A Walk Through the NITR Guidebook: Institute Orientation

A Walk Through the NITR Guidebook: Institute Orientation

Arise, Awake and sleep not till the goal is reached

read the message that formally welcomed a new batch of young minds into the institute. After the JEE Mains and Advanced, followed by long and tiring JOSAA counselling, the orientation for the UG batch of 2021 commenced online on 10 December on the ANKCTEL NITRKL youtube channel. The program started at around 6.00 PM and was live-streamed on Youtube.

The orientation program started with a short video introducing NIT Rourkela to the freshers. Professor Bamdev Acharya, Deputy Registrar (Academic Research and Examination), extended his hearty congratulations to the students and coordinated the orientation. In the presence of all the Deans, Registrars, and various dignitaries, the orientation was presided by the Honourable Director of the institute, Prof. Simanchalo Panigrahi.

Dr Nihar Ranjan Mishra (Associate Dean of Academics):- 

This was followed by an address by Prof. Nihar Ranjan Mishra, Associate Dean of Academics and the in-charge of the admission process. Expressing his happiness at the improvement that the institute has seen in terms of seat occupancy and preference, he went ahead to make the students aware of the various regulations in place concerning the CGPA, attendance, etc. He expressed his elation by the fact that at around 1150 students had filled up through JOSAA and CSAB special round to bag a seat in NIT Rourkela. He also briefed the students about various programs' opening and closing ranks. Advising the students to read all the documentation properly, he addressed the 27 students onboard through DASA and 16 that joined through ICCR. 

Dr P K Das (Hon’able Registrar):-

Briefing on the institute's active Role in ensuring that the needy students get the scholarships, he handed over the baton to Dr P K Das, the Hon'ble Registrar

Being a student from the same institute, he shared a small account of the institute's evolution from 15 August 1961 when it was founded as the Regional College of Engineering to achieving the prestigious NIT tag on 26 January 2002. Spread over a 647-acre campus National Institute of Technology Rourkela hosts 20 departments, 11 hostels, seven playgrounds, and several other world-class facilities. He expressed the enormity of the campus by saying that one has to travel 18kms to go around the campus entirely. He also went ahead to talk about the LAN and wifi connectivity throughout the institute, medical facilities that include ambulance services and recently added ICU facility, financial support for students to attend various conferences nationally, and partial support for foreign visits and meetings. Housing over 368 faculties, 360 officers, and staff, the primary institutional decisions are taken by the senate that also includes student representatives to voice the concerns of the students. His address also had a brief overview of the Foundation for Technology and Business Incubation (FTBI). The FTBI has15 startups and 38 preincubation centres and generates over 200 jobs. He also gave an overview of ANKCTEL, e-classrooms, CIF(central instrumentation facility). He informed the students that a 64 crore rupees HEFA loan that the institute has been granted would be used as follows.

- 19 crore for UG and PG lab development and research lab development.

- 31 crore for Diamond Jubilee sports and cultural complex.

- 20 crore for a satellite campus at Sailashree Vihar, Bhubaneswar, for TnP activities, seminars, and conferences.

Talking about the legacy and the image, he also spoke about the famous alumni who have held significant positions in diverse fields. He concluded his address by telling, "Love what you do till you find what you love to do," and by telling the students to be voracious readers, write down their thoughts, have a quality sleep, and expose themselves to sunlight for vitamin D.

Prof. Sushmita Misra (Dean of Academics):-

After the completion of the speech by Hon'ble Registrar, Prof. Sushmita Mishra, Dean of Academics, addressed the virtual crowd. She talked about how NITR has a firm place in the educational arena in India. She guided the students through rules and regulations concerning the students' academics. The Role of the faculty advisor and navigation in these initial days without panicking, etc., were covered in depth. She concisely explained NIT Rourkela's courses and their respective durations. Briefing the students on the evaluation process, she broke down the semester system, highlighted each class's importance, and advised students not to miss any. SWAYAM and GIAN courses which were brought into academic purview recently, were also covered in great detail, along with the extent of non-academic activities and clubs. Towards the end, she talked about the provisions to keep the campus ragging-free and ISDC and several other conditions that ensure everything is practised fairly in the institute.

