ASME's HPVC Accomplishment

ASME's HPVC Accomplishment

Apoorv Sharma Mahamaya Mishra | Mar 22, 2021

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The mark of success has embellished the legacy of NIT Rourkela yet again. This time through the means of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. In a global competition of crafting a Human Powered Vehicle  (HPV), the team of ASME club NIT Rourkela participated as Bluestreak 8.0 and among 79 tough competitors, came out on top owing to the diligence and overall coordination of the team.

It is to be noted that the results have been declared for the Critical Design Review Challenge (CDR). The feat includes bagging the first rank overall Indian colleges while gaining the third rank worldwide. The results of the Innovation Challenge would be let out soon.

Previously the team named BLUESTREAK 6.0, took part in ASME EFest Asia Pacific held in March 2019 at VIT, Vellore. The team manufactured and tested the HPV and took part in the competition and bagged the 9th position in the Endurance race and an overall 13th position among 50 participating teams.

The team

About the competition

ASME’s Human Powered Vehicle Challenge is an engineering design and innovation competition that gives students the opportunity to network and apply engineering principles through the design, fabrication, and racing of human-powered vehicles. The first HPVC competition was hosted in 1983 at the University of California, Davis, and was won by California State University, Chico.

Any individual that is currently a full-time student, enrolled for the next upcoming semester, or has been enrolled for the previous semester, but graduated no earlier than six months prior to the competition date, is eligible to participate in the ASME HPVC competition. Participation is open to eligible students globally.

HPV 2019

The teams were judged on the basis of General (5marks), Design (15), Analysis (25), and Presentation delivery (10) scores. It is worth mentioning that Bluestreak 8.0 scored a total of 45.30 out of 55 for this feat.

The Journey in the words of the Captain 

The captain of the team, Arun Mohapatra, remarked:

“Like any other team, business or firm we also faced a lot of problems in the initial days because of the global pandemic. The online mode made communication and knowledge transfer difficult. Then the team stepped up with the declaration of the rulebook and competition dates for the new session. 

As this time it was virtual, the budget constraint was removed. We just had to give our best in mechanical designing and analysis. We started on it very early, to get enough time for optimal design decisions and able to iterate the design to get the best results. Team management improved every day, we achieved our milestones on time and research and simulation got enough time to ensure proper justification of every aspect.”

The team 2021

He further added:

“On Jan 26, we submitted the design report and gave a 10 mins design presentation to the ASME International Judges on Feb 27. There itself we received good feedback from the judges. The other teams there were also great at their approach and some had excellent presentation and delivery.

Finally, the results were out at around 10 p.m. IST on 16th March '21. This result was beyond our expectations. Securing 3rd position across the globe was like a dream come true for all the members of our team. We were able to keep up the legacy of our team and this time breaking all the previous records. We had super enthusiastic members who kept on working and improving the designs, they were all so much self-motivated. We would love to thank our seniors who were always there to guide us. The efforts put here by each member deserved such a great result.”

Since last year ASME was not able to take part in the HPV Challenge but took part in the SAE Efficycle and bagged overall 6th position. The team is currently preparing for an old guard competition and elevator pitch competition that is going to be held in April.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the team and wishes ASME all the best for all future endeavors ahead.

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