Learning From The Best: A Webinar With Prof. B K Mishra

Learning From The Best: A Webinar With Prof. B K Mishra

Research can be a difficult path to follow and guidance in such a crucial field is of paramount importance. Getting assistance from the prominent researchers of their respective field and from someone who has been in your position is relatable and is always a boon for budding researchers as it will improve their knowledge and will also help them follow the right path in the field of research.
The NIT Rourkela Alumni Association (NITRAA) organized a highly educative webinar with Prof. BK Mishra (Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering, the batch of 1981).  Prof BK Mishra is currently serving as the esteemed Director of IIT, Goa. He has been a part of IIT Kanpur as well as held the position of Director at CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar. He has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career.

The webinar on “ROAD TO RESEARCH” took place on 3rd January at noon with an introduction of Prof. BK Mishra in the presence of alumni, Mr. Asutosh Nayak and Mr. Sandip Dasverma. The webinar commenced with a discussion about his days at NIT, Rourkela. He talked about being a very enthusiastic student with lots of interest in cultural events, sports, and many co-curricular activities and encouraged the students to do so as well to develop a multi-dimensional personality.
While describing his budding interest in research, he explained about his research internship under Prof. Sarangi at NIT Rourkela and his hands-on experience with different equipments there. He explained about the growth Indian laboratories have undergone in a few decades and now, are second to none in the world. As a result, the percentage of students applying for research internships at foreign universities has reduced due to the availability of more efficient equipment in Indian labs.  Elaborating more about the process, he informed the students about various scholarships available for them like , especially about the PMRF Scheme (Prime Minister’s Research Fellow scheme).  Prof. Mishra exclaimed,

The element of sacrifice, an eminent characteristic, is a quality ingrained in a student of NIT, Rourkela.

Answering the question about the qualities to have as a student to excel in the field of research, Prof. Mishra explained ,

Importance of learning various analytical skills as well as having practical knowledge about the tools and equipment associated with one’s studies as the most essential skills to be proficient in the research field.

When asked about his opinion on foreign internships, he advised the students to never let an opportunity slip away if they are self-propelled and motivated to research whether be it in India or abroad. He informed the audience about many scholarships such as the DAAD program which provides internships at European universities as well as about other sandwich programs.
As a word of advice for the audience he encouraged students to,

believe in themselves and take responsibility as well as have full knowledge about the course of action they follow, respect people who are more knowledgeable , and most importantly,surround themselves with an erudite company to discuss science and development.

Questions from the audience were acknowledged towards the end of the webinar. The answers given by Prof. Mishra included the process for beginners to learn more about research and how to apply early for it; ideas about the advantageous exploration of virtual labs and motivating students to start something on their own on limited investment. He notified students about various competitions organized by many companies to collect funding for new startups and also elaborated about projects done for Ph.D. as very good ideas for startups. The webinar concluded with a vote of thanks to Prof. BK Mishra for giving his precious time and the audience for their enthusiastic presence.

These online webinars are surely the best possible way to share ideas and disseminate knowledge during covid situations with travel restrictions. Team MM wishes for the successful organization of such informative events in the future as well. 

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