Exit Survey 2021: Academics

Exit Survey 2021: Academics

It’s almost the time now that we bid a heartfelt farewell to the exceedingly amazing batch of 2021. The years that they spent in the institute must have been filled with highs and lows, crests and troughs. But the experience they have had might be a source of motivation and learning for many students as well as a cue for some changes for the authorities and administration.

Monday Morning aims to capture just that and bring out the various aspects of their journey for others to take examples from.

We carried out an extensive and detailed Exit Survey with questions on areas ranging from academics, campus life, extra-curricular activities to placement and career, and received a total of 285 responses from final-year students from across all branches and courses. The results of the survey are being published in a series of four articles.

The survey conducted had a section of student’s perspective of ‘studying’ at NIT Rourkela. This article will be looking at what different things the final year students have got to say about Academics at NIT Rourkela.

The graduating students of the year 2021 saw both online and offline mediums of education. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has taken the wind from the sails of the traditional education system, the entire academic session 2020-21 shifted to an online mode, although most of their time in NIT Rourkela has been physical. 


The majority of the responses for this survey are from Btech. A high number of students are from the Computer Science and Engineering department followed by the Mechanical Engineering department.

Minor Degree

Around 16% of the respondents opted for a minor degree course. Most of the students opted to get better opportunities in the future and get more knowledge about the subject. An interesting trend to note here is that many applied for the course only because they had a decent CGPA.

Time Spent on Academics

The response in the survey shows how a student procrastinates while studying for the exams. On regular days around 54% of students tend to spend 0-2 hours on studies. However, few dedicated students studied for 8-10 hours on a regular day. The former can be easily relatable, while the latter seems hard to digest.
The majority of the students (around 31%) spent 6-8 hours on studies a week before the exams. However, a few exceptionally brilliant (around 4%) students still did not bother much and spent 0-2 hours.

Studying Place

79% of respondents preferred their personal rooms as the ideal place to study, with the library/reading room being the 2nd option. Studying in a friend’s room was the third convenient place for studying on campus.

Academic Load

More than half of the respondents felt that the academic pressure was somewhat huge to explore extra academics.

TA Marks

Unsurprisingly, 56% of students believed that the TA marks were transparent only up to a specific extent, while around 32% agreed that TA marks were entirely ambiguous.


A whopping 14% of students had a CGPA more significant than 9.0. around 45% of students reported having CGPA’s in the range 8.0-9.0. With around 83% of respondents giving a three-plus out of five, showed their satisfaction with the CGPA they obtained. Shockingly, 5% of people were not at all satisfied with it.

Department Facilities

About 25% of the respondents reported that the facilities at their department were enough to do project work. A point of concern is that 40% of respondents reported insufficient resources to do project work for all students and 23% per cent believed that the resources were present but not of good quality. Ultimately 63% of the students were not truly satisfied with the department facilities.

Summing Up

Almost 50% of the students are not satisfied with the teaching at our institute. Many attended the class due to a strict attendance policy. Academics is the most crucial part of college life and replies to a few of the questions being polarised interrogate many aspects to ponder on.

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Exit Survey 2021: Extra-Curricular Activities

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