All You Need To Know About SURGE (IIT Kanpur) Internship Program

All You Need To Know About SURGE (IIT Kanpur) Internship Program

Utkarsh Singh | Feb 22, 2021

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IIT Kanpur invites applications for Students-Undergraduate Research Graduate Excellence (SURGE) program for summer internships. The program was introduced in 2006 to focuse research projects and push students intellectual abilities beyond those driven by the classroom. Due to COVID-19, SURGE Internship Program 2021 has been converted into Online Mode. The program has been opened to UG students from IITK and other participating institutes of India and also for NEPAL and BHUTAN. A maximum of 04 students from NEPAL + BHUTAN may be allowed to participate in the SURGE program for the upcoming summer of 2021. SURGE Program will also be made open to students from other selected countries on limited sponsorship. 

Time of Application:

1. Opening of Online application form – 2nd February 2021.
2. Closing of Online application form - 22nd February 2021.

Note: All these dates are applicable for all 3 categories (NON IITK, IITK, SAARC).

The candidates can visit the website for more details.

Duration of the program :

The duration is approximately 10 weeks and the beginning date of SURGE program is 14th June, 2021 and last date is 22nd August, 2021.


1. SURGE for Non-IITK Indian Students:

Under this program, Non-IITK students will be eligible to apply for summer project at IIT Kanpur. This year SURGE is open for all colleges. The eligibility criteria for Non-IITK students at the time of starting of internship are mentioned below:

a). B.Tech/BE/B.Arch/BS (3rd year completed),

b). Five-year degree program (3rd year completed, 4th year completed)

c). B.Sc/B.A. (2nd year completed)

d). MSc. 2nd Year (1st year completed)

Interested students need to complete the online application form.

2. SURGE for IITK students:

In this program, IITK students are given an opportunity to work with a chosen mentor at IITK. In order to complete the application, it is necessary for the student to identify a professor who agrees to be his/her mentor during the summer period, and a suitable project to pursue for the 08 weeks in summer.

Eligibility criteria for IITK students at the time of starting of internship are:

a). B.Tech/BS (2nd,3rd year completed),

b). Dual Degree (2nd, 3rd, 4th year),

c). M.Sc. 2-Year (1st year)

The students need to submit the following:

  • Research Proposal not more than 500 words.
  • Current Transcript.
  • Two signed recommendation letters from Professors as per the format given. Recommendation Letter.
  • One signed letter of Mentor Certification from Professor as per the format given. Certificate from Mentor.

Note: This year for online application SURGE implementation committee has relaxed the condition of submitting two Letter of Recommendations to complete the online application form. This year IITK student can submit only one letter of recommendation. While applying online they can put recommender one details in recommender two and complete the online application form.

3. SURGE for Other Countries

The eligibility criteria for students at the time of starting of internship from other countries to apply for summer project at IIT Kanpur are mentioned below:

a). B.Tech/BE/B.Arch/BS (3rd year completed),

b). Five-year degree program (3rd year completed, 4th year completed)

c).  B.Sc/B.A. (2nd year completed)


The students should have the following items ready before filling the online application form.

1. Recent Passport size photograph in jpg format not more than 1MB.

2. A single file in PDF format not more than 3 MB containing Research Proposal not more than 500 words.

3. A single file in PDF format not more than 1 MB containing Recommendation Letter-1 of any faculty who belongs to the applicant's institute.

4. A single file in PDF format not more than 1 MB containing Recommendation Letter-2 of any faculty who belongs to the applicant’s institute.

Note: There is no fixed format for the recommendation letter under this category but the letter should be on the applicants' institute letterhead or the respective faculty member's letterhead undersigned by that concerned faculty member who is familiar with the applicant’s academic work. SURGE Office will directly contact the recommenders for verification of recommendation letters.

Application and Administrative Charges :

The applicants (Non-IITK Indian Student) shall be required to pay the application fee (Non-refundable) of 500 INR through Payment Gateway. 

The shortlisted SURGE 2021 participants are required to pay the SURGE administrative charges of 900 INR. Detailed announcement regarding SURGE administrative charges will be made later. The SURGE administrative charges are not refundable.


Funding from SURGE (Institute Funded): Students working under "Funding from SURGE" only at IITK receive a stipend of Rs 12,500/- for 08 weeks duration.

Funding from IITK Project (Project Funded): This will provide an opportunity to the students, to work on projects which will be funded by faculty members of IIT Kanpur.

Self Funded: This will provide an opportunity to the students, to work on projects of faculty members of IIT Kanpur but would not be receiving any funding at all.

This will provide an opportunity to the students, as individuals or in teams, to work on real-world projects proposed by the industry with mentors from both IIT Kanpur and the industry. The student stipend is to be paid by the industry. In SURGE 2021, only IIT Kanpur students can participate under the Industry-IITK tie-up.

A fixed stipend will be given only to students working under the “Institute funding i.e. funding from SURGE”, not for Project, self or Industry tie-up internship categories. An award plus a commendation certificate will be given to those SURGE students who would produce exceptional quality research during the period.

The participants are required to give a mid-term presentation after four weeks, to a review committee consisting of a group of academic staff members. The review committee gives feedback and suggests possible improvements in the work. At the end of the program, all the SURGE students make a poster presentation of the work carried out at IITK. The poster presentation is open to the public. It is also evaluated by faculty members.


Siddhant Nayak, a current final year student from the Department of Civil Engineering, was among the ones to be selected for this prestigious summer internship program in the year 2020. Click here to know about his experience in detail.

Click here to know more about the internship experience from the past interns.

Best wishes to the interns for their future endeavours and good luck to applicants for the current year.

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