Exploring the NITR Spaceship: NITR 101

Exploring the NITR Spaceship: NITR 101

Team MM | Oct 11, 2021

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EMERGENCY MEETING! Check out the NIT Rourkela Road map! 


NITR 101


Starting in 5...4...3...2....1...

'Launching your newest map- National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, where you have to play to survive long enough to graduate!'

Shhh! We know you’re incredibly excited to explore the map and get on with your tasks. Don’t be intimidated by exams and assignments, though they’re sus they are not the real imposters. If you are wondering, "Who is the imposter?" We at Team MM are here to your rescue; we will help you complete all the tasks and even eject the imposter out before they sabotage your career. Call us Monday Morning. We are confident that your journey will be full of action, adrenaline, tasks and narrow escapes (of course!)

Unlike Polus or Skeld, the Rourkela server is the 3rd largest in Odisha, often known as the Ispat Nagar server. The smart Steel City server is an industrial city in the north-western part of Odisha. This server has blazing summers, reaching the maximum temperature of 49°C, and freezing winters that come down to 4 °C, so be sure to put on a breathable cotton skin and carry a few woollen accessories. It is primarily well-connected by vents and railways, thanks to the Howrah-Mumbai line passing through it. This server was established in 1954, consists of 18 sectors and a few more maps connected by the 16-kilometre long vent *cough* Ring Road *cough* which runs around the whole server. 

In short, the National Institute of Technology Rourkela or NIT Rourkela is located in Sector-1 of the Rourkela server. Nestled in the south-eastern corner, it is flanked by hills on the southern side. The 1024- acre map contains hostels, restaurants, faculty spaceships and sports facilities, with the academic area in the middle. The institute has three entrances: the Main Gate (Westside), the CWS gate (Northside), and the Kantajhar or East Gate. Sector-2, Ispat Market, Ambagan and the Kachery Road serve as the prime shopping areas for all needs.

Getting into the spaceship

The closest airports are Jharsuguda, Ranchi, Raipur, Bhubaneswar, and Kolkata (increasing distance from Rourkela). All of these places are extremely well connected. The railway station is situated 6 km away from the campus in the heart of the city. The minimum fare usually hovers around INR 120 for the auto-rickshaws from the station. In addition to this, there are alternatives such as Ola Cabs and car rental services at your disposal. The nearest bus stop is at Sector 2, about a kilometre away from campus: Intercity and Interstate buses are available there. There is also a local city bus available from the railway station to Sector 2 for convenient commutes.


To strengthen your skills and complete your tasks, the HQ has assigned a central timetable. But how would you decode it? Fear not! The crewmate tools such as NITRIS and the ICS NIT Rourkela app are here to rescue us from an emergency.

Your timetable is in the good ol’ trustworthy NITRIS portal, complete with the subject code and the corresponding subject name. Further, the ICS app has the timetable too, where you need to fill your section and your Practical group.


The First-year academics consisted of many subtasks such as:

  • Online classes on MS Teams five days a week right from 8 A.M to 5 P.M(depending on the sequence), sometimes extra classes on weekends, along with practical labs being conducted online through uploaded manuals and YouTube references.
  • Mid and End semester exams are conducted on MS Teams Form, Google Form, Test Portal, Moodle with time-limited questions - both subjective and objective along with multiple-choice questions.
  • The Teacher’s Assessment (TA) is conducted through class tests, viva voce and assignments conducted on MS Teams.
  • Grading System bases on the Credit score and marks obtained: 

Excellent (EX)  


Very Good (A)   


Good (B)           


Fair (C)              


Average (D)       


Pass (P)              

Fail (F)                 2

Every task you do is evaluated and your score is published in the form of SGPA and CGPA. 

  • SGPA= sum of (grade point * credit of subject) for each subject/(sum of credits of all subjects)
  • CGPA can be calculated by dividing the sum of the product of all your SGPA with subsequent credit by the sum of credits of all the semesters.

Branch Change

You can change your Branch to the one you desire at the end of your first year, provided you complete the previous tasks(assignments, tests, semester exams) with excellence and fulfil the following conditions.

  • Change of branch is subject to availability of vacant seats and subject to the condition that the consequent vacancy created in the parent department, due to branch change, should not be more than 5% of actual existing strength.
  • 5% of vacancy is to be calculated based on existing strength. Decimal figures to be rounded up to the nearest integer (E.g. 1.5 = 2 and 1.49 = 1).
  • In case of a tie in CGPA for allotting Branch Change, the JEE Main rank (CRL) will be considered.

Take care that once a particular branch has been allotted, you cannot go back, and the branch change is subject to the basis of CGPA only. 

