Clearing The Perplexity - Answering The Freshers' Frequently Asked Questions

Clearing The Perplexity - Answering The Freshers' Frequently Asked Questions

Shuvendu Swain Mahamaya Mishra | Dec 14, 2020

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After years of hard work and dedication as you finally set foot in your dream institute, its world-class facilities, greenery and sense of independence are sure to leave you awestruck. Nevertheless, it is a period of transition for all freshers. Owing to the new online mode of education, it is important to stay informed and make wise choices. Keeping this in mind, team Monday Morning brings you clear answers to the very frequently asked questions by freshers.

1. What is the examination pattern of NIT Rourkela? Please describe the marks distribution pattern. Will the exam pattern change for the first year as it is online?

The Senate vide Resolution No Senate-96(2020)-04 dated 13/11/2020 has decided the following as a one time measure for the Academic Session 2020-21 in view of the COVID pandemic:

1. There shall not be any Mid-Semester Examination in the Autumn Semester of AY 2020 21.

2. End Semester Examination will be conducted only after the students return to the campus physically. There should be a gap of at least 2 weeks between starting of exams and their return to campus.

3. End Semester Exams for Autumn and Spring Summers can be held with a gap of at least 2 weeks (not continuously). Since at this stage, it is not known when students would return to campus, some adjustments may be done depending on the situation.

4. End Semester Examination will carry a weightage of 80% and TA component would be 20%.

5. TA evaluation process should be completely left to the concerned faculty as per the academic regulations.

But generally, the examination pattern of NIT Rourkela depends on Mid Semester examination consisting of 30 marks, End Semester examination consisting of 50 marks and Teacher Assessment consisting of 20 marks. So, the marks vs grade distribution are as follows-

Range of marks


Grade points

















P for theory courses



P for lab courses



F for theory courses



F for lab courses


SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) = ∑(grade point*credit of a subject)÷ ∑(credits of each subject)

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)= ∑(SGPA*credit of semesters)÷ ∑(credit of semesters)

2. How can we access previous year question papers of mid and end semester exams?

Previous Year Question Papers are available in the NITRIS Portal. Go to the Examination Section and then select the Previous Year Question Papers subsection. Then enter the year and the subject name or code.

3. How can a student know which book to follow for respective subjects? Is it fully compulsory to buy all books like in school?

The books for each subject shall be prescribed by respective professors. Also, the books you need to refer can be found out from the 'essential reading' and 'supplementary reading' parts of the syllabus. You can also take advice from seniors and your mentor. PDFs of books are easily available and circulated freely across departments, so there is no need to buy all books unless required by you. You can always issue books from the Biju Patnaik Central Library at the institute or look up the books in the following site:

4. What are the various clubs and societies of NIT Rourkela? How to join these clubs? Is it compulsory to join a club in NIT Rourkela?

The Student Activity Center has four significant societies, namely Technical, Games and Sports, Film and Music, Literary and Cultural society. Each society has several clubs under its canopy. Another important part of SAC is Monday Morning - the student media body of NIT Rourkela and SPIC MACAY NIT Rourkela Chapter.

Joining clubs adds another colourful feather to your cap, as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Yet, you should always remember that too many cooks spoil the broth. So, be very particular about joining clubs based on your interests. It is also important to note that it is not at all compulsory to joins clubs. It purely depends on your interest and time management skills.

Starting of the Autumn Session in NIT Rourkela (August to November in a normal academic year) marks the advent of the induction process of various clubs. Mostly the first semester and third-semester students participate in the induction processes of the clubs and in this way they can join any club. Some of the Clubs and the student media body, Monday Morning also conducts its inductions (only for first-year students) towards the end of the Spring Session.

Even though an exhaustive list with details of each club has not been compiled, these three articles should be enough to have you covered:

5. Please describe the living conditions and amenities of the fresher's hostel.

The hostels which are exclusively meant for first-year students include Ghanshyam Das Birla (GDB) Hall of Residence and M. Visveswaraya (MV) Hall of residence, both for boys and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (KMS) Hall of Residence, for girls. The freshmen hostel life at NIT Rourkela can be said to be quite amicable and good. All hostels have mess facilities, aqua guards, canteens, LAN ports for internet usage, night/day canteens, courts for various sports, cycle stands with pumps, games or gym rooms, study rooms and gardens.

