Cognizance on Sustainable Food Technologies: GIAN Course 2021

Cognizance on Sustainable Food Technologies: GIAN Course 2021

Harshi Singhi | Jan 03, 2022

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The Department of Food Process Engineering, NIT Rourkela, hosted a short-term GIAN ( Global Initiative of Academic Networks) course under the theme Advances in Sustainable Disruptive Technology in Food Processing from 27th-31st December 2021.

The 20 hours lectures program was handled by the internationally renowned academic expert Prof. Brijesh K. Tiwari, (Principal Research Officer, Department of Food Chemistry and Technology, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland). This 5-day course was specially designed to demonstrate the importance of various disruptive and emerging technologies which are considered sustainable, have lower environmental impacts, and can produce food with minimal impact on climate without compromising the safety, quality, and nutritional profile of foods.

Prof. Madhuresh Dwivedi and Prof. Sushil Kumar Singh of the Department of Food Process Engineering were the Coordinators of this course. Moreover, two student coordinators, Mr. Niranjan Thota and Ms. Rifna were also appointed to conduct the event smoothly. The unique feature of this course was the diverse gathering of students, research scholars, and academicians. The course received active participation from 65 students as listeners.

All the sessions were conducted in online mode via the ZOOM Meet platform. All the participants too will be provided with e certificates for attending this course.

The objectives of the GIAN workshop were-

  • Impart knowledge to the members on emerging processing, preservation, and extraction technologies that possess the potential to sustain the food nutrients required for health (termed nutritional quality of food)
  • Increase variety in the diet by preserving a range of attractive flavors and colors in food
  • To employ novel technologies for the agri-food sector
  • To analyze the impact of novel technologies on food sustainability
  • To apply technologies in a real-life scenario

27th December 2021 (Monday)

The Chief Guests and Guest of Honors of the 5-day course were welcomed by the Course Coordinator, Prof. Madhuresh Dwivedi.

The inaugural ceremony was held in the presence of Prof. Shimanchalo Panigrahi, Director, NIT Rourkela, where he congratulated the Department of Food Process Engineering for achieving great feats in a short span of 9 years. This was followed by greetings from Prof. Parag Prakash Sutar, Head of Department of Food Process Engineering, and a special address by Prof. Brijesh K. Tiwari(Principal Research Officer at TEAGASC and Adjunct Professor at UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering).

In the first session of the 5-day course, Prof. Brijesh K. Tiwari discussed the Disruptive Technologies used in food processing and the Global Agri-Food Sector. This was followed by a Question and Answer session, where the participants actively asked their queries.

In the evening session spanning from 3 P.M. to 5:15 P.M., Prof. Tiwari discussed the Advances in Novel Food Processing and Preservation Technologies. This was followed by a short doubt session.

28th December 2021 (Tuesday)

The morning session of the Day 2 started off with an inciting lecture on Non-Thermal Processing Technologies. In this Prof. Tiwari explained the operating principles and mechanics of microbial inactivation. He also explained the intrinsic and extrinsic processing parameters by Cavitation Technologies. The evening session of the Day 2 was based on Plasma Technology and its application in Food Processing.

Day 2 of the course concluded with a short session on Introduction to Oxidative Technologies.

29th December 2021 (Wednesday)

The morning session of Day 3 started with a brief introduction to High-Pressure Processing (HPP), Pulsed Electric Field (PEF), Plasma Technology, Ozone Processing, and irradiation. This was followed by a discussion on Extraction Technologies and Zero-Waste Approach using Sub-Critical Fluid Processing and Hydrodynamic Cavitation.

In the evening session, challenges faced in the synergistic aspects of Thermal and Non-thermal technologies were discussed. This session saw an arousing response from the participants.

30th December 2021 (Thursday)

The day started with an introduction to different types of irradiation processes. Along with this, Prof. Tiwari also discussed the process control parameters for the deactivation of pathogenic microorganisms.

The evening session started with a short discussion on the role of new sustainable technologies. This was followed by a discussion on Microbial Inactivation Kinetics.

31st December 2021 (Friday)

The 5-Day GIAN Course was completed by a comprehensive lecture on the Effective Publication of journals.

Thus, the short-term course achieved the overall goal of network building, experience sharing, and soft skill development.

Prof Madhuresh Dwivedi, one of the coordinators of the event said-

The agri-food sector is currently facing huge pressure to produce and preserve quality food. This problem can be solved to a great extend by using Disruptive Technologies in Food Processing. We planned to organize this short-term GIAN course so that people from different domains like industry, research, and academia can interact and exchange their knowledge regarding this topic. Due to the stimulating sessions of Prof. Brijesh Tiwari and the active participation of the attendees, this course was indeed a great success. 

Team Monday Morning compliments the Department Of  Food Processing for successfully conducting this workshop and wishes them the best for all future endeavors.

Designs By – Piyush Kumar Sahoo

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