A sylvan pathway into the future: Department of Metallurgical and materials engineering

A sylvan pathway into the future: Department of Metallurgical and materials engineering

Siddharth Singh Bhadauria | Oct 04, 2021

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Established in 1963, the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering has become an integrative department of impressive prominence. It has successfully produced many brilliant minds over the years who have served the nation in both - the industrial field and the arena of research. Offering a total of 74 seats currently, the Department boasts of 16 enthusiastic professors who are highly regarded experts and are one of the most well-known minds in their respective fields across the country. The Department is sure to excite the young minds with much learning.

With the vision of turning into the core of Materials Innovation, the division endeavors hard to produce quality engineers and scholars. Students are offered admissions in B.Tech, M.tech, Dual Degree, and Ph.D. programs. The admissions of B.Tech and Dual Degree courses are made through JOSAA and the M.Tech program through GATE.

 The metallurgical discipline deals with extracting metals from their ores, transforming them into different pure or alloy forms of different engineering shapes, and studying their internal structure on an atomic scale to correlate with the manifested properties. Comparatively, a new dimension of understanding and evaluating more unique materials necessitates the Materials engineering approach, which is an interdisciplinary field to study all types of engineering materials and advanced materials despite their primary classification.


The Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department of NIT Rourkela has earned expertise and reputation for conventional fields like study of blast furnace, fracture mechanics, advanced materials like polymer composite, nanomaterials, thin film, etc. To support these, it possesses high-end equipment like UTM, XRD, SEM, DSC-FTIR, Surface profilometer, etc. The primary emphasis of the Department right at this moment spread over from characterization of slag to nanomaterials.

The constituent academic programs in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials engineering aspire to be a global hub of excellence in the teaching and researching of technological aspects and avenues.


  1. To become the nucleus of Materials Innovation and Learning.
  2. To offer a broad and balanced learning environment that is mutually reinforcing for all-inclusive development in the principles of materials engineering, creative innovation, and instilling teamwork at all professional levels.


Having an excellent exploration situation, the division expects to cultivate imaginative personalities, lead, investigate, and improve crack mechanics, progressed materials like polymer composite, nanomaterials, thin-film, etc. To help this, the division has exceptional labs that take every one of the stream subjects. The new improvement incorporates obtaining a concrete financial plan with perfect quality gear to propel the exploration culture. 

Different noteworthy exploration projects identified with cutting-edge materials, heat treatment, computational metallurgy, polymer composites, nanomaterials, composite materials, and so forth are embraced by the division's employees with subsidizing from rumored organizations like DRDO, SERB, DST, and CSIR.


  For the admission process in 2020, the closing ranks for different categories are given below:

Gender-NEUTRAL pool (6th round of JoSAA)

GENERAL {OPEN} (O.S)1800920217
GENERAL {OPEN} (H.S)2649028590
GENERAL-EWS (O.S.)43414908
GENERAL-EWS (H.S.)1257112904
OBC-NCL (O.S.)78009404
OBC-NCL (H.S.)1327221197
S.T. (O.S.)14912100
S.T. (H.S.)31053141
S.C. (O.S.)43446765
S.C. (H.S.)69937826
GENERAL-PwD (O.S.)11691169
GENERAL-PwD (H.S.)13421342
GENERAL-EWS-PwD (O.S.)       -       -
GENERAL-EWS-PwD (H.S.)       -       -
OBC-PwD (O.S.)       -       -
OBC-PwD (H.S.)756756
ST-PwD (O.S.)      -      -
ST-PwD (H.S.)      -      -
SC-PwD (O.S.)      -      -
SC-PwD (H.S.)      -      -

Gender-FEMALE pool (6th round of JoSAA)

GENERAL {OPEN} (O.S)2712935995
GENERAL {OPEN} (H.S)4147049740
OBC-NCL (O.S.)1198411984
OBC-NCL (H.S.)3337033370
S.T. (O.S.)--
S.T. (H.S.)--
S.C. (O.S.)54915491
S.C. (H.S.)97629762
OBC-PwD (O.S.)--
OBC-PwD (H.S.)---
ST-PwD (O.S.)--
ST-PwD (H.S.)--
SC-PwD (O.S.)--
SC-PwD (H.S.)--


The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering students manage to get placed in both cores and non-core companies. About 85% of the students choose to go for placements, and the rest go for higher studies.

For non-core, the sector division is topped by education, analytics, I.T./software, and startup. Some of the core companies that visit the campus to recruit students are Tata Steel Bhushan, Jindal Stainless Ltd., JSW Dolvi, Aditya Birla Group – Hindalco, Vedanta, Adani Group, Tata Bluescope, etc. Some of the non-core companies that visit are Fractal Analytics, Capgemini, Z.S. Associates, ITC Infotech, Aakash Institue, Goldman Sachs, Optum, etc.

The students taking up this Department of metallurgy and material science are guaranteed an extraordinary vocation ahead if they invest their effort. The Department offers everything ranging from substantial research opportunities to lucrative industrial postings. 


My message to the to the future aspirants/students who will be newly admitted is something that is not related to their engineering theory or practical classes. I would only want them to stay motivated to repel any sort of depression and also to avoid getting habituated with the life passing by. This time will also pass by, stay connected to your family and friends and do not lose communication with them.

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