6. How to decode the time table of the classes we are attending?

Firstly, you have to download the Central Timetable from the NIT Rourkela website. After that note down the time slot of each subject (which is available in the NITRIS Portal). Now, you can easily decode the timings of the classes by comparing the noted time slots with the time slots given in the timetable.

Another way for the students is to download the ICS NIT Rourkela app on your mobile. There you can get a readymade time table just as you enter your section. The timetable is also available on the dashboard of NITRIS Portal.

7. Can a person be part of more than 2 clubs at a time?

The number of clubs you join is completely your choice only. So yes, you can be in more than 2 clubs at a time. But, you should always choose the clubs which align with your interests. Remember, too much light for the eyes is as useless as darkness.

8. Is branch change allowed in NIT Rourkela and what are the criteria for changing branch in NIT Rourkela?

Yes, a student can apply for branch change at the end of the second semester. Meritorious B. Tech, Dual Degree and Integrated M.Sc students who have secured CGPA of 8.5 or more (without any backlogs) at the end of the first year are eligible to opt for a change of branch of their choice.

The process of the branch change is subject to the following conditions:

• Change of branch is subject to availability of vacant seats and subject to the condition that the consequent vacancy created in the parent department, due to branch change, should not be more than 5% of actual existing strength.

• 5% of the vacancy is to be calculated based on existing strength. Decimal figures to be rounded up to the nearest integer (E.g. 1.5 = 2 and 1.49 = 1).

• There is no option to revert the change of branch once allotted.

• The branch change will be strictly based on CGPA only and no other criterion will be adopted.

• In case of a tie in CGPA for allotting Branch Change, the JEE Main rank (CRL) will be considered.

There are no category-based reservations for Branch Change in NIT Rourkela. It is purely based on CGPA and no other criterion is adopted.

9. Is laptop compulsory for joining in NIT Rourkela?

It is not at all compulsory to possess a laptop before joining the institute. Possessing a laptop depends on your own needs and interests. But if you are buying one, it should be a standard laptop with decent RAM and GPU to carry out all kinds of technical work.

10. What are the various resources through which we can get all the study materials for classes?

Most of the study resources (Powerpoint presentations, notes etc.) are provided by the concerned faculties. Institute Counselling Services also has created an Academic Vault which contains many study materials related to the first year. You can get access to the Academic Vault through your mentors who are allotted to you. You can also refer to the notes and video lectures of NPTEL which includes the resources developed by the professors from IISc, Bangalore and other eminent IITs of the country.

11. Please describe the attendance policy of NIT Rourkela. How the teachers are taking attendance in online classes?

Attendance Policy of NIT Rourkela is dependent on the number of credits of a subject. Usually, the number of permissible holidays is double the amount of credits of a subject. For example – there are a total number of 8 holidays permissible for a student in a subject which has 4 credits. If you take more than 8 holidays then you are at the risk of getting a grade back in the subject (one grade less) (9 to 16 holidays) or can also get debarred (more than 17 holidays).

To know more about the attendance policy – you can check the Attendance and Leave section of the NITRIS Portal or can refer to the revised UG Academic Regulations on the institute website.

The professors’ can take attendance easily through Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams allows the organizer of the online meeting to download the excel sheet of the attendees of the online meet. The excel sheet further shows at what time you joined the meeting and left the meeting.

12. How will laboratory classes take place online?

The laboratory classes which are possible to conduct through the online medium can be conducted through the Microsoft Teams application. The lab classes that are not possible through the online medium will be conducted once the students are back to NIT Rourkela campus. However, the professor’s can take classes for the explanation of the theory parts of the lab courses during the allotted practical time slots.

13. What is the use of the NITRIS Portal and the Zimbra mail ID given by NIT Rourkela?

From attendance to results, hostel management, academic calendars, exam routines, and sitting arrangements, minor degree and branch change rules; your one-stop solution for all queries is the NITRIS portal.

Zimbra Webmail circulates all official emails of NIT Rourkela. You can also use your Zimbra mail ID to contact the professors and other officials.

14. What is the Institute Standing Disciplinary Committee and Institute Counseling Services of NIT Rourkela?

The responsibility of maintaining discipline in the campus has been bestowed on the shoulders of the Director. He needs the assistance of senators, faculty, and student representatives to ensure the institute’s conduct is to the point. Any pressing issue of indiscipline is first discussed and investigated by Institue Standing Disciplinary Committee (ISDC), and depending on the magnitude of the act, the committee takes a collective decision.

