A Boon For Biology Geeks: Department Of Life Sciences

A Boon For Biology Geeks: Department Of Life Sciences

Debasish Beria | Oct 05, 2020

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National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, a thriving technical institution vows to concoct brilliant and assiduous students every year. With its establishment on 15th August 1961 as a technical institute, it confers a spectrum of courses like Architecture, Engineering, Humanities, Management, and Science. Amidst various disciplines of Engineering, the domain of Basic Sciences also unfolds to provide integrated M.Sc. and M.Sc courses for Chemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, and Life Sciences.

To suffice the claims of the contemporary research realm, NIT Rourkela inherits an eminent discipline of Basic Science i.e., Life Science. Life Science is the scientific study associated with living organisms. It encompasses basic and advanced fields of science that includes microorganisms, plants, animals, and human beings. It also renders students the opportunity to augment their interest in the R&D sectors, which proves crucial for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries later. When biology is concerned about life, its origin, and evolution on planet Earth, Life Science counts for advanced biology towards deciphering the molecular mechanisms of the diseases and translation to patients. The Department of Life Sciences commenced back in 2009 with a motive to understand the mechanisms of life processes at molecular and cellular levels in all living systems. The aforementioned branch was introduced with M.Sc and PhD academic programs during its preliminaries. Later in the year 2013, the Integrated M.Sc (5 years) program was introduced, which can be opted through JEE Mains, directly after intermediate, two-year M.Sc. program through JAM. Currently, this department nurtures an excellent figure of gleaming brains accompanied by 13 faculty members and remarkable PhD scholars. 

The department was set up to implement an in-depth knowledge and perception about the different sub-topics of Biology like Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cancer Biology, Bio-informatics, etc. Besides the ambition to enhance scientific interaction among the disciples, the department intends to grant innovative research platforms to the students by implementing a preponderant theoretical and practical sanity of modern Life Sciences, to explore their options beyond any restraints. NIT Rourkela is the only institute in the country to offer the Life Sciences program. Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) conducts a generalized counselling program for all fresh applicants as furnished below:


Apoptosis and Autophagy in Cancer, Bioremediation, Microbial Ecology, and Marine Biotechnology, Cancer biology, Epigenetic, proteostasis are some of the prevailing research forms enduring in the department.

Well-known for its research culture, NIT Rourkela spread its wings with the Department of Life Sciences too! Rather than stretching for placements, many students are inclined to higher studies despite companies from the healthcare and R&D industries visit the campus. Under the supervision of committed, devoted, and hardworking faculties, some students even clinch foreign internship, through the Mitacs Globalink Research Internship program, Canada. Along with the students, some professors have also accomplished new maxima.

If you are a Biology geek looking forth to accomplished new elevations in the sphere of Basic Science, then the Department of Life Science, NIT Rourkela, has so much to offer. Being one of the fastest emerging branch of Basic Science, it is ready to produce impeccable records in the near future with skilful scholars and dedicated faculties. The department ensures best in making magnificent minds or life scientists of the era.

Team MM wishes luck to all the meritorious students for their future endeavours.

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