per cent of the total clubs present in NIT Rourkela.

Here is a look into the new additions to the technical clubs under SAC.

Short Circuit


Short Circuit is a community of students who are driven by the passion for Electrical and Electronic Technology and Innovation. The club deals in technologies like FPGA, Embedded System, Power Systems and also applied Machine Learning projects on smart grid, microgrid. It also deals with projects on DC motors and Induction motors used in EVs.


  • Completion of 3 projects (one major and two minor) based on Embedded System, FPGA, Power Systems and IoT Devices.
  • Have Webinars and Seminars on various technologies.
  • Participation in various National level and College level competitions and Hackathons.

Events Conducted

  • Three Successful webinars in collaboration with Central Tool Room and Training Centre, MSME Tool Room, Bhubaneswar on various topics like IoT, PLC and Scada, Labview.

Future Events

  • Webinar talks and Seminars by eminent personalities based on various technologies and recent developments in the field of Electrical Engineering
  • Classes on simulation software

In words of club President, Sankalpa Hota:

Our club is currently the only club that deals with pure Electrical Engineering and desires to do projects based on technologies involved in Electrical Engineering. We have a decent number of students participating in webinars conducted. We have a Whatsapp group where all the interested students have actively participated in various webinars that we have conducted in this field.



SheCoders is the official women coding community of NIT Rourkela, which covers domains like programming, development, and crypto-coding. It was formed under the guidance of Prof.(Ms.) Sujata Mohanty.


  • Weekly tutorials and workshops on different programming languages (C, C++, Java, python), Web development and App development for beginners, Introduction to Machine Learning and AI, Crypto-Coding for beginners.
  • Regular sessions by the teaching team of SheCoders to give step by step guide to the students.

Future Events

  • Various events to be conducted from September that includes classes, quizzes, and workshop.

  • Weekly online classes that would be uploaded on Youtube and quizzes on each Saturday on MS Team Platform.

  • Workshops on small projects on Saturdays from November onwards.

The President of the club Sushree Satrupa said:

Unlike other coding clubs where you need some prior knowledge to be a part of the club, we want to have members who are interested in coding to join our community and develop their passion for it. We will be organizing doubt clearing sessions and sharing good questions and learning new stuff and many more.



Webwiz is the official Web development club of NIT Rourkela, which primarily focuses on providing exposure to the students in Web development so that they get real-time experience working in live projects.


  • Participate in various hackathons.
  • Conducting Workshops.
  • Conducting tutorials to motivate the students who want to pursue their interests in this field.

Events Conducted

  • Made five full-fledged websites for clients.

Future Events

  • Organizing competitions, quizzes, workshops.
  • Real-time projects from startups and other entrepreneurs to work in the corporate world.

In the words of the club President Aniket Pal:

Our club is the only club that primarily focuses on full-stack development unlike any other clubs in NIT Rourkela. We will also be dealing and working with real-time clients, unlike other clubs, that will be helpful for the client-side as well as help us to gain experience in this field.

The Bioscience Society


The Bioscience Society aims to champion the cause of the advancement and promotion of Biological Sciences. The club will be undergoing a constant process to generate massive support from all society sections for the advancement of Biology and allied Life Sciences.


  • Generate interest in society to aim for a better world with biosciences.
  • Provide aid and professional development opportunities for students and researchers in Biosciences concerning academic curriculum, research opportunities, and employment.
  • Conduct events and outreach programs to elevate the interest of enthusiasts.
  • Provide a common platform for researchers, students, and enthusiasts to participate, and discuss their ideas.

Future events

  • Eminent Scientist Lecture Series.
  • Social Media Engagement Series.
  • Researchers'' Monologues.
  • Team Presentations and interaction with Alumni and Seniors.
  • Online polls and surveys related to COVID-19 awareness.

