Materialising the Intriguing Propositions: A Series of Technical Events

Materialising the Intriguing Propositions: A Series of Technical Events

Celebrating the 60th year of its existence, on this occasion, the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering has successfully conducted a series of online events over Microsoft Teams on September 18 and 19, 2021. This two days event includes quiz competitions, poster presentations and technical events. This two-day event served as a knowledge transition platform for all the participants. The event got a wide response from all over the nation in respect to the competitions. 


The event kicked off around 9:30 AM IST on 18th September. Prof. Anshuman Patra, from the Department of Metallurgical and Material Science, the coordinator of the event, heartily welcomes Prof. M. Kamraj from Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Madras, the chief guest for the two-day event, Dr Anindya Basu, Head of the Department of Metallurgical and Material Science, NIT Rourkela, and to all the other faculty members and the participants. Along with Prof. Anshuman, Prof. Rajesh Kumar Prusty from the Department of Metallurgical and Material Science was the convener of the event. Prof. Anshuman also stated about the two-day event and gave a brief overview of the competitions organised by the Department. 

Expressing his contentment post the event, Dr Anindya Basu said:

NIT Rourkela or Regional Engineering College(REC), Rourkela was established on 15th August 1961. Since NIT completed its 60 years in 2021, It was declared that 1st Januaryuary 2021 to 31st December 2021 would be celebrated as the diamond jubilee year celebration. But due to the pandemic, all the programs and events got delayed. Every Department is organising some events to commemorate this. I'm also happy to inform the Department of metallurgical and materials engineering was established in 1963, so by next year; we'll start the diamond jubilee celebration of the Department itself. We have a very active group of UG PG and PhD students for organising these kinds of events, and with this background, we'll again come up with such events.


Prof. M. Kamraj of IIT Madras inaugurates the event and begin by extending his heartiest congratulations to NIT Rourkela on its Diamond jubilee. He further speaks about how in the last 60 years, NIT Rourkela has truly not only emerged as a centre of learning and excellence but has also played an essential role in shaping the minds of leaders in industries as well as civil services.

Speaking about the achievements, he said,

I also know several alumni of NITR has scored top ranks in GATE, including AIR 1; this shows the quality of education provided by the Department. I also feel that Rourkela steel plant benefited from the Department significantly.

Furthermore, he continues on sharing his insights on the topic ~ What kind of materials, the industry is looking forward to in the future?

We know that in most of the applications, the design of the component and the selection of the material is almost saturated. Now how to extend the life of the component? So that is where surfacing engineering becomes a significant topic—looking to its various application like corrosion resistance. As we all know, oxidation and corrosion are common problems in every industry these days. There are no perfect solutions available, so through research, they can be material, new material and coating can be developed which extend the lifetime of the materials.



With a motive to expand the horizon of knowledge about Metallurgy and Materials Science, the topic of the competition was Engineering Materials. Soon after the inauguration, Prof Anshuman described to the students the instructions for the quiz. Putting down the old traditional ways of conducting the quiz, the Department tried to go with a new pattern and gave 30 questions to solve in just 5 minutes, leaving behind no void for dishonesty.

Prof. Anshuman, the coordinator of the event, says

The quiz was quite an interesting contest. The quiz competition was just like a rapid-fire round which comprised of 30 questions in 5 minutes time. Participants have to submit within the time period, or else the link will be expired.

The quiz was conducted in google forms, and the participants had a very strict time period to submit the answers. Arpita Priyadarshani Samal from IIT Jodhpur and Sapan Kumar Nayak from IIT Kharagpur jointly bagged the first position in the Online quiz contest.  Akanksha Rout from NIT Durgapur and Purnima Sathpathy from NIT Rourkela were the joint first runner-up. The second runner-up was Arka Ghosh from NIT Rourkela.  


The poster presentation had three topics to choose from 

  • Designing Materials for cutting Edge Applications: Computational and Experimental Study. 
  • Electron Microscopy of Materials.
  • Prospects of Recycling Materials.

The participant needed to make a poster that should include infographics, graphs, diagrams, majorly pictorial information, along with an explanation. The poster has to be limited to one page only. The jury of the presentation was Prof. Natraj Yedla, along with Prof. Krishna Dutta from the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, NIT Rourkela. The participants were given a limited period of time of 10 minutes to present their posters, followed by a Q&A session in which the judge asked them questions based on their presentation.

B Mohan Rao secured the first position in the poster presentation from IIT Kharagpur


The technical paper presentation competition judges were Prof. Snehanshu Pal and Prof. Debasis Chaira from the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, NIT Rourkela. With four topics given, the participants can choose any of them and provide a technical presentation on that. The topics were:

  • Self Passivating Materials
  • Advancement in Iron and Steelmaking
  • Industry Problems and possible solutions. 

The technical presentation demanded to have the key technical areas on the topics, with an objective to provide an opportunity for the budding researchers to showcase their research work related to various fields and issues in the Metallurgy and Materials Science arena. A limited period of 10 minutes was being provided to the participants to present their technical presentations. It was followed then by a Q&A session by the judges, which was based on their presentation.

Arpita Priyadarshani Samal from IIT Jodhpur achieved the first position in the technical presentation. Sapan Kumar Nayak from IIT Kharagpur was the first runner-up, and Akankshya Rout from NIT Durgapur was the second runner-up. 

On this eve, Prof. Anshuman Patra expresses his exhilaration and said, 

The two-day event on 18th and 19th September 2021 organised by the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science as a part of the diamond jubilee celebration of NIT Rourkela. The two-day event was quite exciting in terms of the competitions. The quiz competition was a rapid-fire one, and the technical and poster presentation involved a lot of advancement in metallurgy and materials engineering comprised of waste utilisation and industrial problems and possible solutions, which are very important in cutting-edge technological development. Overall we gave a very broad perspective and very strong initiation among the participants to create an urge for further research in advanced technology in metallurgy and materials engineering. I'm very much fortunate that a part of this event as a coordinator, and I hope that we can organise such events in future.

The event was led in a very systematic and enthusiastic way in spite of the obstacles of the online mode. Students might have savoured the sensation of vis-à-vis rivalries and the atmosphere of the brilliant NIT Rourkela grounds if the pandemic had not caused interruptions. Nevertheless, the Department has splendidly conducted the event and further seeks to organise such events in future.  

Team Monday Morning congratulates the Department for successfully administering the events commemorating the diamond jubilee of NIT Rourkela and wishes them the best for their endeavours ahead!

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