A Heart-rending Rememberance: Rest In Peace Prof. Ashok Kumar Mohanty

A Heart-rending Rememberance: Rest In Peace Prof. Ashok Kumar Mohanty

Team MM | Jan 17, 2022

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The NIT Rourkela fraternity is deeply saddened by the news of the demise of Prof Ashok Kumar Mohanty. Prof Ashok Mohanty, aged 80, left for his heavenly abode after suffering from a cardiac arrest on 9th January 2022. 

A renowned professor from the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Prof A K Mohanty completed his PhD from the University of Sheffield and has contributed in the fields of Metallurgical Thermodynamics, Physical Chemistry of Metal Extraction and Process Metallurgy. He has also authored the book, Rate Processes in Metallurgy

Prof A K Mohanty served as the Principal of NIT Rourkela, erstwhile REC Rourkela, during the period 1996-2001. Under his leadership, the institute saw several developments in terms of infrastructure, alumni interaction, research, etc. After retirement, he remained active in all social gatherings and activities that took place in the institute. His contribution to the institute has been invaluable and this tragic incident has left a void in the NIT Rourkela fraternity. 

Prof. Saroj Kumar Patel, Ex-Dean Academic, in his tribute to the late professor says,

I felt deeply saddened on hearing that our beloved Prof. Mohanta has left for the heavenly abode. I knew him from my student days in REC Rourkela. I used to hear from my batchmates of Metallurgy department how he was excellent in teaching. I have never seen him getting angry with anyone. He used to be always soft spoken and kind hearted. He is the only faculty of our institute who could become its head before his superannuation. All other Principals/Directors have been appointed from outside. Under his initiative and patronage, the relationship with alumni had a significant rise. In spite of his old age health problems, he used to try his best to attend almost all institute functions whenever invited. May his divine soul rest in peace.

Remembered to be an able administrator and a meticulous instructor, students and colleagues cherish his hale and hearty composure.

Team Monday Morning and NIT Rourkela fraternity pay their hearty tribute in the loving memory of the benevolent Prof Ashok Kumar Mohanty.

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