Acing The Placement Season: Bajaj Auto

Acing The Placement Season: Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto is one of India’s largest automobile pioneers in the world market. It is the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of motorcycles and the largest manufacturer of three-wheelers. Bajaj Auto is one of the top-priority recruiters which visits NIT Rourkela for campus placements annually. This academic year (2020-21), four students from different UG program branches were recruited in Bajaj Auto. Three students were recruited from the Placement season, while one bagged a coveted PPO from the internship season.

Team Monday Morning caught up with the recruits of Bajaj Auto for the academic year 2020-21 as they unravel their preparation strategies and interview experiences.

Department of Electrical Engineering

Aaditya Kumar

Placement Experience

The placement experience overall was quite good. There were three rounds overall, i.e. the Online Test(OT) followed by the Technical Interview and HR round. In the online test round, we were asked questions on Quantitative aptitude, Verbal ability and English. The questions of English were focussed more on Vocabulary and Comprehension Types questions. Additionally, there was another section that consisted of questions of Technical Questions based on our Departmental Subjects.

This was followed by the Technical Round, which spanned for 45 mins. The interviewers asked me questions regarding the Control system and basic questions of the Electronics and Network theory. Most of the questions, however, were application-based questions rather than theoretical. 

Preparation Strategy

For the Aptitude section in the Online test, I followed websites like India bix. Speaking of English, you need to have a good hold over the Vocabulary section of English to effectively answer the questions. To excel in the section comprising core electrical subjects, one can follow class notes and easily fetch a good score. 

Since we had a lot of time at around 3-4 months for our preparation for placement season, I utilised the time to learn various concepts in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The latest trend in the Automobile sector is Self Driving Cars which involves various concepts of ML and AI. So projects involving such domain helped me a lot. Moreover, if one needs to crack a job in the Automobile sector, one needs to have a stronghold over subjects like Control Systems and Electronics. 

Moreover, students aiming for a job in the Automobile sector have much greater chances of bagging a job if they have experience working in clubs like TRR and BMR.

Success Mantra

I didn’t focus much on others preparations rather focus more on my own preparations. I didn’t overthink during my preparation. Rather I concentrated on one aspect and tried to accomplish it. Many people try to master a lot of things but end up achieving a lot less. Although I wouldn’t say I was a good student, I put a lot of efforts into this placement season. Moreover, I would advise everyone to accept what they don’t know about in an interview rather than bluffing answers in front of the interviewer. And if possible, always try to ask questions to the interviewers at the end if you are given a choice to do so.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Vaibhav Vilas Bamnote

Placement experience :

Bajaj Auto is one of the highly anticipated core companies for mechanical engineers, which means kindred preparation for the same. The process started at the end of September, which took only two days ( First Day - OT and shortlist, the next day both Technical and HR interviews), giving less time to prepare in between. Still, the positive thing was we got four days between the date of application and OT day, so we had enough time to prepare.

This season the whole process was online due to the pandemic, so surrounding and uninterrupted internet connection plays a testing role. Relative to previous paranoia of unsuccessful OTs, this test went good which gave me sufficient confidence to prepare for Interviews after the test.

In the technical interview, I was asked about a Mechanical design question. Furthermore, Questions were asked about the projects and work experience which I had done.

If you are thorough with core topics related to academic subjects and projects, technical interview questions cant boggle you much. 

In the HR interview, I was asked one guesstimate question along with some HR-related questions.

Placement preparation

For the Aptitude test, I practised important aptitude topics. In the case of Aptitude(Quantitative and Logical reasoning), where you need to ‘solve’ all questions within a short time, the flow matters. So it’s always important to be in touch with these topics a day before the Online test.

When it comes to Technical test, the preparation strategy needs to be changed. For the Technical test, I prepared for core mechanical subjects – Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, Thermodynamics, Fluid dynamics and most important IC engines.

The most important part of a Technical Interview is the CV. I had done some research projects and technical mini-projects, so I revised all those course contents and projects. It’s like relearning those technical things which you’ve already done in your engineering life.

For the HR interview, I went through commonly asked HR questions, but you can’t depend on ‘textbook’ style preparation for the HR interview; it’s always better to be prepared for unexpected questions with a poised mindset.

Success Mantra

From my experience, perseverance and self-analysis play a crucial role in how you accept failure and prepare for new opportunities with the evolved approach. In academics, numbers matters, but when you’re in the final year of your engineering, you can’t change what’s already done in terms of numbers. How you learn from those setbacks through self-analysis is what makes the difference.

It happens with all of us that we prepare for a certain opportunity with total effort, but still, the results are unexpected, which can be a bit demotivating, but there’s always room for improvement no matter how hard you prepared for the last time. Detaching from the previous experience and learning what can be improved/what more could have been done changes the line of course.


Placement Experience

Regarding the online test of BAJAJ auto, the Technical section had difficult questions like

  • Finding out the available energy obtained in a steady flow process
  • Finding the deflection in a Simply supported beam with a moment acting at the centre (Can be easily solved by Castigliano's theorem)
  • Finding out shear stress in a laminar flow through pipes.

There were also moderate questions like finding out the entropy change of ideal gas and converting specific humidity to relative humidity when saturation pressure is given.

But the majority of questions were of easy levels like simple force and moment balance equations, and finding stress in a bar with given external force, IC Engine Cycles (Otto and Diesel and dual), Over square and under square engines etc.

The interview round was very short for me. Sometimes short interviews indicate that the panel is very well convinced about your level of preparation, so students should not worry about this. Students should be prepared as, In the interview, the first question from SOM has to be Theory of Failures.

It was followed by the Technical and HR round of interview. No one was eliminated in the HR round this year.

The most critical question of the HR round will be, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Never ever mention higher studies or family business in your answer, else the panel will start laughing at you and show you the back door. I lost Exxon Mobil at the last minute, exactly at this point!

Placement Preparations

Having sound technical knowledge is the key to getting placed with confidence. I have appeared for many online tests by this time, both for myself and my friends (thanks to Covid-19). I have never missed clearing a single one of them throughout the placement season, except for Schneider Electric of technical issues with my laptop. 

I cracked GATE at AIR 213 (Stream: Mechanical Engineering) this year with 82.34 marks (Normalised to 80.56). I always wanted to share the unseen journey to this side of the table with everyone.

I am attaching the list of all these exceptional personalities and links to their video lectures on YouTube, whom I used to follow during my preparation. I request all my juniors to follow them and share them and boost their technical knowledge and level of preparation so that this placement season becomes a cakewalk for you.

Placement Materials

Fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

SOM, TOM, EM, Machine design Theory of failure

Theory of Machines

Production Engineering

Machine design

Industrial engineering

Fluid Machines



Theory of machines

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Powerplant Engineering


Engineering Maths

Students interested can reach out to me via my phone number(9583691555) in case they need any help or guidance.

Abhishek Pramanik

Photo of Abhishek Pramanik

Abhishek Pramanik bagged the coveted Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) from Bajaj Auto after a successful internship experience. Click Here to know more about his preparation strategy for the internship interview and a wonderful internship experience.

Team Monday Morning congratulates all the recruits for their success and wishes them good luck for all the future endeavours. 

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