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|Higher Eduction

Saurav Kumar (ME) - ASHOK LEYLAND

Feb 15, 2016|a minute

Team MM

Q: Are you satisfied with the company you are placed in or did you expect a better company?

A: yes I am pretty much satisfied with this company as getting a core job was the top priority and most importantly none of us were rejected from the PI. They shortlisted four candidates for the next rounds and all four people from our college got placed.

Q: Were there any challenges that you faced in the beginning of the placement season?

A: In the beginning I thought there are so many companies that I don’t need to do anything. Placement is totally luck based. Then a few companies later I realized that it’s not totally luck. I was not able to clear written exams of many companies due to lack of practice. Everybody can solve Apti questions but speed is a key factor which comes from practice.

Q: Were you rejected by any other company? If yes, what could be the possible reasons?

A: Yes first one bajaj , then Maruti Suzuki and then a couple more and I was not able to clear written exams , here friends play a very crucial role they supported me a lot in the bad times.

Q: How many levels were there in the selection procedure of this company?

A: written exam happened here itself and the rest like GD, Presentation and interview rounds at NIT Durgapur. GD was not elimination they had taken the sum of the two (GD and PI). They had given us a topic upon we were to speak for 2 minutes then our PI started this was presentation round.

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the written rounds?

A: I practiced a lot of aptitude and verbal ability questions as I was not to clear the written exams at first for tech part I basically relied on previous year gate questions. Actually I was preparing for TATA Steel as I did my Summer Internship there but couldn’t manage to get through the GD round. But I feel this preparation helped me a lot in Ashok Leyland.

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the GD rounds?

A: I appeared for TATA Steel GD but could not clear it but still it gave a lot of confidence. I was very nervous and my turn came at the last so I could not speak well. I had a lot of mock GDs with my friends at Hall 8.

Q: What preparations did you undergo to get through the Interview rounds?

A: I got a very good project (Relating to EMBr Mould) during my internship at Tata steel so my focus was on that.it was very recent and all the automobile grade steel comes from this mould only. Luckily he asked about my project. So I thoroughly explained my project to them and I had studied the topics related to this thoroughly like casting, welding, rolling (basically what SK sahoo sir had taught in Primary Production Process), heat transfer and thermodynamics. Of course it is need less to mention IC engine is a must for every automobile company.

Q: Any tips or suggestions for the juniors?

A: First of all practice aptitude questions and take Summer Internship seriously obviously it is difficult but try because companies take these very seriously and they ask questions and here if you do well you are half way through. Prepare at least 3 subjects of your interest. But again if its your day you can do anything. Be very clear about your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly make up your mind. Practice Mock GD as confidence is the key. Speaking is very important and that too with good points. There is no harm if you do these things in advance. It all depends how you do on that particular day as you have a series of rounds but keeping track of these small things can boost up your confidence. Last but not the least don’t lose your patience. It is very difficult as each time you get rejected you have to start from the scratch.

Q: Can you briefly explain your overall experience of the placement season?

A: Initially I was clueless but some bad experiences taught me a few things. My friends and our PC was very much cooperative and they supported me at every point.

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