Exit Survey 2021: Campus Life And Opinions

Exit Survey 2021: Campus Life And Opinions

In these unprecedented times, Team Monday Morning hopes you all are holding up well. This aspect of Exit Survey 2021 covers sleeping patterns to consuming intoxicants. This article takes you through the popular trends and opinions of this year’s graduating batch on various aspects of campus life – everything from mess food and hostels to elections and attendance policies.

Before we move forward to explore campus life, let’s dive into the demographic of the respondents.

Gender and Native Place

Unsurprisingly, around 78% of the respondents identified as male. The majority of respondents hail from a city, with the other 26% belonging to the town. 

Let us get into the Batch of 2021 spread over the different halls of residences.


Halls of Residence X Mess Facility


There seems to be a stark difference between people’s disposition towards mess facilities and the hall of residences. Around 67% were satisfied(4-5) with the hall of residences compared to 32.9% with the mess facility.

Sleep schedule and Eating patterns


One-third of students sleeping less than 6 hours is somewhat unhealthy for the NITR Junta. Therefore, the sleep schedule needs to be fixed for this small portion.

Meal habit

Skipping meals is a common phenomenon that is evident from the responses. However, a striking feature is observed where 24.4% of respondents rarely had afternoon snacks in a mess. The students' spending habits are also in control as nearly 41.1% of respondents went out to eat only occasionally. 

Favourite eating outlets


It seems that Jo’z Kitchen will be missed by the current batches whose popularity comes next to the unsurprising Day/Night canteens.

Language: A barrier at Institute of National Importance?

lang barrier

Around 75% of respondents didn’t face any issues with language while making friends. Accordingly, nearly 41% of the respondents claimed to have friends that spoke very different languages. Overall, language does not appear to be much of a barrier when friends are involved, while nearly 24% of respondents were stuck with friends from their native area initially, out of which 18% of them overcame this.

Lang diversity

However, it did seem to play a significant role in determining close-knit groups. Around 59% of respondents have close friends belonging to the same linguistic group. Linguistic diversity was not an issue, as long as their close friends weren’t in the picture.

Getting along with the opposite gender

Other gender Interaction

The largest majority of respondents (around 33.6%) knew very few people of the other gender who are close friends. On the other hand, around 73% of the respondents had healthy interaction with the opposite gender. Interaction with the opposite gender is also slightly positively correlated with the native place.

Will NITR ever alter its stringent attendance policy?

Attendance policy

It appears crystal clear that more than 92% of respondents were annoyed at the current attendance policy, with 75% attendance being the sweet spot, followed by 24% of respondents opting for a 60% policy. Unsurprisingly, nearly 15% of people also wanted no compulsory attendance, a dream which is just as ambitious as it is unlikely. However, 2.8% feel 85% just isn’t quite enough.

Election Practices: Need of Student body?


The graph shows that there is a dire need for a student body in the institute. A clear thumping majority of 95.1% is a clarion call from the Batch of 2021 to the administration. 

Election participation

Nearly three-fourths of respondents claimed to have voted responsibly, making an informed decision. However, 7% of the respondents voted arbitrarily, while 16.4% preferred to abstain from voting.

Pressures faced during the stay at NITR


Having a strict 85% attendance policy has made the most dominant pressure to attend classes fell by around 63% of respondents. Surprisingly, the pressure of being in shape followed this. Doing tasks that sat pretty on a resume and participation in multiple extra-curricular activities is another huge pressure haunting the respondents.

Bicycle and Gyms. Are they required?

In a vast campus like NITR, bicycles are an efficient and fast mode of transportation which is quite evident as 76% of respondents answered it to be extremely helpful.


As stated above, 27.2% of the respondents felt the pressure of being in shape. However, 50.2% of the students never went to the gym and only 16.3% went more than 4 days a week.

Substance abuse at NITR: 


Around 72.4% of respondents identified as non-smokers and non-drinkers. Among those who did smoke/drink, the respondents mainly picked up the habit after joining the institution. Nearly 10% of respondents started of mere curiosity or peer pressure, which eventually stopped this habit. So, peer pressure is one of the prominent factors, among other things, which leads to substance usage. 

Role of administration 

Admin Support

16.7% of the respondents were satisfied, while 31.5% were indifferent about it, and a clear majority is dissatisfied with the administration. 

Way forward

Overall Experience

A majority of respondents were either satisfied or more or less happy during their stay on the campus. There’s often no way to know you’re in the good ol’ days until you’ve already left them, but if there’s one thing the entire graduating batch seems to agree on, it’s that the memories you make here will last you a lifetime.

On this note, head over to the final sequel of this survey analysis on Career and Looking Forward below.

Exit Survey 2021: Career and Looking Forward.

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