Nurturing Next Gen Developers: Department Of Computer Science And Engineering

Nurturing Next Gen Developers: Department Of Computer Science And Engineering

Apoorv Sharma | Oct 05, 2020

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One of the most prestigious branches of all the B.Tech courses offered by NIT Rourkela, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) awaits for the new enthusiasts this year. Since the enrollment procedure, this time would not be as straightforward as it used to be and our freshmen might not be able to witness the grandeur of the university via direct visit, this article aims to cover all the necessary aspects of the CSE department of the institute. 

Before detailing various features of the department, it is essential to know what it stands for. Computer Science and Engineering is a complete study of the theory of computation and its design. While the algorithmic and software foundations lie under the “Science” part, “Engineering” includes the hardware facet.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the department is to provide a high-quality education that prepares the graduates for success in their professional practice and advanced studies.The vision of the department is to prepare its students for professional employment and graduate education through study and implementation of the fundamental principles of theory, abstraction, and software design, while at the same time presenting the ethical and social issues associated with computer science. 

Opening And Closing Ranks

Being a reputed institute, NIT Rourkela demands some of the highest cutoff ranks among all technical institutes. The admissions here are generally just closed after the first cutoff list is released due to the high demand for academically bright students. As of the year 2019-20:

Alloted QuotaCategoryGender-Neutral opening rankGender-Neutral closing rankFemale-Only Opening RankFemale-Only Closing Rank
HSOpen (PWD)508508840840
HSOBC-NCL (PWD)513513--

Laboratories and facilities

The department is well equipped with laboratories like software engineering, advanced database, information security and data communication, image processing and clustered computing, visual surveillance laboratory, and hardware laboratory.

Courses Offered

The department has B.Tech, Ph.D., and M.Tech courses to offer. While the dual degree programs and MTech in “Analytics and Decision Sciences” were ceased back in 2017, CSE, Software Engineering, and Information security are still prominent courses offered under the M.Tech program.


A Team of twenty-three faculty members including experienced professors and associates who are very passionate researchers make up the faculty team of the department, currently being headed by Prof. Ashok Kumar Turuk. It is worth mentioning here that recently, Prof. Anup Nandy got an opportunity to present his research work at the fifth BRICS Young Scientist Conclave 2020. He has made a software tool made along with his students to detect neurological disorders like cerebral palsy.

Placement Scenario

With a total of 909 job offers, NIT Rourkela witnessed an impressive placement season for its 2019-2020 placement drive. Since we are interested mainly in the CSE placement record, the season was more than impressive. The Department has consistently been amongst the top branches in terms of placement scenario. Among the recruiters frequently visiting the campus, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, SAP Labs, Math Works are prominent names. You can find more information about the placement scenario in this article.

Summing Up

Overall, the department provides one of the best college experiences in any program. It is constantly improving with an evolving coding culture. Summing things up, Computer Science and Engineering is worth opting for and the department looks forward to welcoming the freshmen with full vigour even in the current pandemic predicament.

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