Exit Survey 2021: Extra-Curricular Activities

Exit Survey 2021: Extra-Curricular Activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Be it for a whiff of the fresh air after monotonous hours of classes or adding a few extra feathers in your caps or satisfying the zealous leader within yourself or pursuing a hobby or skill that you love, co-curricular activities have always been a crucial part of college life at NIT Rourkela.

Team Monday Morning conducted the Exit Survey, whose respondents were graduating students from the Class of 2021. Based on the data collected, this article explores the extra-curricular aspect of campus life at NIT Rourkela.

A General Analysis

While most respondents were a member of one or two clubs, there was a low yet substantial number of respondents who weren’t a part of any club. Improving skill-set, pursuing hobbies and socialising were the most sought-after motives behind joining the clubs.

The respondents were the most active in the Technical Society of SAC, very closely followed by the Literary and Cultural Society. 

A Quick Look Over PoRs

There was almost a tie between those who did and did not hold a position of responsibility, which shows the plethora of opportunities available and the thriving culture of extra-curricular activities at NIT Rourkela. Being passionate about the duty was the guiding factor behind taking up the PORs, with a significant influence of other factors like the possibility to meet new people, expand contacts and enhance career prospects.

A Brief Outlook On Fests

Innovision, easily being the most-awaited fest of NIT Rourkela, gained a rating of 57.8%, followed by NITRUtsav with a rating of 30.7%, whereas, Vriddhi, the sports fest, showed a palpable lack of enthusiasm among the respondents.

An Overview Of Competitions

The inter-hall competitions have moderate popularity, which is quite evident by the fact that 41.5% of respondents had participated in these competitions at some point during their time at the institute. On the contrary, only 33.8% of respondents ever took part in inter-college competitions.

A Little Further Contemplation

With 5 representing highly fruitful and 1 representing not at all fruitful, it is evident by the survey that the club culture at NIT Rourkela is as fruitful as it is diverse and flourishing. With an average rating of 3.4, 84% of respondents rated it 3 or above and 19.4% of respondents gave an absolute rating of 5.

The overall functioning and transparency of SAC got an average rating of 2.776.6% of respondents gave a rating of 3 or below, with 14.6% being quite dissatisfied with it, giving a rating of absolute 1. Although it is practically impossible to cater to the needs of each and everyone, yet we do hope to see these ratings go higher in the coming years.

NIT Rourkela offers a phenomenal culture for extra-curricular activities. Despite a broad scope of multifarious activities and several clubs supporting those, a substantial number of respondents were neither a part of any clubs nor any other bodies/teams like SAC, fest-organising committees, etc. However, those involved remain predominantly satisfied with the atmosphere that NIT Rourkela has to offer for extra-curricular activities.

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