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Episode Of Metallurgical Pre-eminence For NITR: Inception Of IIM Student Chapter

Dec 25, 2020|2 minutes

Adarsh Swarnakar

Aditi Golchha

On the occasion of National Metallurgist Day (November 13, 2020), Indian Institute of Metal (IIM) formally inaugurated the Indian Institute of Metal - Rourkela Student Chapter in collaboration with NIT Rourkela and Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP), SAIL.

Students of NIT Rourkela from any department with a keen interest in metallurgical and materials research can join the chapterapart from those already in the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. The induction process has already started, and students from Dept. of Mechanical and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering have already joined. The election for the students’ committee, with posts like President, Vice- President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer had been received. The student elects are:

President: Amlan Das

Vice President: Soumya Sumit Dash

Secretary: Shiny Lohani

Joint Secretary: Sambit Kumar Bhuyan

Treasurer: Supreet Mohanty

The chapter is directly under the IIM Headquarters, Kolkata and the IIM Rourkela Chapter, and is not affiliated under Students Activity Centre (SAC). Being a student chapter under IIM Rourkela, it receives fundings from IIM directly, and not SAC, thus making it divergent from clubs of NIT Rourkela.

A Brief Introduction of IIM

Formed in 1946, Indian Institute of Metals is a premier institute set up to foster and advance the art of fabricating and treating metals, alloys and other materials. Acting as a distinguished body for professional metallurgists, it targets to encourage and develop the study and applications of Metallurgy and Materials Sciences.

IIM conducts two flagship events - National Metallurgist Day (NMD) and Annual Technical Meeting (ATM). Other events include organising national and international technical conferences and programmes, research activities, publications and examinations. IIM aims to combine industries' expertise with the advancement in research and technology taking place throughout the world.

The institute has accomplished a phenomenal growth since its establishment and has earned worldwide recognition as a prominent metallurgist organisation. It has chapters in cities and towns all across the country.

IIM Rourkela Students Chapter

Prof. Anindya Basu, HOD of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, said:

The IIM chapter of Rourkela was being revived. Some of its executive members belong to the faculty of our department. We approached the IIM Head Office for opening an IIM Rourkela Students Chapter. The minimum requirement of this was 30 student members, which has been fulfilled. On the occasion of National Metallurgist Day (NMD), IIM Rourkela Student Chapter was formally opened in the presence of IIM Chairman.

The chapter is formed to organise various technical events and promote the activities of IIM among the students under the guidance of professors of NIT Rourkela and RSP. The purpose of IIM Rourkela Student Chapter is to bridge the gap between educational institutions and various industries to make the students ready to face obstacles and implement better ideas for the benefit of the Metallurgy and Materials sector. The chapter plans to organise several technical events, webinars, and quizzes to enhance and foster the students' aptitude for research and industry.

Speaking of the aim behind starting this student chapter in NIT Rourkela, Prof. Rajesh Prusty, Joint Secretary, IIM Rourkela Chapter, said:

The purpose of establishing this chapter is to provide a platform to the students to interact with the top-class metallurgical and materials scientists, engineers and researchers. It also aims at creating interest in young students to pursue their career in the field of metallurgy and materials engineering looking at the ongoing cutting edge research and development.

Prof. Ajit Behera, treasurer of the chapter, said:

The opening of this IIM Rourkela student chapter was with the motive of encouraging the students to purify and develop materials for various advancements and utilities via extensive research under the umbrella and funding of the prestigious IIM. We also aim to research further on composite materials for industrial purposes, thus fostering pioneering studies in the field.

Prof. Anshuman Patra, the faculty coordinator of IIM Student Chapter, added:

Students will be benefitted by participating in various events which provide a more comprehensive understanding of industrial processes and products and related technological innovation. Students will understand the technical problems and think in a direction towards a possible solution related to the material's application and improvement in the sustainability of materials.

Team Monday Morning wishes the team very best for their future endeavours and hopes that the student chapter of the reputed IIM will foster path-breaking researches and studies in the field and help the students and the department reach greater heights.

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