Deciphering The VR Story: Epreuve 4.0

Deciphering The VR Story: Epreuve 4.0

The Diamond jubilee celebrations in late January marked the start of a new phase in NIT Rourkela's history. As promised in the diamond jubilee celebrations, various competitions and events would be conducted for the students of NITR. And what better way was a competition like Epreuve 4.0 to kickstart the string of events that lay ahead for NIT Rourkela students.

What is Epreuve 4.0?

Epreuve 4.0, the annual flagship event of Cyborg (The Robotics and Automation club of NIT Rourkela), was an online tech hunt conducted from 26th February to 28th February 2021. Epreuve 4.0 was the first student organised event under the Diamond Jubilee celebration of NIT Rourkela. The theme of this year’s Epreuve was Virtual Reality (VR). It was a perfect combination of basic science, technology, and cryptic art, which aimed to keep the mind-boggling for the entire span of 48 hours. The event coordinators were Ishaan Desai (Pre-Final year student of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering) and Swagatika Biswal (Pre-Final year student of the Department of Electrical Engineering).

With around 1100+ participants from all over India, the event saw three extraordinary people who succeeded in accomplishing the event's tasks and successfully emerged as winners. The winners will be rewarded with cash prizes worth 6000, 4000, 2000 INR, respectively. The winners of each level will be awarded gift hampers.

The event was sponsored by NoticeBard (Publicity Partner), E-Odisha (Publicity Partner), Fastech Fashion (Merchandise Partner) and Ratna Technology (Web Partner).

Event Rules

  1. The game involved a story divided into 21 levels with 150 marks distributed overall in increasing order of difficulty levels. Priority marking will be awarded to the participants answering first, and then the subsequent reduction will be there in the marks, with rewards at each level.
  2. Each level revolves around a sub-plot of the story with some technical challenges attached to it.
  3. The participant must solve the challenge to get to the next level, where the next part will be revealed.
  4. There is no limitation on the number of attempts made by a user.
  5. There is a unique solution to every question.
  6. Help can be asked in the comment section of the gaming platform.
  7. Users posting direct answers will be banned from using the comment section (may be banned from the game if answers of higher levels).


The event kickstarted on Friday, 26th February at 6 pm on the website build by Team Cyborg. The link to the website can be found here. The game saw initially many participants going past the easy levels within no time. But with increased difficulty, the progress of the participants in this mind-boggling tech hunt slowed down. The organisers gave away hints regularly so that the participants could easily solve the questions with ease.

With the strict marking schemes, the leaderboard saw many changes from level 1 to level 21. Ultimately the tech hunt came to an end on Sunday evening as the participants decoded the final question and answered it.

The winners of the event were Aneesh Gupta (NIT Rourkela), Ankit Mohanty (NIT Rourkela) and Amanjeet Pani (NIT Rourkela), whose hard work and perseverance in decoding the storyline paid off.

The Winners of each level too were announced at the end of the event.

Aneesh Gupta (2nd year CSE Undergraduate of NIT Rourkela), the winner of Epreuve 4.0, had the following to say after his remarkable run at the competition-

I got to know many things about VR since it was the theme. It was quite a wonderful experience for me, wherein the major thing to be kept in mind was to answer quickly and try to be in the quickest persons to answer as the deduction of points was there if some persons have already answered. So speed was quite a significant factor. And overall, I was really happy that the work I did for the competition paid off.

Chirag Ghosh, a CSE undergraduate of IIT Kharagpur who was a winner of one of the level, had to say this about the event-

I came to know about Epreuve from one of my friends in NIT Rourkela. At once, I got interested and decided to give it a try and give my best. Bored with the online classes, this was a great way to spend some quality time. The whole 48 hours I spent was great—a great mind crunching session. Watching your entered answer getting accepted gives a great pleasure!  Also, I learned about many different kinds of stuff related to Virtual Reality in a unique way. I would suggest anyone interested in technology try Epreuve out. Waiting eagerly for Epreuve 5.0!

Words from the Coordinators

Team Cyborg has been very successful and productive in this academic year regarding event organisation, achievements, and peers' response, and Epreuve 4.0 was a perfect amalgamation of perfect coordination, management and creativity. This is what Ishaan Desai, one of the coordinators of the event, had to say about the event-

It was an outstanding experience to work for such an event. I was part of both the web team and the management team., so my main focus was to keep the event as audience-centric as possible, i.e. to maintain a consistent UI on the website so that the participants does not face any difficulty while playing the game. So we had to keep in mind to reach out to as many people as possible so that participants get an idea of the event, and we can also increase our registrations. We used the Campus Ambassador programs and also used Dare2Compete to publicise our events.

We faced many problems on the way since this was the first time Epreuve was being conducted independently. Previously, it was conducted as a Pre-Inno event. But thanks to our team's hard work and our wonderful mentors' guidance, everything worked out exactly as planned.

Team MM congratulates Team Cyborg for successfully organising 'Epreuve 4.0' and hopes such events are conducted more in the near future for the benefit of the student community.

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