Minor Degree Allocation

The registration, time slots etc., are all the same for the minors as their open electives. If you have already registered for the minor and find it difficult to cope with it, you can always eject by stating valid reasons. The students who have a crewmate score greater than 8 CGPA can apply for a minor degree of their choice, given that you have completed all the tasks and do not have a backlog on any subject. You have to study six subjects of the minor branch during the three-year duration. Students going to the second year can choose any other branch as their minor branch, along with, of course, their Major. 


To survive in this spaceship, you need to have a minimum robe of 6 CGPA at all times. If by any chance, it drops below 6, the following criteria are followed:

  • A Modified Grade Point Average(MGPA) will be calculated by replacing all the X and F grades with a P grade. If the MGPA exceeds six, then the student may be permitted to register for a full suite of higher semester courses at the discretion of the Faculty Advisor. If it doesn't, he is required to enter the 'slow pace' program.
  • If a student's CGPA is less than 6 in 3 consecutive semesters, he must leave the institute.
  • In the case of a first-year student, if the CGPA is between 5 and 5.69, he will re-register in the first semester and start the program anew. The CGPA in the repeat year must exceed 6 for the person to stay in the institute.
  • If CGPA is less than five, the student must leave the institute.

Hall of Spaceships: 

Attention Crewmates! 

Being the second-largest engineering institute in India, NIT Rourkela boasts of encompassing 11 Halls of Spaceships spread across the campus, 7 for boys(MV, GDB, DBA, MSS, HB, VS, and SD), 2 for girls(CVR and KMS) and 2 for married scholars(SSB, VK). Every hall is assigned an administrative body—Hall Executive Council, collectively operated by the Hall Warden, the Assistant Hall Warden, and the student-elected secretaries – to ensure that no crewmate suffers any woes within the facility premises. All the HECs are accountable to the Hall Management Council (HMC), headed by the Chief Warden. Every spaceship is divided into numerous compartments constituting spacious,well-ventilated rooms furnished adequately with modern furniture. To enhance the crewmates' exploration capabilities, LAN ports are also installed in every room.

There are adequate washrooms and toilets in each block installed with geysers and exhaust fans whose cleanliness and sanitation are guaranteed with the most extreme need of the day. Each spaceship has a well-ventilated hygienic mess that serves four healthy and savoury meals per day: breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Every spaceship is enwreathed with green, flowery gardens and well-maintained lawns; Day & night cafeterias play an integral role for the crewmates. Laundry facilities and departmental stores are provisioned for each spaceship. The Hall of spaceships also facilitates common rooms, reading rooms, reasonably attractive gymnasium, game rooms, TV rooms and indoor games equipment, and secure cycle stands as a source of entertainment to eliminate the monotony among the crewmates.

Hence at NIT Rourkela, we leave no crewmate unprepared for the run of their lives. We provide them with enough facilities and help them be entirely prepared for their future hide and seek games. Besides the active routine of the crewmates, there are a variety of hall 'tasks' that include- badminton, cricket, debate, essay writing, etc. These ‘tasks’ are entertained throughout the year, including several inter and intra-hall 'trials', Hall Days and Garden Fests, which are organised with provisions for flavoursome dishes, disc-jockeys, etc. This is helping us un-sabotage our mental health. Popular 'holidays' are also celebrated on the campus with great enthusiasm. For safely walking out of any sabotaged situation, fire extinguishers and a list of emergency contacts are present in every hostel, including contact numbers of on-call doctors and electricians.

Temporary Accommodation

Before you are allotted a Hall in the spaceship, you might find boarding and lodging facilities handy. There are many hotels and lodges and inns spread over Rourkela for you to stay after tiring journeys and long commutes comfortably. Two on-campus guest houses require prior booking but have the advantage of making your commutes brief and accessible.

Internships and Placements: Sharp Minds Executed

The ship of NIT Rourkela manages to foster hundreds of exemplary graduates each year. Spending four/five years and more onboard the ship living the life of studies, clubs and fests, the crew inculcate the virtue of corporate, industry and research life that allows them to thrive wherever they decide to turn. 

The fame of the crew is preeminent among all the servers in India and beyond. This may perhaps be why the ship can invite a horde of hundreds of companies, including an abundance of first-rate ones onboard, to recruit from our ranks with lucrative offers to allow them to launch their careers to greater heights. To ensure that the crew remain sharp and aware of the industry standards, hundreds of companies recruit the crew members as interns and FTEs.

The Training and Placement Cell of NIT Rourkela and its selected creme-de-la-creme clique of officers (Placement  Secretaries and Coordinators) ensure that the best companies from the core and non-core sectors visit the campus and take eligible candidates towards the GATEway of success.

