An Woeful Remembrance: Rest In Peace Prof. Smarajit Sarkar

An Woeful Remembrance: Rest In Peace Prof. Smarajit Sarkar

Mayank Mishra | Aug 17, 2020

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The NIT Rourkela fraternity was shrouded in grief as the news of the demise of Professor Smarajit Sarkar broke in. Professor Sarkar left for his heavenly abode on the 15 August 2020 after battling coronavirus flu and unfortunately, breathed his last in the early morning hours of 15th August.

An ardent professor of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, he joined the institute in the year 2006 and has been a contributor in the field of Metal matrix composites, Industrial Metallurgy with invaluable emphasis on Iron and Steel Making. He was also served as the Head of Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering department and vouched towards providing ample opportunities for the students under him. His contribution to the institute has been invaluable and this tragic incident has left a void in the NIT Rourkela family.

Prof.Susmita Das, Dean Faculty Welfare, in her tribute to the late professor says,

The sad and untimely demise of Prof. Smarajit Sarkar, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department has left all of us deeply saddened and this unfortunate news has shocked the entire NIT Rourkela community. May the Almighty rest his noble soul in peace.Prof. Sarkar, a great human being, will be terribly missed by our Institute. His academic, as well as administrative contributions, are well appreciated in our community. He was loved by all of us due to his amicable and helping nature. He will be cherished in our memories forever. Personally, I will always remember him for his ever-cheerful attitude and also for a fearless attitude to raise a strong voice in many official issues.

I feel this loss is irrecoverable for NIT Rourkela, no doubt. Let us share this pain together. During this heavy moment, one thing we should have more than anything else is patience. Let us keep faith in God and know that time heals everything. I pray that the Almighty gives the family the strength to withstand this tragic moment. Right now, all my heartfelt condolence is with his wife Debjani, Son Soumyajit & his family members. I express my sincere support for them in this hour of grief. Let all of us pray to God for the early recovery of his family members.

Prof. Sarkar’s precious moments with students and colleagues.

Suman Acharya, a pre-final year student of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, in his tribute to the late professor says,

Prof Sarkar was an outstanding teacher. He was the ex- HOD, of our department and we saw him handling both academic and administrative work very smoothly. He had the nature of coconut- tough from outside and soft from inside. He naturally reprimanded when someone or something was wrong but always felt bad after it, because he loved his students a lot. He never had a grudge on anyone, rather was there to help us every time. He always used to put a lot of stress in making students understand the concept rather than just mugging it up. We will always remeber this efforts to make classes more enthusiastic and fun-filled. He could easily empathize with the emotions of a student and become his friend. He had an excellent sense of humor; cracking jokes in classrooms. He was the man, every student looked as an ideal to follow. He is alive in our memories and we will try our best to fulfill all his dreams. We have lost a treasure to our society. May his soul rest in peace.

Remembered to be an able administrator and a meticulous instructor, students and colleagues cherish his hale and hearty composure. That said and done, NIT Rourkela also lost a gem of a mind and contributor to core industrial research- a man who saw the prime potential of Metallurgical and Materials domain, pushing hard to attain it and help his students inculcate the same. In the wake of uncertainty and bereavement that has shrouded the campus during Covid-19, it is imperative to remember there’s nothing as precious as the safety and security of life. Monday Morning urges the fraternity of NIT Rourkela to stay safe and obey protocols.

Team MM and the NIT Rourkela fraternity pours hearty tribute in the loving memory of the benevolent Prof. Smarajit Sarkar.

Image credits: Pratyush Sadangi



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