The ISDC handles all major indiscipline acts by students which have serious repercussions or need a special investigation. The members of this committee play a pivotal role in investigating the complaints, searching for evidence, hearing out the accused student’s views, and recommending further actions/ punishments to the committee.

Institute Counselling Services, NIT Rourkela is a noble initiative by the current Director, Prof Animesh Biswas. This service deals with various important aspects of a student’s life. It addresses Academic, Financial, Mental and Socio-cultural issues, ensuring a seamless transition from home to hostel life for the freshmen and making life at NITR more enjoyable. The objective of ICS is to prepare the students for a confident approach towards life and to bring about a voluntary change in themselves. The goal of counselling is to help individuals overcome their immediate problems and also to equip them to meet future problems. The goals of counselling are appropriately concerned with fundamental aspects such as self-understanding and self-actualization.

The service has 8 faculty members, including the Professor in Charge, Prof. K. C. Pati apart from the student coordinators. Each coordinator has been assigned a set number of mentors who in turn take care of mentees from the freshman year. Experienced mentors interact with the newbies to bridge the Junior-Senior gap and also personal and professional support. Institute Counselling Services also has at their service a Counsellor and a Psychiatrist, who professionally deal with various student issues.

15. How are the placement opportunities for the students of NIT Rourkela? Can we get a good job after reading from NIT Rourkela?

Placements are one of the strong points of NIT Rourkela. For the academic year 2019-20, there were more than 900 offers and more than 200 companies came on campus to recruit our students. Students were recruited from various profiles like Analytics and Consulting, Automobiles, Construction, Education, Electrical/Electronics, FMCG, Manufacturing, Software/IT Services, Oil and Gas industries, UI/UX Design, etc.

To know more about the placement opportunities -

16. What is the scope of higher education after passing out from NIT Rourkela?

Many students of NIT Rourkela go for Higher studies. Students of NIT Rourkela clear many exams like GATE, GRE, TOEFL, CAT, GMAT to go for higher studies in India and abroad. To know more check these articles –

17. Please describe the minimum CGPA requirements to continue at NIT Rourkela at the end of the first year.

At the end of the first year, if a student secures-

CGPA<5.00 – The student will be terminated

5.00≤CGPA≤5.69 – Given the option to quit or repeat the first year with an undertaking from student and parents that if the student does not secure CGPA≥6.00 after repeating the first year then the student will be terminated.

5.7≤CGPA<6.00 – Allowed to go in the Slow pace program. The student will be allowed to read in the Institute but with less number of subjects in the future semesters to improve the CGPA.

CGPA≥8.00 – Can apply for a minor degree.

CGPA≥8.5 – Eligible for branch change.

18. How are the healthcare services in NIT Rourkela?

The Institute Health Centre is located in front of the REC Campus School. Attached to it is the Apollo Pharmacy store that runs 24 x 7 catering to the medical needs of the campus. The health centre is having three regular doctors and it is headed by Dr Champak Bhattacharyya. There is an ambulance to attend to any emergencies. Some visiting doctors (specialist) like Medicine, Gynecologist, Cardiologist, Pediatrics are coming to the health centre in weekdays. The health centre timings: 09.00 hr to 12.00 noon and 16.00 hr to 19.00 hr.

19. How can we opt for a minor degree at the end of the first year?

A student can apply for a Minor degree at the end of the second semester. Meritorious B. Tech and Integrated M. Sc students who have secured CGPA of 8.0 or more (without any backlogs) at the end of the first year are eligible to opt for a Minor degree out of six branches namely Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Physics and Astronomy. The total number of seats in each of the six branches is equal to 40 for availing the minor degree.


Team Monday Morning hopes that this article clears most of the doubts of first-year students. We wish all the first-year students best of luck for the year ahead.

DISCLAIMER: The content, opinions or views expressed on the Monday Morning's website and its social media platforms, including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, are strictly the property of Monday Morning and represent the extensive research and work of the working team of respective academic year of Monday Morning and not those of the institute. The reports and statements published are consolidated from the collected background research and interviews. The institute's official statements can be found in the press releases published by the institute or via an RTI application.

No article or any statements by Monday Morning is to be reproduced, presented or distributed in part or whole without prior permission of the Executive Body of Monday Morning for any purposes, including, but not limited to print and electronic form.


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