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|Higher Eduction

Dines Dwivedi (CS Dual) - General Electric

Feb 15, 2016|a minute

Team MM

Q: Are you satisfied with the company you are placed in or did you expect a better company?

A: Yes, I am very much satisfied with the company I got placed in. This is one of the most prestigious and reputed companies of the world so I could not have asked for a better start to my career.

Q: Were there any challenges that you faced in the beginning of the placement season?

A: My CGPA being ‘low’, I was a bit nervous in the beginning as it was a great dent in my CV. Although I had no doubt over my technical abilities, I had to prepare extra hard to have some edge. I was also not shortlisted for a few companies most probably because of my CGPA falling in the lower band.

Q: Were you rejected by any other company? If yes, what could be the possible reasons?

A: Quite some actually. For some I was not shortlisted, for some I was not qualified due to not meeting the required CGPA criterion. I could not qualify written rounds in some. I could not clear coding rounds in some. I was rejected after a surprise first round HR in a company because I was nervous. I was rejected after GD in another despite being the most active member of the session because of disputing views. Failure had not been merciful on me but I hung on.

Q: How many levels were there in the selection procedure of this company?

A: There were three rounds:

A. Written Round-Technical, English, Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning

B. Technical Interview

C. HR Interview

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the written rounds?

A: I had prepared the basics of C and C++, OOPS concepts, DBMS, from books and revision from geeksforgeeks.com. There were some remnants of my GATE preparations which helped.

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the GD rounds?

A: No GD rounds

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the Interview rounds?

A:. I had prepared Data Structures and C, C++ basics along with OOPS and DBMS for technical rounds. And for HR, I had not prepared anything rather I had decided to be honest and answer whatever I feel is right although I had done some digging on the company beforehand.

Q: Any tips or suggestions for the juniors?

A: Before any interview, I convince myself that this is not my only choice. I can have many alternatives if I don’t get selected. It takes the nervousness away and makes me confident. This is my method. You can follow this or devise your own way to calm yourself before an interview. Think of answers to some cliché questions like ‘why you want to join this company?’, ‘tell me about yourself’, etc… For written rounds I would say online practice tests should become a habit because in NITR, companies can come at any time and you should be mentally and technically prepared for that. Coding regularly will help you a lot. Collect info on the company you are sitting for and try to make some impression during presentation by asking good questions.

Q: Can you briefly explain your overall experience of the placement season?

A: My overall experience of placement season was bitter-sweet. Sometimes I would be sad for not getting selected, other times I was happy about getting into a company. I got better offers eventually and the key was not to be satisfied and try for more and more. There were times I felt like giving up, but the support of my parents and friends kept me afloat. Finally all’s well that ends well.

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