Unraveling The Institute To The Freshers: Institute Orientation Program

Unraveling The Institute To The Freshers: Institute Orientation Program

On 3rd December 2020, the baton of the future was passed to the freshmen with a brief orientation provided to them by noted dignitaries of NIT Rourkela. Owing to the pandemic, which has restricted everyone to their houses, this year's orientation was conducted in a new and innovative method, i.e., via Live stream on Youtube. The session was open for all branches as they were briefed about the institution’s various aspects.

The session kickstarted at 10.00 AM on Mr D.P Tripathi's (Asst. Registrar UG&PG) Youtube channel. Mr Tripathy welcomed the new students to the NITR fraternity and congratulated them for successfully clearing various exams and being a part of a premier institute like NIT Rourkela.

Mr Tripathy welcomed the dignitaries, i.e., Prof. Saroj Kumar Patel (Dean- Academic), Prof. Nihar Ranjan Mishra (Associate Dean), Mr Ashis Kumar Behera (Assistant Registrar-Research), and Amlan Das (Senior Coordinator of Institute Counselling Services) to the much-awaited virtual orientation program. Mr Tripathi also requested the freshers to drop their questions in the live chat box, which will be answered later in the QnA session. Mr Tripathy then played a pre-recorded video to mark the start of the orientation program.

The session started with Mr Ashis Behera briefing everyone about the institute and congratulated them for being a part of this Institution.

Prof.Nihar Ranjan Mishra then welcomed the students to NIT Rourkela and gave the opening remarks on the number and the variety of students who have taken admission in NIT Rourkela this time. Prof. Mishra gave an insight into the opening and closing ranks of various programs and branches under JoSAA and CSAB. Prof. Mishra also gave the details of the number of students registered under various other programs like “Study India Program,” “DASA” and “Homi Bhaba Scholarship under Ministry of External Affairs”. He also briefed the new students regarding various academic regulations ranging from “Slow Pace Program to Branch Change policies and Minor Degree policies.” He also insisted on maintaining a healthy CGPA, i.e., above 6, to prevent any unnecessary academic problems and requested all the parents to monitor their ward constantly. Giving the freshers a mantra for success, he said,

Arise Awake and Stop not till the goal is achieved.

This was followed by a brief speech by Prof. P.K Das, Honorable Registrar of NIT Rourkela. He briefed the online attendees of the virtual orientation regarding the history of NITR, various departments, FTBI (Foundation for Technology and Business Incubation). Prof. Das also gave everyone an insight into why NIT Rourkela is one of the most sought after institutions in the country by students of India and abroad. He stressed the importance of 1st three semesters and advised them to carefully go through the institute’s rules and regulations and abide by them. He also gave an idea regarding the SWAYAM platform.

Dean Academic, Prof. Patel then congratulated the students for successfully clearing one of the most competitive exams and bagging a seat in one of the country’s prestigious institutes. He also advised the student to continue the same amount of hard work they had done to succeed in life.

Prof. Patel stressed the importance of the 4-number CGPA Rule to the students, i.e., 5 (Termination), 6 (Slow Pace Program), 8 (Minor Degree), and 8.5 (Branch Change). He also spoke about the various B.Tech, M.Tech, and PhD programs that the institution has to offer. Speaking of Ragging, he said that the institute is ragging free and strict actions will be taken if reported. Prof. Patel also made the freshers aware of the rich alumni network of the institution.

This was followed by Dean Student Welfare, Prof. Snehashish Chakraverty welcoming speech to the freshers. Prof. Chakraverty gave the online attendees an idea of the Student Activity Center (SAC). He gave the freshers an idea of various types of clubs registered under SAC. He also gave a brief overview of the Institute Standing Disciplinary Committee (ISDC).

Chief Warden, Prof S K Pratihar, elaborated on the general hostel rules and regulations and the various hostel facilities like Gym, Swimming pool, and many more. He also explained various hostel events like Hall Day and Garden Fest. He also stressed the importance of participating in hall events and socializing.

