Fostering Skills With NITROAA's 'Internship & Mentoring Program'

Fostering Skills With NITROAA's 'Internship & Mentoring Program'

You learn more quickly under the guidance of experience. You search a lot going down blind alleys if you have no one to lead you.

National Institute of Technology Rourkela (NITR) Overseas Alumni Association (NITROAA) recently launched its 'Internship and Mentoring Program' to help its student members present in the USA and Canada. It is a social and educational based non-profit organization which comprises all NITR alumni living in the USA and Canada. NITROAA members have 100+ years of combined knowledge and experience and may be able to assist with possible venture/partner opportunities. It primarily focuses on special programs to benefit NIT Rourkela institute, students, faculty and alumni. The executive committee is headed by Mr John K. Korah, the President and Mr Gary Krishnan, the Vice President. 

The objective of the program:

The objective of the programme is to help them find internships by providing them with relevant information, guidance and mentorship from the prospective employers, ex-interns and senior alumni. NITROAA has a LinkedIn Page which also serves as the hub of consolidating relevant data in one platform. The management team maintains data integrity. Internship and mentoring programs complement each other. To say, it is a shared program between ex-interns and would-be interns where guidance is being provided to the interns. 

Purpose of the program: 

NITROAA aims at being a resource centre in assisting talented technical graduates in coming to the USA for higher studies. The aim behind launching this program is to help NITROAA student members find internships by providing 

The details of prospective employers 

⦁ Contact information of alumni members 

⦁ Feedback from the ex-interns 

⦁ Help to prepare applications

⦁ Monitoring by senior alumni in related areas.

How does it work? 

Basically, the program would serve as a one-stop platform for the student members to find out all the relevant information. Besides that, as NITROAA serves as the database of internship opportunities populated by various sources, mostly the senior alumni present working industry, it is a better source hub as compared to that present in websites.Info

How to avail program as a student member?

Browse this for more information and join NITROAA LinkedIn Group Page.

For NITROAA Internship Candidates

  • Review the Internship Opportunities List
  • Review Ex-Intern Experience List
  • Reach out to Ex-Interns
  • Request Preparation help from Mentors/SMEs

For NITROAA Mentoring Candidates

  • Request Mentoring in Specific Areas
  • Abide by Mentoring Program Rules

Tete-a-Tete with Vice President of NITROAA, Mr Gary Krishnan. 

Monday Morning(MM): How does NITROAA manage the demand side and supply side of the stakeholders?

Mr Gary Krishnan(GK): Right now, the organization is still growing and the needs are general and broad in the domain. Out of the total 780 members associated, most of them are senior members with around 150 student members. A lot of demand comes from different categories of employment and students facing difficulties to make the payment of tuition fees. Therefore, we have made a separate fund where donations are being collected from alumni and funds are provided to the students. Once the student gets employed, he/she can refund it back. The program is to benefit future students trying to match the supply and demand. The other area is the opportunity for internships. We are trying to address all issues to the best of our ability. Furthermore, a whole set of strategies has also been identified in NIT Rourkela administration to enhance the ranking along with funding to extend support in the arena of research and projects. 

MM: What will be the selection procedure of shortlisting students for the internship program? 

GK: It is primarily for the students who are interested in the internship and mentoring program. They have the opportunity to take the advantage of the information that we compile. Eventually, all the efforts are to be done by the students' side. We are providing them with a forum consisting of where the internships are available. Also, the students will be benefited by the experience of the ex-interns. As we roll this program more into future years, we will be having a hub of information and experience about companies like Intel, Microsoft, etc. We are also looking forward to assembling subject matter experts to guide the students. 

MM: How many members are associated with the mentoring program?

GK: Currently I'm the head or the main coordinator of the internship and mentoring program. We have a team of five other people implementing the program and several others are yet to join us. The team members are from different parts of the country so that we can get the benefit from the time zone. The team comprises Shri Hari Bade from West Coast of the USA, Sufian ABU from Central Part, Mr Giri Iyer from East coast. We also have Venkata Yachuri who spends most of his time in India and a PhD student Biswajit Dalai. As a team, we try to do our best to benefit the students. However, for any queries, I'm ready to answer them all. 

MM: What motivated you to start and how do you see this program shortly?

GK: Considering the pandemic situation prevailing, it's not a good year. Most of the students are studying from home and seniors are working from home. As a result, there is no face to face interaction or one-on-one discussion. Still, there's a lot of enthusiasm amongst the members. Let's see how it goes in the coming years. However, we haven't launched it fully as we are waiting for final comments on the internship opportunities database, as what should be asked to seniors to fill in and so on. We are currently working on it to finalize it in a couple of days. 

The team can be contacted through mail on for mentoring program and for the internship program.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.The students shouldn't consider the senior members as reference. They are only to guide and help.

Team Monday Morning wishes NITROAA great success for the Internship and Mentorship Program and the future endeavours.

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