Prof S Jena (Dean of Student Welfare):-

This was followed by the speech of Prof. S Jena, Dean of Student Welfare.

"We will support you on the right path, but if you are wrong, we will guide you,"

-he quoted.

He introduced the students to SAC (Student Activity Centre), which is the hub of all student extracurricular activities. He also gave the viewers an insight into various fests and activities that it conducts.

After this, the students were addressed by Prof. S K Pratihar, professor in charge of examination who also filled in for the chief warden, having served in the same position in his tenure earlier. He briefly introduced the various halls of residence and their capacities. He went on to emphasize the facilities offered and the activities conducted. DK Pradhan, HOD in charge of Biju Patnaik Central Library, took the stage following him. He took the students through the various library facilities that host more than 85 thousand boos, 12 thousand ebooks, and 8 thousand e-journals. He also mapped it out for students by talking about the various wings and the purposes these sections serve. Then Dr C Bhattacharya, the head of the institute health centre, spoke to the crowd. After briefly congratulating the students and advising them to abide by the rules and healthy practices at their place of residence, he talked about the facilities at the institute health centre. He said that the institute has full-time doctors, and it runs on an outpatient basis and has a hierarchy for referral for patients the institute can not treat at the health centre. These hospitals are located in the city, outside the city, and also outside the state, he said. 

Prof Subhankar Paul (Chairman of Extra Academic Activities):-

He elaborated on the advantages of extra academic activities, like confidence-boosting, overall character development and many more. He mentioned the types of activities available in NIT Rourkela: National Cadet Corps, National Service Scheme, Yoga, Physical education, and Self Defence. He said Each student would be assigned activity in the first year of study, and grades would be awarded according to the students' performance.

Prof Pawan Kumar (Chairman of the Institute Counselling Service(ICS)):-

Prof Pawan Kumar introduced the structure of ICS and the services it provides, starting from academic issues to personal issues. He informed the students about the institute's alumni counselling program and shared the huge number of alumni willing to help back the students. He stressed the psychological and mental health counselling service provided by ICS. 

Prof Rohan Dhiman (Head of the Safety & Security Services):-

Prof. Dhiman next addressed the parents of the students admitted about some important security aspects that needed to be taken care of during the student's stay at the campus, which included points like the prohibition of motorized vehicles on the campus (for the UG students). He also cautioned the wards about the ban on liquor and other narcotic substances.

Prof U C Pati (Head, Training & Placement):-

He told the students about the services provided by the T&P Cell, which are Summer Internship in pre-final year & placement in the final year. He stressed the mind-boggling placement & internship statistics of the institute. 

“We provide opportunities for jobs but not jobs. It’s the duty and ability of the students to impress the recruiter”

Prof Simanchalo Panigrahi (Director, NIT Rourkela):-

The Honourable Director started with how the auditorium would have been filled if the orientation had been offline mode and the pain with which the biological parents would be leaving their wards in the hands of their academic mother, i.e., the institute NIT Rourkela. He congratulated the students for cracking one of the toughest examinations and excelling to take admission at NIT Rourkela.

“Excellency is not an accident, it’s a continuous journey, and after taking admission, no one should mistake it as the termination or the horizon of the journey.”

He cautioned the parents not to fund the students heavily. He inspired the students for working hard.

“If one wants to shine like a Sun, they have to burn like a Sun.”

This was followed by a short video of Monday Morning, the student media body of NIT Rourkela, where the Chief Coordinators, Anshuman Sandhibigraha, Chandrachud Pati and Sai Vanshika, introduced Monday Morning to freshers and officially released the 5th edition (Digital) of NITR 101, Annual Mini Print Issue (link here), a complete guide that would make freshers aware about every aspect of NIT Rourkela.

The program ended with the Vote of Thanks & introduction to Faculty Advisors from Ms Swagatika Sahoo, Assistant Registrar.

Team MM congratulates the authorities for conducting the Orientation Program successfully in the pandemic-affected semester and wishes all the best of luck to the freshers for the journey ahead.

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