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The Study of Innovation and Renewability: Department of Chemical Engineering

Oct 1, 2021|3 minutes

Abhishek Pattnaik

The Department of Chemical Engineering was established along with the institute in the year 1961 and is one of the oldest departments of NIT Rourkela. It involves studying chemical processes for manufacturing different products, designing equipment, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, foods, and many other products. The Department also specializes in modelling and simulation, thermodynamics, environmental engineering, biochemical engineering, nanotechnology and renewable energy.

The Department is also associated with sponsored projects funded by different sponsoring agencies such as DST, CSIR, MOEF, MNRE. So, the core strength of the Department lies in its diverse and interdisciplinary nature.


The vision of the Department is:

“To become an internationally acclaimed department of higher learning to address major societal issues and solve technical challenges faced by chemical and allied industries through eco-friendly technologies.”

With a faculty strength of 17, the Chemical Engineering department ensures that the students get proper academic guidance and make suitable career choices. It also offers various courses in Bachelor’s, Master’s, Dual-Degree and PhD programs.


(HS-Home State, OS-Other States)

JEE Mains cutoff for Chemical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology)

JEE Mains cutoff for Chemical Engineering (5 Years, Bachelor and Master of Technology (Dual Degree))


The Department is also well equipped with sophisticated instruments such as BET surface area analyzer, TGA, HPLC, GC, nanoparticle size analyzer, surface tensiometer, contact angle meter, fluorescence spectrophotometer etc., in addition to the traditional basic equipment to boost up high-quality research activity. Other than that, there are well-equipped laboratories such as the Biotech Laboratory, Computational Laboratory, Material Handling and Processing Lab, Nano & Interfacial Engineering Laboratory and other labs.


Several MNCs, PSUs and private sector companies come to recruit students of the Department. This year the Chemical Engineering department was the only one to secure a 100 per cent placement record. This Department has secured on-campus and off-campus internship opportunities in various reputed organisations and institutions like Mitacs and other notable industries. Exxon Mobil, Linde, Haldia Petrochemicals, Aditya Birla, JSW Steel are some of the companies that recruit Chemical Engineers, along with many more.


Sangeeta Mohapatra, an alumnus of NIT Rourkela, from the Department of Chemical Engineering, is currently the Managing Director & Founder of one of the most leading startups in the textile industry, The Signature Attire; which is a commendable achievement and speaks a lot about the Department.

Mr Srikant Madhav Vaidya, an alumnus of NIT Rourkela, from the Department of Chemical Engineering, is the current Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation Limited; a remarkable feat that speaks volumes about the Department.


The Department of Chemical Engineering in NIT Rourkela possesses a vast potential in igniting the mindset of the students and making them ready for the career path they choose to get into.

Here’s what Prof Abanti Sahoo, HOD of Chemical Engineering, conveyed for the prospective students:

Chemical Engineering pervades the practical facet of human life. Its impact is felt as satisfying the basic needs of mankind involving shelter, clothing, food, energy and health care. In this modern era, the young minds of youth face new professional challenges in the wake of the increased cost of energy, depletion of a suitable grade of raw materials with stringent demand on product purity and the need for conservation of natural resources with concern over environmental pollution. Besides this emerging areas like Biochemical Engineering, Nanotechnology and alternative sources of energy need the basics of Chemical engineering.

Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the engineering and development of products/processes to identify and/or solve technical glitches. This branch of engineering is a diverse field, covering broader fields such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, mineral processing, petroleum refining plants, etc. Chemical engineering actually combines the knowledge of Engineering and basic sciences to convert raw materials into valuable forms or for the production of products and related by-products. Today’s chemical engineering technologies are not limited to chemical factories but include the organic and inorganic industries such as the manufacturing of paper, fibre, fabrics, paints, biomaterials, gasoline, medical drugs, fertilizers, and lubricants. With the sectors like petroleum and pharmaceutics booming nowadays, there is a good demand for chemical engineering graduates.

The department of Chemical Engineering (NIT Rourkela) has been the epitome of the teaching and learning process ever since its inception. Over these wonderful years of its existence, the department serves as a beacon of knowledge and wisdom. Bestowed with erudite faculties and disciplined staff (present and past), the department has come a long way from a humble beginning to a force to reckon with. The shining glory of our students' batch after batch is a testament to that. Located at a corner inside a sprawling campus the department has undergone architectural changes and expansions to meet ever-increasing demands arising out of increased student strengths, starting of new specializations, increased new faculty strengths and staffs. The transition from REC to NIT was a watershed moment, opening better avenues, inducing competitive mindsets in all stakeholders. Spearheaded by experienced faculties of the department, sooner the department saw a change in the aura by bringing endorsements in the form of research, consultancy and industrial projects. Department of Chemical Engineering attracts top industries who visit NIT Rourkela Campus for their hiring requirements Internship based pre-placement industry offers are also made to our students before the actual placement session starts so as to retain the best talent who would already have the internship experience and be ready to convert their internship experience to job offers. Our students get the opportunity to explore their talents and bring laurels to the Institute by winning awards in National and International level competitions. A good network is there with the alumni. Our Alumni are heading National and Global companies.

Our department expects our students to follow the footstep of our alumni and give their best in performing in both curricular and ectra-curricular activities.

Team Monday Morning wishes the prospective Chemical Engineers who’d be joining the department the very best for their future endeavours.

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