Inquizzitive's Prowess At Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2021

Inquizzitive's Prowess At Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2021

Another Tata Crucible, another massive win for NIT Rourkela. Stretching out its legacy for times, Inquizzitive, the official quizzing club of NIT Rourkela, embellishes a sound unit of consistency and diligence to emerge as one of the institute's most flourishing and profitable clubs. 'Tata Crucible - The Campus Quiz’ seeks to bring together the sharpest young minds to take on the heat of the country’s largest business quiz. For the first virtual format of the Campus Quiz, the country was divided into 24 clusters.

In the words of revered quizmaster Giri Balasubramanium (popularly known as Pickbrain) for NIT Rourkela, 

A very good quizzing institution that continues to be on the prize list every year.

Based on pre-defined scoring parameters, up to the top 100 scorers from Level 1, All India Prelims from each of the 24 clusters at the backend will qualify for Level 2 Prelims. Top 12 scorers from Level 2 Prelims will be invited for their respective cluster finals after due verification. Each cluster final will consist of wild card round(s) and final round with the top 6 contestants and an overall winner and runner-up.

On a fine Tuesday afternoon of 23rd March 2021, Ms Rashmi Furtado, a familiar personality with these youngsters, put them to ease on the digital platform. She quizzed them on an array of subjects on two wild card rounds leading to the six finalists.

Cluster Finalists were:

  • AIIMS Bhubaneswar - Adarsh Kumar Mohapatra

  • NIT Rourkela - Dibyam Debasish Sahu

  • CET Bhubaneswar - Ankit Singh

  • NIT Rourkela - Chinmay Mohanty

  • NIT Rourkela - Chandrachud Pati

  • MKCG MCH Berhampur - Siba Prasad Reddy

Along with the three finalists from NIT Rourkela, Dibya Prakash Mohanty (2019 Tata Crucible Runners-up) also made it to the wild card round 1.

The finale hosted by Pickbrain was a quite interesting and absorbing battle of speed and strategy. Adarsh Kumar Mohapatra and Dibyam Debasish Sahu were at loggerheads from the very beginning, with exactly the same scores till the halfway mark. Chinmay Mohanty and Chandrachud Pati came up with some brilliant answers in the middle phases of the quiz but could not sustain the momentum. It all came back to Adarsh and Dibyam, with the latter now leading as the quiz went into the final round.

It was not until the final two questions that the aspiring doctor came back with a bang to draw level with Dibyam. In the tiebreaker that followed, Adarsh got the better of Dibyam to clinch the title. 

Ms Sarita Mishra, Center Head - TCS Bhubaneswar, appreciated the contestants for adapting to the new medium of quizzing and spoke of the importance of openness to change. She underlined how, under difficult circumstances, people need to learn to adapt and be agile.

Bagging a cash prize of 18000 INR, the runner-up of the Cluster 21, Dibyam Debasish Sahu, expressed-

Last year was supposed to be my first time at this prestigious quiz, but owing to the pandemic everything went to a standstill. Both the wildcard round and the finals went down to the wire. Competing with some of the best quizzers from Odisha, I'm honoured as well as ecstatic to have finished on the podium.

Success and hardship always go hand in hand. Preparing for such national level quizzes requires sheer determination and constant efforts. This is what Dibyam had to say regarding his preparation journey-

Being one of India's largest and most prestigious quizzes, the preparation was definitely intense. It included being well versed with all recent business & technological developments along with a thorough knowledge of the histories & origins of famous business entities. This quiz sponsored by the Tata group, I read about them specifically, which helped me score points in the event. 

Adding to that, the other finalist, Chandrachud Pati, said:

The weekly quizzing sessions that we have had in past and continued in the online mode were a starting point for us in the Business quiz preparation. Tips and inputs from seniors like Chinmay Mohanty and Dibya Prakash Mohanty definitely guided us in our preparations.

Chinmay Mohanty, runners-up Tata Crucible 2019 and ex-President of Inquizzitive, shared his experience:

Earlier it had always been a live one, and our NITR contingents used to travel to Ranchi. NITR has had a history of winning the Ranchi regionals for the past 6-7 years. So, we definitely missed the thrill and feel of a live quiz. This being my last shot at the Biggest College Quiz of India as a college student, I feel a bit bummed not to finish at the top. However, I am glad that the juniors did well and have a strong chance in the coming years. At the same time, I feel proud to have represented NITR in several quizzes. As it was online, we participated as individuals. Whereas earlier, we used to play with a partner, which is fun in a quiz. Moreover, the online quiz has its shares of issues like internet connectivity etc. But again, the Tatas took so much effort to make it happen. So yeah, a lot of different experiences this time.

The club members showed excellent cooperation and motivation to participate in online quizzing events. Team MM went on to talk with Aman Kumar Samal, the President of Inquzzitive, who summarises the clubs’ progress this year.

During the pandemic, we've conducted various quizzes and won multiple accolades. Adding to our great performance at Tata Crucible, 

  • S.P. Santanu and Satyaranjan Mallick made it to the National semifinals of the Rajagiri National Business Quiz 2021.

  • Inquizzitive conducted a national level quiz Qu-E-rious on Dare2Compete(D2C) Online Quizzing Festival 6 on 12th March. The quiz saw nearly 10000 participants and appreciation from quizzers all over the country.

  • Inquizzitive conducted quizzes on various genres twice a week on its Instagram page throughout the lockdown. This also saw active and enthusiastic participation.

  • We keep on conducting club quiz sessions online to avoid missing out on sessions due to the pandemic.

Team Monday Morning congratulates Inquizzitive for their grand victory at the tournament and wishes them good luck for all the future endeavours.

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