With the help of The Foundation for Technology and Business Incubation (FTBI) under the Center for Technology Innovation and Industry Relations (TIIR) initiative, the crew can also develop their start-ups and join in among the ranks of prominent companies. In case any of the crew want to hone their skills in their department, they can look for other career options like M.Tech, MBA and higher studies with spectacular results like AIR-2 in GATE 2020 and admission into more competitive servers of IIM and other prestigious institutions already setting precedence.

Alumni Relations 

While the crewmembers are repairing the ship and attempting to discover the imposter among them, the experienced gamers', i.e. alumni, can help us prevent getting sabotaged. The NITR Alumni Association, NITRAA, one of the largest alumni organisations of the country, effectively brings the Crewmates together, the notable alumni, to strengthen ties with their alma mater. The presence of overseas alumni further establishes a global footprint of NIT Rourkela through NITR Overseas Alumni Association(NITROAA). Here are a few of the numerous astonishing crewmembers who have made the institution proud for several years

  • Padma Shri Nalini R. Mohanty: Former Chairman & MD of the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
  • Ajit Andhare: COO of VIACOM 18 Motion Pictures 
  • Rahul Shrivastava: IFS and Current Indian Ambassador to Romania. 
  • Akash Khurana: COO of NIMBUS and remarkable theatre artist, won the Filmfare Award.
  • Shrikant Vaidya: Chairman, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)
  • CP Gurnani: MD and CEO of Tech Mahindra. 
  • Soma Mandal: Chairperson, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)
  • Prativa Mohapatra: First woman Vice-President of Adobe India as well as Managing Director of the same. 
  • Pranav Khaitan: Assisted the World Food Programme (WFP) in winning the Nobel Peace Prize 2020.

and many more...


Now that you have landed on the map called NIT Rourkela and gearing up for adventurous four years let us take a quick look around the map. 

To make your stay here a good one, NIT Rourkela has several on-campus handy retailer stores that cater to all your basic needs and are stacked with a wide range of quality products. 

Every hostel is armed with a shop on its premises, having basic stationery like notebooks, pens, etc. The spaceship also has stores like 'Rangoli', an on-campus variety store located in the Scholar's Avenue in front of the GDB Hall of a spaceship, 'JD Enterprises', and 'Students' Book Store' positioned in the academic region. So, you will never face any difficulty getting study supplies at any moment. The 'Needs' complex located near the Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Hall of Spaceship offers not only stationery but also grocery, vegetables, salon services and much more. A dhobi ghat, in front of HB Hostel, is present to provide you with laundry services. 

Still, have something you can't find on-campus? Worry not. Several popular shopping areas near the campus like Sector 2 Marketplace, VIP Market, Ispat Market, the Kachery Road Market, a Big Bazaar and many more. Whether you're looking for your next statement outfit or a splendid electronic device or just want to satisfy your inner shopaholic, Rourkela has it all!

Food Joints inside the Spaceship:

  • Day and Night Canteens: You can find a variety of chips, chocolates, cakes. You can also order some tasty food at a very reasonable price.
  • Hexagon: Situated in front of GDB Hall of Spaceship, it caters to your look for junk food, especially Chinese food.
  • Dosa Plaza: Well, a sigh of relief for the vegetarians. People, you have a pure vegetarian restaurant on-campus in front of the SD Hall of Spaceship. 
  • Rengcol: A joint food in the academic area near SAC. This place has to offer South Indian Food primarily. The coffee here is a must-try. 
  • Srinivas Lunch Room: An ambient food joint where you can enjoy your lunch and enjoy their day's special recipes.
  • Nescafe: The Nescafe stalls can be found in Lecture Hall Complex-1 and under the Banyan tree near the library. These are the perfect places to enjoy your coffee anytime.
  • Dhobi Ghat: These, situated near the back post gate (in front of HB Hall of Spaceship), have always proved to be the perfect place for post-lecture or post-dinner hangouts.

Few things to carry before boarding:

  • A bicycle for transportation. 
  • Emergency light in case of power failures.
  • An umbrella and a raincoat.

Personal Utilities: Generally available to purchase in every allotted hostel on the admission day. Don't worry about your first day onboarding considering the present situation; NIT Rourkela has got your back amidst every situation, which would make your stay safe and comfortable, easing your accessibility to necessary utilities following all the safety protocols.

  • Personal mattress and pillow 
  • A bathroom set including a bucket and a mug
  • A toiletry kit

Basic Stationery:

  • Scientific Calculator 
  • Notebooks
  • Lab Coat 
  • Geometry Box

Stationary for B.Arch Students: 

  • Architect's scale
  • Drawing Storage Tube
  • Adjustable Triangle 

Technology and Software: 

  • A standard laptop with decent RAM and GPU to carry out all kinds of technical work.
  • An ethernet cable to connect your laptop to the institute's LAN access whenever available, through which you can access the internet, NITRIS portal, and webmail.