The Club President Mrutyunjaya Panda said:

The Bioscience Society is the only Biological Science club of NIT Rourkela. It caters to a lot of mysteries and opportunities to seek, explore, and analyze. This century will be repleted with research, explorations, and discoveries associated with Biological Sciences, and we are eager to see the magnitude of such radical innovations. This society will inspire young and dynamic minds and bring forth the best of networking and collaborations among students, researchers, and professionals worldwide.

Finance Club


The Finance Club of NIT Rourkela functions as a platform for enthusiastic students to learn about the world of finance. This club would organize many sessions for those people who are interested in finance but do not have any prior knowledge about it. The club will emphasize several sub-domains from finance: Investment, Trading, Personal Finance, etc.


  • Spread financial literacy.
  • Conduct seminars and events to further the cause of financial literacy.

Future events

  • Conduct games like Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki.
  • Seminars and outreach programmes to eradicate financial illiteracy.
  • Improve the financial acumen of the students.

In words of club President Satyajit Raiguru:

We aim to spread Financial literacy and increase the awareness of finance as a viable career option. We wish to foster a permanent Financial  literacy Culture on the campus and keep the students of NIT Rourkela updated about different developments in the world.

Game To Aim (GTA)


Game To Aim (GTA) is a game development club. This club will provide a platform where students can implement their ideas & imaginations in their virtual world, and play games that they have developed with their creativity, designs, and animations.

The club is not only about coding and programming, but a platform for all designers, animators, storytellers, level designers, sound engineers, and scriptwriters.


  • Develop games that include both designing and coding aspects of the game.
  • Provide students, from all streams, to enhance their skills in game development concerning their career development.
  • Promoting students to create interests and explore the imaginary world.

Future events

  • Conduct webinars and have online workshops to enhance student's interests like designing, animations, etc.
  • Participate in game jams after inductions.

In words of club President Ishu Goyal:

I think game development and design are underdeveloped in our country, and many game developers have to struggle to succeed. In the future, we will try to develop games like PUBG, GTA, etc., and make India proud in this field. This club strives to make the gaming platform eminent so that every game developer can follow his/her passion.

ML4E (Machine Learning For Everyone)


ML4E (Machine Learning for Everyone) is a club that primarily focuses on machine learning and data science. The club aims wholeheartedly to make considerable progress and improvements in the domain, be it academia, industry, or competitions.


  • Promote rigorous participation in Machine learning, Data science competitions.
  • Promote research works collaborating with professors, industry, and academia.
  • To spread awareness and conduct regular upskilling programmes among our peers to enhance their skills in Machine learning and Data Science.
  • To create an active open source community to contribute to existing packages and frameworks out there.

Events Conducted

  • Webinar on topic Getting Started with Data Science by famous YouTuber Krish Naik.

Future Events

  • Webinars by eminent personalities of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or research-oriented fields, or premier institutes like IIT, IISc Bangalore.
  • Forming teams and participating in various hackathons on online platforms.

In the words of ML4E's CC, Management Ashish Das's words:

NIT Rourkela has a plethora of clubs that deal with competitive coding, but not any of the technical clubs specifically have data science as their main motto until we took the initiative to form this club. Clubs like 3D Tech, Cyborg are slowly shifting their domain towards data science. Currently, we need to work more specifically and actively in fields like academia, industry, and competitions.

AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics)


AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is the official research and development club of NIT Rourkela. The club consists of 30 members and is divided into mainly three different sections, which are Research and development core team, the design team for posters and content, and the management team for fetching ideas and managing accounts.


  • Revolutionize Research in the college. Since premier institutes focus on becoming rich in the research field, hence this addition would also help to improve the college's NIRF ranking.
  • Bridge the gap between scientific innovations and the various branches.

Future Events

  • Plans to publish articles in the following week on various researches going on around the globe.
  • Developing a course for publishing research papers and patents.
  • Conducting GDs on various scientific topics to check the response of students.
  • Participate in multiple science-based global competitions.

