Dreams And Designs: Department Of Planning And Architecture

Dreams And Designs: Department Of Planning And Architecture

Anujit Jena | Oct 05, 2020

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Architecture should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness

Making headway on the above words of Frank Gehry, the Department of Planning and Architecture has been evolving immensely since its inception in 2013, while trying to invoke the architectural attitude in students, which comprises creating an artistic autonomy and creativity within the field of architecture. 

It consists of 12 seats for home state students and 13 for students from other states, all gender-neutral. The degree offered is Bachelors of Architecture, a 5-year undergraduate course that focuses on the artistic and organizational aspects of construction. 

Opening and Closing Ranks

Admission to the course is based on the ranks secured in JEE Main paper 2, conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). The JEE Main Paper-2 2019 cutoff ranks for the B.Arch course at NIT Rourkela is as follows:

StateCategoryGenderOpening RankClosing Rank
Home StateOBC-NCLGender-Neutral6991272
Home StateSCGender-Neutral503876
Home StateSTGender-Neutral41349
Home StateGEN-PWDGender-Neutral1313
Home StateGENGender-Neutral12782903
Home StateGEN-EWSGender-Neutral3551241
Other StateGEN-EWSGender-Neutral204318
Other StateGENGender-Neutral8611949
Other StateOBCGender-Neutral489997
Other StateSCGender-Neutral45291
Other StateSTGender-Neutral71258

Housed in the TIIR building, it consists of  studios and labs with advanced visualization and drafting software, a departmental library with more than 700 books related to the subject.,The visual arts laboratory, the materials laboratory, and the building energy lab, amongst others.

Owing to the recent scenario of uncertainties, the faculties, and the teaching methods have been modified to suit the needs of the changing times, just like every other department of NIT Rourkela.

Ms. Nabanita Saha, Head Of Department, Planning and Architecture, when enquired regarding the changing methods, replied the following:

Online lectures, whiteboards, online writing pads have been important tools of the period. We are preparing our slides differently so that students can grasp them better in the absence of offline methods. Our main subject is Architectural Design, which demands a lot of time and understanding. The studio in-charges are having one to one discussions on MS Teams and trying to help students cope up. Regarding the students who shall be newly admitted, I wish them the very best. I hope they find the faculty members cooperative and they cooperate with them in the learning process.

On completion of the B.Arch program, one can choose from a host of options, namely Masters in Architecture, Masters in Planning, and Masters in design among others. 

Speaking of events and workshops, online seminars, and sessions are conducted in the department from time to time. Expert talks on conservation of green specifications and green buildings have been conducted recently and one on healthcare architecture is to be conducted in the recent future.

Summing Up

It would not be wrong to say that transformation is the basis of growth and is exactly what the department achieves with dreams and skills, under the guidance of 10 outstanding professors, who pour in cent percent of their abilities to make the teaching-learning process as fruitful and enriching as possible.

Team MM lauds all the members of the Department of Planning and Architecture for building up and keeping up its name and welcomes all the freshers to the department.

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