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Monday Morning Article Cover for: SATYA SUNDAR SAHOO (EE) – SAP (SDC)


|Higher Eduction


Feb 15, 2016|a minute

Team MM

Q: Are you satisfied with the company you are placed in or did you expect a better company?

A: Yes, I am pretty much satisfied with this on-campus offer from SAP. SAP is a pretty well-known company and is considered as a good company to start a successful career.

Q: Were there any challenges that you faced in the beginning of the placement season?

A: In the beginning of the placement season, I was slightly nervous because I did not know how the things would go or how hectic the process would be. I lacked the preparation for placement as I was busy with my internship during summer and hardly got any time to prepare. Other challenges can be lack of awareness and lack of facing interviews and GDs.

Q: Were you rejected by any other company? If yes, what could be the possible reasons?

A: Yes, I got rejected in few companies like Mu Sigma, Future First, Capgemini, General Motors etc. For some companies, I did not qualify the online test and for others I was not well prepared.

Q: How many levels were there in the selection procedure of this company?

A: For SDC profile there were 4 rounds.

1. Online Test

2. Technical Round

3. Managerial Round

4. HR Round

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the written rounds?

A: There was no specific preparation as such for this company. I just went through the basics of coding in C, C++ and Data Structure also.

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the GD rounds?

A: No GD Round

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the Interview rounds?

A: I just went through the basics of C, C++, Data Structure, OOPs. I went through some of the basic topics of Electrical Engineering since I am from Electrical and there was a chance of questions being asked from that subject. I had solved some of the puzzles also.

I had prepared good answers for some of the HR questions like “Why SAP?”, “Strength and Weakness”, “Why should we hire you?”, “What makes you different from the rest?” etc.

Q: Any tips or suggestions for the juniors?

A: Target the type of company and job profiles you want and start preparing accordingly. Before sitting for companies just ask yourself “Am I the right person for this job?”. A major part of the decision depends on the personality of the candidate. Be confident and smart while answering any question in interview or while participating in GD.

Make a good CV. Put only the relevant details. You must be thorough with the details. Prepare answers for some of the common HR questions which are asked in the interview.

Q: Can you briefly explain your overall experience of the placement season?

A: The overall experience was quite good and educating. The whole process has made me a confident individual. This time the placement scenario is much better. Many companies providing various job profiles have opened up lots of opportunities for the present as well as the upcoming batches. Placement committee is really doing a good job.

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