On asking about the club's significance in the college, its president, Sourin Naskar, a pre-final year student of Physics and Astronomy, added:

I think it is the only club in the college, which purely focuses on Research and Development. The club aims to take the motto of "Atmanirbhar Bharat" further. We will develop various feasible technologies for people to use. We will also collaborate with other universities. Presidency University Jadavpur and KLU are the prominent names in the list of our external links.


3D (Data Design Development)

3D (Data Design Development) is a club that primarily focuses on Data Science and Design.


The club has completed its first induction successfully recently. At first, students were asked to fill the form. Next, interviews were taken based on their skills. The club has inducted thirteen students in technical, four in website development, one in design, and nine in management.


  • Handle various real-time projects.
  • Collaborate with different organizations to provide some small projects.

Future Events

  • Workshops and webinars in late August

On asking about its similarity with the ML4E club, Anshul Jain, the club president added:

We both are doing the same work. A sort of competition and mutual help, if needed, would always be present. Our objective is to improve the Data Science scenario in college. Instead of hurrying and learning basics at the eleventh hour before the interview, interested students can grab in-depth and practical knowledge in the field.

Film And Musical Society

With the addition of 2 new clubs under the Film and Music Society, the tally of clubs under Film and Music Society reaches 13.



3DP club is a 3D printing club to help students in the aspect of creative moulding and shaping of ideas. It will give them the power to create and by which they can make solid forms of what they wish.


  • A 3D printer would be made accessible to students.
  • Collecting ideas from students and printing the best model out of them.
  • Collaborating with various other FMS clubs.

Upcoming Events

  • Webinar for inception.
  • Project Softrain: Train people to learn the software required to create shapes printable in 3D printers (online).
  • Collaborations: Collaborate with other clubs of FMS and help them by printing props they require and those props which they sacrifice as they can't make it by hand.
  • Project build print- Building the first 3D printed model.
  • Project Inno: Making models for sale. Conducting workshops, introducing and explaining the marvellous tech.
  • Project print your stuff: Once the college reopens, hands-on workshops for creating 3D models, ranking them, and print the best model of them.

In the words of the club's president, Sneha Rathod:

The club is one of a kind in the college, where students will be given a chance to represent their ideas in various fests and exhibitions. Our motto is to empower students to shape and build their future.



Actomania is an acting club, made especially for PhD students. The idea of the club clicked when the group of some PhD scholars first performed at the RSW 2019. The club is divided into various sections, namely, technical, photography, scriptwriting, management, and acting.


  • Presenting impact-based short films and dramas.
  • Reduce the pressure of over Ph.D. scholars by introducing them to a non-academic platform.

Future Events

  • Act on Independence Day based on the significance of our independence after 73 years, depicting the things we lack.

In the words of club president, Subhankar Dutta:

The life of a PhD scholar is full of stress and hard work. We can barely manage to spare time for rejuvenation. Since we cannot give proper time to clubs, we are not selected in many of them. This club will help the PhD scholars to come up and present their talent beyond academics. However, we will inclusively welcome the students of other programmes too.

Literary And Cultural Society

The new semester saw 6 new clubs getting approval under the Literary and Cultural Society. The clubs are-



TEDxNITRClub was established with a single vision of facilitating and acting as the staging ground for all TEDx Events (subject to approval from TED) at NIT Rourkela. With the spirit of "Ideas Worth Spreading", TEDx is a programme of local, self-organized events, licensed by TED, that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

At the TEDx event, TED Talks videos and live speakers combine to spark in-depth discussion and connection. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx programme, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. (Subject to specific rules and regulations).


  • Establish the tradition of TEDx Events in NITR to be conducted every year to provide a platform for curiosity and new ideas, for healthy scepticism, inspiration and action.

Future Events

  • To conduct the club's flagship event, TEDxNITRourkela, subject to the approval of the event's licence by TED.

Rutaj Dash, the Co-founder of TEDxNITRClub commented;

The club culture of NITR is highly supportive and gives room for students to learn many new skills and gain hands-on experience in multiple fields. It promotes healthy competition, entrepreneurship, leadership and many more life skills, essential after one completes his/her degree.



