'Capturing' Imagination: Degree361 Writes

'Capturing' Imagination: Degree361 Writes

Guest Author | Jan 11, 2021

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From the Team of Degree361, a heartfelt note on the event of the release of NIT Rourkela’s official magazine- CAPTURE:

Dear viewers, readers, literature enthusiasts, callous browsers and page flippers. We are Team Degree361, the official magazine of NIT Rourkela, and we have continued to capture the essence of our campus life in our illustrious, annual print issue for years.

Our legacy inculcated a sense of vigour and ambition as we approached the new year of 2020, with pen-tabs, brushes, papers, pencils, keyboards. We huddled around the tea stall and pulled off all-nighters at TIIR to compile the best of the best, the prettiest of the prettiest aspects of our beloved college, on paper. Papers that we hoped to see being flipped around campus corridors and embellishing hostel walls. And we wished to surprise you in your rooms by slipping our little treasures surreptitiously under your doors! But it wasn’t to be, as the pandemic sent us all packing.

As the year wore on, the chances of returning grew slimmer and slimmer. However, our zeal to showcase the imagination of our peers never waned. So, when the tumultuous, uncertain times began to take a toll on all the students, we decided to bring you the perfect antidote, that is the talent, creativity and hard work of the NIT Rourkela Janata, in digital form.

Flip through the pages of Capture, our 2020 Spring edition and admire the masterpieces that the poets, artists, designers, writers and photographers have contributed, to share a nostalgia-filled slice of NIT Rourkela life from your homes.

Also, while the world has tossed and turned through quarantine, we at D361 have been brewing a plethora of surprises for you, with an amazing new website and a digital Spring 2021 issue in store!

Reach out to us with all comments, opinions, views and suggestions and submissions without any hesitation at xpress.d361@gmail.com. Stay tuned, stay creative!

Link here

P.S. Laptop screens are suggested for the best experience!

- Editors in Chief at Degree361

Check out Monday Morning’s Magazine section for the preview (here)

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