This was followed by a speech by Prof. U. C. Pati, Head of Training and Placement Cell, who threw light on the placement and internship statistics.  He said that a total of 215 companies had visited the campus to recruit various eligible students, which is a remarkable statistic considering the pandemic. 943 full-time job offers were there, with the highest was of 42 LPA by Microsoft. The total number of internship offers stood at 169, with the highest stipend of 1 lakh per month. He also gave the budding freshers an insight into the major companies that came to recruit like Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, Bajaj, Maruti Suzuki, Ashok Leyland, Goldmann Sachs, and many more. He also advised the students to develop various extracurricular skills through various clubs essential for getting a good job. He also gave an insight into various competitive exams like CAT, GATE, and many more.

Prof. Seemita Mohanty (President, SAC) gave the freshers an idea regarding the Student Activity Centre or the central hub of various extracurricular activities for a student in NITR. She also gave an insight into the various societies under SAC, the vast domain of clubs under SAC. She also advised all the students to be a part of this vibrant SAC Culture. She told about the unique LGBTQ club that only a handful of premier institutions have in the country. She also brief about the fests like Innovision, Vriddhi, Cosmopolitian, and Nitrutsav which are organized by the college with several events in it.

Prof. Mohanty also lauded the efforts of Monday Morning- the student media body of NIT Rourkela while throwing light on  SPIC MACAY, the society for the promotion of Indian culture and music.

Prof. D.P Acharya (PIC, Extra Academic Activities) extended his warm welcome to the freshers and gave them the idea about the different extra-academic activities available on the campus. He gave a brief idea about the National Service Scheme( NSS), National Cadet Corps (NCC), and Physical Education. In addition to these, there were two new activities added, i.e. Yoga and Self Defense tutorial, especially for girls students. He emphasized the importance of Physical exercise in the COVID-19 pandemic scenario and throughout the life for the well being of one's mind and body.

This was followed by Prof. KC Pati (PIC, Counselling Centre), where he introduced the students to Institute Counselling Services (ICS). He talked about the various challenges students face when they're on campus, and how ICS helps students face academic and non-academic challenges. He also informed students about the commencement of counselling services in the online mode for the students.

Next was Dr C. Bhattachayra (HOD, Health Centre), who introduced the Institute dispensary to the freshers. The students can also be referred to the Community Welfare Society (CWS) Hospital and Ispat General Hospital (IGH) whenever deemed necessary as the institute health centre works as an OPD centre. This was followed by the head of the Biju Pattnaik Central library, Mr V K Mishra, who gave a brief overview of the BPCL along with its timings and state-of-the-art technologies like the self-issue/renewal system and OPAC. He also gave the count of the books, which is around 1 lakh prints and 15000 e-books, and 7000 e-journals accessible to students outside campus due to the current pandemic situation.

Honorable Director of NIT Rourkela Prof. Animesh Biswas congratulated the students for having cleared JEE and expressed his wish to welcome the students on the campus wishing things fall back to normal soon. He talked about the research excellence of the institution along with encouragement for entrepreneurship among the students and wished everyone to stay safe. 

This was followed by a short video of Monday Morning, the student media body of NIT Rourkela, where the Chief Coordinators, Aditya Tripathi, Saurav Sahoo and Tanaya Sahoo introduced Monday Morning to freshers and officially released the 4th edition (Digital) of NITR 101, Annual Mini Print Issue (link here), a complete guide that would make freshers aware about every aspect of NIT Rourkela. The chief coordinators gave the freshers an insight into how Monday Morning works with a message for staying updated on all- around campus affairs of NIT Rourkela.

This was followed by Amlan Das’s (ICS student coordinator) introducing ICS and how it helps in emotional counselling, social counselling, and financial counselling along with preparing students for the smooth transition from home to the institute. 

A short QnA marked the end of the Orientation session. First-year students posted their questions in the chatbox and the administration answered some of the relevant questions. The session lasted for around 20 minutes.

Team MM congratulates the authorities for conducting the Orientation Program successfully in the pandemic affected semester and wishes all the best of luck to the freshers for the journey ahead.

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