FUDEN (FOOD UTILITIES DEVELOPMENT FOR SOCIETAL ENGINEERING NECESSITIES) is the official club for the Food Processing branch. It will mainly focus on various food sectors, food technicalities and food topics.


  • Make the people aware of the benefits of Food Processing Branch.

  • Help the rural farmers to know various new technologies and machinery regarding agricultural sectors.

Future Events

  • Connect with the branch alumni and conduct talks with them regarding the scope, future of the branch.

  • Conduct various Webinars.

Sampad Kumar Sahoo, the club president said;

The club culture of our institution is quite great. The only problem is that students who have a good amount of knowledge regarding the domain can enter. Students who have interest yet have very little knowledge cannot get in the club . That's the only drawback of the club culture here .



It is a research-oriented club for all the PhD Scholars for the Holistic Development of Humanities.


  • Conducting webinars and seminars on research topics like Thesis writing, Paper writing.

  • Conducting Motivational Talks for research purpose.

Future Events

  • Conduct a Seminar on Artificial Intelligence at the end of this month

  • Conduct several webinars and seminars on various topics

In the words of Club president, Biswajit Kumar Swain 

Our club is totally a club based on a new concept as no clubs had the involvement of Research scholars in them. Webinars and Seminars will be conducted regularly in this club.



LiteraBuzz is an official literature club of NIT Rourkela. The club currently has 20 core members. Speaking of which, eight are writers, six designers, four technical members and few people for publicity purposes.


  • To be known as an official reading community of NIT Rourkela.

  • Take the literature atmosphere in the college to the next level.

Upcoming Events

  • A writing competition is to be conducted on 21st of August, the details regarding which will be announced on the 20th of August.

In the words of the Club President, Kartik Kant Raman:

We are open to all whether they be poets, story writers, debaters, reading enthusiasts etc.. The idea of the club is driven by brainstorming done by an unofficial poet society including some of the current sophomores. A very enthusiastic response has come for our upcoming event, almost 94 people have already joined the group. We don’t demand experts but enthusiasts.

SDG Campus Club


SDG or Sustainable Development Goals Campus Club is a multidisciplinary awareness generating initiative. This club intends to engage and narrate more students from the campus regarding the 17 SDGs devised by the United Nations. No poverty, Zero hunger, Gender equality, Life below water, etc. are some of the SDGs confirmed by the UN.

It will act as a digital media body to prepare annual summative reports after collaborating with social work clubs and NGOs. 


  • Accomplishing the 17 SDGs set up by the UN.

  • To bring various social work clubs, present inside the campus under one roof.

  • Getting affiliated to International bodies and giving domestic NGOs global recognition.

Future events:

  • Organize annual conferences.

  • Conduct weekly group activities like discussion forums, etc.

  • Arrange conferences on ideation workshops. 

  • Plan virtual group discussions comprising youth and experts in that particular field.

In the words of Club President, Pratyush Ranjan:

By 2030, the UN plans to achieve as much as possible through the SDGs. The 17 SDGs are the amalgamation of every problem in society. So, we will try to get engaged with all socio-working clubs existing in NITR and we will also emphasize on the sectors which are not addressed for e.g Governance, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Renewable energy, etc. There is one organization in Singapore namely- World Toilet Organization that looks after sanitation and the toilet. Henceforth, we will focus on cooperating with these kinds of international standards and attain global exposure.

In addition to the five new clubs under the Literary and Cultural society, another club named Swami Vivekananda Swadhyay (SWS) Samiti too got approved.

With the addition of new 17 clubs under the Technical Society, Film and Music Society and Literary Society registered this semester; this global pandemic will be testing times for them on how to manage to plan their events and carry out their activities.

Team MM congratulates all the new SAC approved clubs of NIT Rourkela and wishes them the best for all their future endeavours.


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