ICS and Mentorship:

Feeling confused or Dejected. Don't spare a moment and head over to the emergency button. Discuss and talk it out with people at ICS (Institute Counselling Services) who are there to help and people onboard on the map with you.

ICS NIT Rkl started in the academic year 2017-18 as a result of our honourable director Prof. Animesh Biswas concerns for the freshers. Headed by the director himself and assisted by Prof. Pawan Kumar as the professor in charge strives to help newcomers make their time at college safe and easy. It supports freshers emotionally, academically and financially by counselling them and making the transition smooth.

Help is available for those who ask for it and ICS makes sure none of the new entries is alone struggling with their problems. Every student is assigned a mentor who will address their problems. Tutors are present to guide students through the new curriculum by providing remedial classes for almost every subject, which starts within a few weeks of the initiation of the semester. Not only that, they even help with doubts and regularity in the conduction of classes so that students ace in the academics.

To help with that, a counsellor and a psychologist have been appointed by the institute, where anyone can seek assistance and counselling via the ICS App. (Download here)

Student Activity Centre (SAC)

A place that any student will come to love the most during your stay at NIT Rourkela. Countless students agree and recount their best memories of college life. Take our word that you would be joining that list no sooner than you visit the place and will most likely be blabbering about its holistic impacts and lively environment. It consists of four societies, i.e., Literary and Cultural Society, Technical society, Film and Music Society and Games and Sports Society.


Many excellent sportspersons have been nurtured at NIT Rourkela. So if you wish to turn your efforts into medals on the playground, NIT Rourkela is a great place to start. With Dilip Tirkey Stadium (DTS) for sports like football and Hockey, Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex (STSC) for cricket, Kho Kho and Handball and P.T. Usha Sports complex for games like Kabaddi, Volleyball, Basketball and Lawn Tennis, the campus welcomes every kind of sports enthusiasts with great spirit. Interhall events increase the engagement, and the institute teams keep the spirit going.

Club Culture-

Home to more than 70 clubs, NIT Rourkela boasts a club culture that few other institutes can match. They cover a wide domain, namely Drama, Dance, Music, Art, Debate, Coding, Public Speaking, Photography, Sports, Economics and Politics, and they also give a sense of belonging. You can explore your interests and grow with others like you. Whenever the academic grind tires you out, the clubs help you to keep going. With faculty advisors assigned for each of them and events throughout the year, the clubs help you a great deal in navigating your interests and hobbies. Club activities push you to excel and work as a team. You learn a lot while growing your skills, achieving new milestones in several tournaments at the national and international levels that bring recognition for you and the institution.


Apart from the plethora of club events, NIT Rourkela hosts three major fests every year: Innovision (technical), NITRutsav (Cultural) and Vriddhi (Sports). Along with these 3 fests, Cosmopolitan and Roots are conducted in the spring semester. With huge fun events like EDM nights, DJ shows and much more these events draw people from all over the country and even people of other nationalities. The vibrant environment and the energy make these spectacles to behold that everyone looks forward to.

MONDAY MORNING: Your One-Stop Guide in this SpaceShip

Monday Morning is the student Media Body of NIT Rourkela. Monday Morning covers all the events, issues and activities going on inside the campus. Monday morning also serves as a link between the administration and the students. Anytime your spaceship gets sabotaged, or you find it tough to complete the tasks, we'd try our level best to let you make it to the end. We aim to foster a healthy environment and make your stay at NIT Rourkela a smoother one. 'Integrity, Humility, Righteousness' is the motto of our organization and we continue to try our best to live by these words. 

Since its inception in 2006, Team Monday Morning has worked round the clock to bring into light all the happenings of NIT Rourkela with its weekly issues. From awe-spiring stories of placement and internships, hall/club reviews, highlights of major events to success stories of alumni, communicating from the authorities to the student community, we have got you covered. 

To stay in the loop of all the buzz in and around the institution, visit our website. Download our app from the Google Play Store. We, at Monday Morning, wish you good luck on the adventurous college life ahead and hope you can complete all the tasks, eject the impostor out and emerge victorious in the end!

Design credits- Cyrus RoySaksham Devkota

DISCLAIMER: The content, opinions or views expressed on the Monday Morning's website and its social media platforms, including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, are strictly the property of Monday Morning and represent the extensive research and work of the working team of respective academic year of Monday Morning and not those of the institute. The reports and statements published are consolidated from the collected background research and interviews. The institute's official statements can be found in the press releases published by the institute or via an RTI application.

No article or any statements by Monday Morning is to be reproduced, presented or distributed in part or whole without prior permission of the Executive Body of Monday Morning for any purposes, including, but not limited to print and electronic form.


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