Lets Talk Water: Hydro-2020 International Conference

Lets Talk Water: Hydro-2020 International Conference

Priyasha Das Aishwarya Nanda | Mar 29, 2021

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Glorifying the celebrations of the diamond jubilee year, NIT Rourkela hosted the 25th International Conference on "Hydraulics, Water Resources, and Coastal Engineering" from 26th - 28th March 2021. The conference, organised by the Department of Civil Engineering, was conducted under the Indian Societies for Hydraulics (ISH) aegis. It intended to provide a platform to professionals, academicians, and researchers in water resources to deliberate and share their ideas on hydraulics, hydrology, water resources, and coastal engineering issues. An ensemble of top Professors and Scientists from several reputed national and international organisations participated in deliberating on various contemporary issues related to the subject.


Monday morning brings you the highlights of the conference and insights into the national and international participation witnessed.

The outset

The live stream of the inauguration from the Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium on Youtube started at around 10 AM. The welcome note from the Co-organizing Secretary Prof. S.N. Sahoo expressed gratitude to ISH for the opportunity to host the silver jubilee year of Hydro-2020 International Conference. The ceremony was elevated with the presence of dignitaries, who joined via virtual mode, including:

  • Chief Guest, Prof. Chittaranjan Roy (Director, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)
  • Guest of honour, Dr Mrutyunjay Mohapatra (Director General, India Meteorological Department), known as 'Cyclone Man of India'.
  • Prof. M.C. Deo (President, ISH & Professor of IIT Bombay)
  • Dr L. R. Rangnath (Secretary, ISH)



The gathering was, after that, addressed by Prof. K. K. Khatua, the organising secretary. He highlighted the attributes of the conference that had received 505 abstracts, 350+ full papers on themes of Hydraulics and Water Resources.

We are confident that the programme will provide an opportunity for direct information exchange among the participants. The future direction of research, fieldwork, consultancy work, modelling work can be derived from mutual discussions and analysis through this program. We hope that the discussions, presentations, and outcomes during this conference will provide positive results and help guide our water resources management efficiently.

Prof. Mahavir Panda (HOD of the Department of Civil Engineering, NITR), the patron, spoke about the achievements of the department. As one of the pioneering departments of the institute, it is actively involved in various conferences, short term courses, continue graduation activities, research and consultancy projects, which form a significant proportion of resource generation.

Prof. Pradip Kumar Das (registrar, NIT Rourkela), the patron, underlined the theme and highlighted the potent high-value equipment resource of NIT Rourkela. He talked about the sharing of these facilities through I-STEM, wherein researchers can take advantage of it.

Dr L. R. Rangnath (Secretary, ISH), co-organising secretary, preceded upon to brief about activities and objectives of ISH. ISH is a technical, educational, non-profiteering national organisation that helps technical personnel stay abreast with the latest development in hydraulics by organising regular meets, seminars, and symposiums whilst recognising their work through awards.

Prof. M.C. Deo (President, ISH & Professor of IIT Bombay), the chairman, expressed his delight over NIT Rourkela taking the initiative to organise the conference. Prof. K. C. Patra (Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Rourkela), the chairman, attributed the eventual success of the conference to the quality and scope of the articulate programmes covering the latest trends in the topics.

Thereafter, the conference’s souvenir was released by all the dignitaries, which was a moment to behold. The guest of honour, Dr Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, the Director-General of India Meteorological Department, preceded to stress the fact of water-related hazards accounting for 80% of the disasters facing India. He suggested the application of science and engineering to maximise utility and minimise threats to water resources. This could be done by storing monsoon water by constructing dams and barrages for use in non-monsoon periods. He also explained how the scientist from IMD, the Central Water Commission, the coastal engineering specialist and the Indian Society of Hydraulics could collaborate and work in tandem to better society.

The chief guest Prof Chittaranjan Ray, Director, Nebraska water Centre, University of Nebraska, USA, shed light on Odisha being the worst sufferer in floods and cyclones. He emphasised the need to integrate engineering with the socio-economic condition in India's changing scenario-a-vis the increasing water requirement. He recognised and credited the two engineering institutes, Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT), Burla and NIT Rourkela, to provide the skilled workforce for dam building, flood protection, irrigation, and hydropower.

As a token of appreciation, Prof. S. K. Patel and Prof. P. K Das felicitated the chief guest and guest of honour, respectively, with a memento.

Disseminating contributions: Annual ISH Awards Ceremony

Dr L.R.Raghunath presented the annual ISH awards:

1.ISH lifetime achievement award was conferred to a renowned professor from IIT Roorkee, Prof. Nayan Sharma. He has presented with a citation, a shawl, and a token amount of Rs. 10000.

The Thanking note read- I would like to give my deepest gratitude to Hydraulics for giving me this award this year. This award would propel me to work further on hydraulics. I want to donate my cash prize to the ISH for further development and research activities for the cause of hydraulics, of which I am a life long student.

