Cost-effective MS Program in the US: Oklahama State University

Cost-effective MS Program in the US: Oklahama State University

Guest Author | Apr 12, 2021

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It does matters if a university is a part of the IVY League or not. As such, these universities are considered to testify for the potential of the candidates. But not being born with a silver spoon needs strategic thought and action. When coming from a humble background with a hefty education loan, it is imperative to know that there are ample opportunities for GRA/GTA and part-time work. Such opportunities help one reduce the financial burden.

GRA/GTA opportunities at Oklahoma State University, especially for Business Analytics graduates, are plenty and a great opportunity for those with moderate means. Since 2017, it has been 100% for the graduates, which means 100% of the students received about 80% waiver on their tuition fees for at least 2 semesters, along with a monthly stipend close to $1,000. Our department has ties with different analytics industries from Oklahoma and other parts of the country(USA), which helps secure year-long research opportunities.

The program director Dr Goutam Chakraborty is one of the gifted instructors and has about 30 years of experience in analytics. His support to his students is beyond imagination. His ideal choice of candidates is someone with a decent GRE/GMAT score (315+), at least 2 years of experience (IT preferable), and has a strong inclination towards analytics. He has helped numerous students score internships, advance internships, assistantship, full-time opportunities and have a bright future in Analytics.

Apart from the extraordinary financial assistance, the course curriculum for business analytics is very diversified. It has weekend training for advanced data science tools such as GCP, Deep Learning, Tableau, Finance, Optimization, etc. It also provides opportunities to participate in fully-funded SAS conferences, inter/intra university competitions, year-long industry collaboration, and many more opportunities. I have seen people graduating with a little over 8 lakhs INR ($11,000 approximately) after 2 years from this program. On average, the entire cost will be close to 15 lakhs INR ($ 20,000 approximately).

The training and course surely make one skilful enough to get a full-time opportunity in the field of analytics/data science. So far, the average salary is about $85K per year. For information, please visit the Okstate website: or contact me on my LinkedIn:  

!Go, Pokes!


Priyabrata Thatoi

Contact: +1(405)-762-6874



(The writer is a 2014 Biotechnology graduate from NIT Rourkela and has done his Master’s in Business Analytics from Oklahoma State University)

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