A Numerical Treaty With The Chaos: Department of Mathematics

A Numerical Treaty With The Chaos: Department of Mathematics

Rashmi Ranjan Samantaray | Oct 04, 2021

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Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.- Albert Einstein.

Housing undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs The Department of Mathematics is one of the most prominent departments of the institute with steady wholistic growth. With research as one of the primary focuses, it continues to facilitate creative and innovative thinking and helps in empowering a similar attitude in the institution with several initiatives and projects.


With a curriculum designed around pure, applied, and computational aspects of the subject and nearly 20 faculty members associated with several committees, societies, and journals in varied roles, the ambient department of mathematics promotes interdisciplinary research and collaborative projects with institutes of high acclaim. The following image can give an idea of various academic programmess and the method to take admission.


The importance of mathematics in the research scenario is one of the most notable things. Standing on these very grounds, the department has its eyes set on establishing a good research environment on the campus and providing the best opportunities and resources to the students. The department undertakes several seminars and workshops apart from the academic programs to achieve these goals.

Apart from sharing programming and algorithm courses with the B.Tech students, they have multiple dedicated labs each semester to solve mathematical and statistical problems, soft computing, and numerical methods using MATLAB and R.


OS refers to Other State while HS refers to the Home State.

The opening ranks are from the first round of counselling, and the closing rounds have been mentioned from the last round of counselling.


Research activity is greatly promoted in the department. Various Sponsored projects are taken under DST under the Ministry of Science and Technology in India, CSIRNBHMDRDO.

Some research fields are Artificial Intelligence, Functional Analysis, Algebraic Topology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Number theory, Soft Computing, Machine Intelligence, and Numerical Analysis


Most students do their summer internships and final year projects in the field of Analytics and Machine Learning. Internships are mandatory in the 4th year of the program, and scholars prefer research internships in institutes such as IITs, IIMs, and IISc.

With companies like Fractal, Quantiphi, Udaan, and PayTM on board, the department saw an average CTC of around 7.5 LPA. A major chunk of the students in pursuing higher studies at institutes of high acclaim. 


A fascination for numbers and zeal to persist through the enigmas is all you need to boost your passion for mathematics here at NITR. Robust opportunities, world-class facilities and infrastructure, and a brilliant team await you on your journey to your dreams.

Team MM wishes all the prospective students and the department the very best for all their future endeavours.

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