2. S.N. Gupta memorial lecture award was bagged by Prof. Manish Kumar Goyal of IIT Indore for his lecture on Ecosystem Resilience of the Indian River Basins. He was presented with a certificate and a token amount of Rs. 5000.

3.Prof. R.G. Garde Research Award was conferred to Prof. P.V. Timbadiya and Prof. RAAJ Ramsanskaran. The award consisted of a trophy, a certificate, and a token amount of Rs. 20,000.

A thank you note from Prof. P.V. Timbadiya read- I am highly honoured to get this award. I met Prof. R.G. Garde in Pune and impressed by his enthusiasm to guide young minds in hydraulics engineering. I dedicate this award to my spiritual guru HDH mahant swami Maharaj and my parents. I want to donate this cash to the corpus of ISH.

A thank you note from Prof. RAAJ Ramsankaran read- I am humbled and honoured to receive this award. I want to donate the cash to Prof. U.C. Kothyari best thesis (award) corpus funds.

4. The Jal Vigyan Purashkar award went to Shri V.S. Ramarao, Dr M.R. Bhajantri, Prof Sachin Dhiman and Prof. Kahnu C. Patra. The award consisted of a trophy, a certificate and a token amount of Rs. 5000.

A thank you note from Shri V.S. Ramarao, Dr M.R. Bhajantri read – We accept and acknowledge the award. We owe our sincere thanks to ISH for selecting our research paper titled-Performance of Modified spillway for heightened gravity dam. We want to donate this cash prize to any two SC/ST meritorious students of B.E./B.Tech in civil engineering, NIT Rourkela.

5. U.C. Kothyari award for best PhD thesis award 2020 went to Dr Priyank J. Sharma of SVNIT, Surat, Dr Vinnarasi R of IIT Delhi. The award consisted of a certificate and a token amount of Rs. 10000.

6.U.C. Kothyari award for best M.Tech thesis award 2020 went to Diksha Gupta, IIT Delhi, Shri SaroshAlamGhausi, IIT Bombay, Shri Alok Kumar, IIT Kanpur. The award consisted of a certificate and a token amount of Rs. 5000.

7. G.M. NawathePuraskar for the best paper presented in HYDRO 2019 went to Shubham Tiwari and Brijesh Kumar Yadav; Manoj Sood and Sunil Kumar; Chandni Thakur; Deepak Swami and Sahil Sharma Saloni Deshpande; Bhaskar R. Nigam; Vaibhav Garg and Mararuchi Mohapatra. The award consisted of a certificate and a token amount of Rs. 3000.

8. ISH journal reviewer award 2020 went to Prof. B.S. Mazumdar, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. Shri R.M. Khatsuria, CWPRS Pune, Prof. Soumendra K. Muzumdar, Delhi College of Engineering, Dr Vaibhav Garg, IIRS Dehradun. The award consisted of a memento and a token amount of Rs. 5000.

Prof KK Khatua delivered the vote of thanks.

S. N. Gupta Memorial Lecture

Prof Manish Kumar Goyal was invited to deliver the S.N. Gupta memorial lecture on the Indian River Basins' Ecosystem Resilience. He started by mentioning the consequences faced by the River Basins due to drought. He said the motivation for working on this issue. He showed the areas of study to be focused primarily on the resilience of the river basins. Further, the Data be used for research was displayed on the screen. He shared the methodologies adopted to improve the strength of the ecosystem. After that, the results of the ecosystem resilience was showed on the net. The lecture ended with analysing the Water Used efficiency(WUE) and how this resilience improved the WUEs.


Delving into highlights: Sessions, speakers, participants

For the final presentation, 290 papers were scheduled in 5 technical programmes, each containing six parallel sessions. Ten speakers were invited from top universities of the USA and other countries abroad. The conference witnessed 24 keynote speakers, primarily drawn from IISs, Bangalore, IITs and NITS, 58 session chairs, and 282 registered participants to present their research papers.

The conference was scheduled as given below:


The three days conference witnessed each of the keynote speakers, under a parallel session, deliberating on a specific topic concerning Hydrology and ten papers being presented by researchers under the said topic. The session was held in Webex, and the meeting link and agenda with the properly-outlined timeslot were shared with the participants.

The details of the invited speakers and keynote speaker and their topic of discussion were as follows:

Invited Talks:

Keynote Talks:

Assessing outcomes: The way forward

A souvenir of the silver jubilee Hydro-2020 containing all the accepted abstracts was produced. All the 290 registered papers have been planned to be published in a book of proceedings to mark the renowned occasion. From each parallel session maintained theme-wise, one work will be selected as the best paper and another as the best presentation. The initiative has been taken to publish the chosen paper in a journal or book chapter in a reputed publisher.

Monday Morning congratulates the organising committee for the successful conduct of the conference.

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