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|Higher Eduction


Feb 15, 2016|a minute

Team MM

Q: Are you satisfied with the company you are placed in or did you expect a better company?

A: To be honest, I was more interested in non-core companies (analytical and trading firms). But still I am extremely delighted, being placed in VEDANTA. I don’t think I could have desired for any better core company.

Q: Were there any challenges that you faced in the beginning of the placement season?

A: No, I don’t think there was much trouble. My aptitude skill was quite satisfactory. And since earlier I had done a few courses regarding GDs and PIs, so I didn’t face much trouble for either of them. But the only worrisome factor was the number of companies. Since most of other branches had an upper-hand regarding the same, but there were too few metallurgical core companies that visited in the first few months of final year (which definitely escalated latter on). And the level of competition for non-core firms could scare anyone. One had to consider a lot of factors while preparing for non-core firms.

Q: Were you rejected by any other company? If yes, what could be the possible reasons?

A: The most heart-breaking rejection came in from FUTURE FIRST. I got rejected in final PI. But it taught me a lot of things which helped me for other firms. It rarely matters if one is well acquainted with the herculean terminology but “One should be very strong with the basics”. If you mess with it then you are doomed.

Q: How many levels were there in the selection procedure of this company?

A: There were 3 rounds;

i) Written round (comprising of normal aptitude type questions)
ii) GD
iii) PI

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the written rounds?

A: There was no particular preparation for written rounds. I had quite an inclination for Maths, LR & DI. I practiced them frequently.

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the GD rounds?

A: It wasduring the summer vacation that I enrolled myself in numerous courses concerning the GDs. Latter I participated in GDs on a regular basis. This not only boosted my confidence but also made me acquainted with the do’s and don’ts.

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the Interview rounds?

A: I got enrolled in several courses both online and offline which provided me with a huge pool of HR type questions. But I do admit that I lack the in-depth knowledge of my core subjects. I only have a very surface knowledge of my core subjects.

Q: Any tips or suggestions for the juniors?

A: Firstly, don’t give up too soon. It is not possible for each and every one to get placed on the very first month. If you are rejected by some of your dream companies then don’t get disheartened, for there will always be another chance.

Secondly, work more and more on your basics. All the recruiters need to know if you are good at your basics because that will provide them a platform to place new ideas. If your base is weak then there is absolutely no point in recruiting you.

Thirdly, if you are rejected in any particular round of the recruitment process then try to analyze what could have possibly gone wrong.

Fourthly, if possible, go for mocks (for GDs, PIs, Case-Studies, Puzzles etc) among friends. This will certainly enhance the skill sets of all the participants.

Fifthly, LUCK is a major factor. Very often you will feel that those selected people were not as deserving as you are, which might be true. But it just might not be your day.

Q: Can you briefly explain your overall experience of the placement season?

A: After being placed in VEDANTA (Dream category), I am no more eligible for any super dream companies based on company policies. I really enjoyed the whole time because it has proliferated my skills both personally and professionally.

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