A Day At The Dawn Of New Beginnings: Life At NIT Rourkela

A Day At The Dawn Of New Beginnings: Life At NIT Rourkela

Ananya Pattanaik Priyasha Das | Oct 05, 2020

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Anxious? Excited? Nervous? Terrified? Confused whether you made the right decision or not? Well, after going through this article you will realize that life at NIT Rourkela is nothing like you thought it would be, and you’ll feel silly for ever being so worried about it. (Yet, don't get so chilled out!). Hopefully, a glimpse at a day in the life of a college student here will help sort some things out. So shall we?

Spoiler alert!!

Getting ready for a typical weekday: By the time you muster the motivation to slide out of bed, it's already 7:50 am, with at least three of your alarms gone off. Very often the day starts with eating your breakfast in 5 minutes and rushing up to the classes scheduled at 8:00 am sharp, and gotta go since “85% attendance required!”. Boys at MV and GDB halls of residence are at an advantage here but girls at the KMS hall, note down that it's a 10 mins cycle ride to Lecture Annexure (LA) where all the first-year classes commence.


Class routine: Class timings are quite flexible with generous free time slots in the week  (Warning- don't waste it watching Netflix). Classes are scheduled from 8:00-11:00 AM, an hour-long lunch break, and then again rush your cycle for the next half 1:15-4:15 PM. Lectures are all about the studious ones sitting in the front benches and others feeling a sense of comradery while joining the freshers’ coughing and sneezing choir. For sure you are going to forget at least once to take your lab coat and full shoes to Chemistry, Physics laboratory, and workshop classes and have to run back to the hostel to grab them.



Getting involved: Being astounded by the huge campus along with the skyscraper Golden Jubilee building, which pretty much resembles the Avenger’s headquarters, is a feeling every fresher experience. The campus is a charismatic Paradise (okay, that’s exaggerating) for the sports buff, with the sports complex, especially the Olympic-sized swimming pool. Activities such as gearing up for the swimming classes or going to the central gym regularly, get added to the to-do list immediately. If not a sports person, the variant club culture with more than 60 registered clubs will surely blow your mind and sate your excitement. Name your field of interest and there’s a club for it, be it programming, designing, debating, journalism, dance, music, social activities, quizzing, culinary, entrepreneurship, to think, reflect and comprehend ideas. With the tang of a celebrity night, Inter-NIT sports meet, or a mega tech fest along with the festivities such as Holi, Diwali, and, Saraswati puja, NIT Rourkela will never let you have a humdrum and tedious semester.


Having fun?: The ever attractive (for varied reasons) LA lawns, the second cultural hotspot here, bustles with student activities in the evening. This is where the first interaction with seniors occur, generally in the branch meets. Hear a thunder somewhere?, no, not the clouds, it's the Ritvic club practicing (crying out loud) for some melodrama in the lawns. Sipping tea or coffee and chattering with a group of buddies near the banyan tree or rushing to Rengcol, SLR, or New Choice for a quick delicious snack after continuous classes, becomes a delightful habit within the blink of an eye. Garden fest and hall day are the days where a fresher gets to enjoy and dance till midnight with lots of mouth-watering food. Although you will feel confused trying to remember all the names of the many people you met, once you are familiar, there starts a never-ending loop of gossips and discussions. A few night-outs during the fest-nights will do the trick for your boredom for the entire semester.

Ticking off the chores list: Consider yourself to be lucky if you are a boarder at GDB since it is the only hostel to have installed washing machines. But no worries since laundry services are at your doorstep at reasonable prices (or is it?). With a common stationery shop at MV and GDB, departmental stores and beauty parlour at KMS, and a go-to Needs market complex on the campus, lazy birds need not fly too much after all.


What's it like during exams: Time when libraries, usually gawky for the singles, are barely vacant until 9:00 pm, though people there end up scrolling Facebook and Instagram. Well furnished study rooms are finally put to great use and endless group discussions unfold in every dormitory. Results are quite unpredictable and at the times it seems evident that grades are not directly proportional to efforts, when you feel like ditching your books. But bear with the curriculum as at last you will be awarded a degree, which no one can take away from you. Now, how cool is that!

How the day ends: Heard rumours that mess food can be messy and boring? Worry not!  With a diligently designed menu catering to a perfect fusion of healthy and tasty multi-course meals, the mess facilities will change your perception about mess food. Want a break from the mess? Restaurants like Hex and Moksha within the campus, are always open with a hearty meal to treat your taste buds. Having cravings for food at mid of the night? Despair not! Every hostel has a canteen, a very affordable and convenient dining option to satiate your 2 AM cravings.      


With an occasional knock at the door, you will be greeted by the club promoters or awkwardly grinning faces of  Leo, Rotaract, Aasra people asking for donations, but it’s for a good cause, so don’t be shy. The Internet being the fourth most fundamental requirement after food, cloth, and shelter, the provision of high-speed internet connection in every hall of residence is the biggest boon. From NPTEL videos for studies to binge-watching movies at night, DC++ is a space of heaven for many students.

Weekends are like...: Starting from Friday’s dinner to tandoori on Sunday's lunch, mess food turns to the flip side of a coin from boring to spectacular every weekend. After a hectic week full of studies and club activities, weekends come bearing movie-bonanza at the BBA (Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium). Almost all of the pending- birthday parties are celebrated on weekends at restaurants spread around Rourkela. An outing to the nearest tourist spots like Khandadhar waterfall, Pitamahal Dam, or going shopping spree at Big Bazaar, weekend proves to be the best stress busters. 

Wrapping it up

The college schedule can get crazy at times with boatloads of assignments and club activities to top it off. But loving what you do and learning in the process is the art you will adept, with the planning and time management skills you will maestro. This institute is an abode of learning which lead you up on the career-graph as well as provide you with countless immortal memories to cherish for the rest of your life. From gaining absolute expertise through practical experience to having a comfortable, worthwhile stay without a spike of monotony, NIT Rourkela will provide a perfect base to encounter and indulge in such exquisite wisdom.

Come join the proud legacy of producing the finest-of-all alumni. Be a part of the NIT Rourkela family. 

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