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Setting the foundation for a better future : Smarak 2021

May 22, 2021|3 minutes

Anshuman Sandhibigraha

Priyasha Das

Keeping up with its zest of providing a platform to 'think, reflect and wonder about civil engineering, the CEST club, in collaboration with ICE: UK NITR chapter put together yet another event to elevate its list of initiatives. SMARAK: 2021, organised from the 14th-16th May 2021, will now discern the tag of the annual civil engineering technical fest of NIT alongside being recognised as the club's flagship event. With the conjoint efforts of approximately 25 members of the club, the event was a success with overwhelming participation of 450+ from across various IITs, NITs, GFTIs, and other reputed institutes across India.

The three days mega event witnessed lectures from eminent scholars on topics of great interest. Workshops were organised to enhance the participant's technical skills. Eight competitions were conducted to enable the young minds to display their proficiency, with the winners being awarded cash prizes worth 2000 INR to 8000 INR. The fest concluded with an evening of entertainment with poetry, music, and standup performances.

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The fest was sponsored by LIT, Yocket, ACE Engineering Academy, and Rajul Dwivedi Constructions.

Outset: Talk sessions, workshops, and guest lectures

A pre-fest webinar on 'Career opportunities after B.tech./B.E.' was coordinated on May 2nd, in collaboration with the ACE Engineering Academy. Speaker Ravindra Thube deliberated on the various opportunities available through multiple competitive examinations while discussing its pattern, eligibility criteria, preparation strategies, etc.

'Research talks' with Gaurab Saha, assistant professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at NIT Rourkela, was conducted to discuss the various research opportunities available and the developments in the field of civil engineering.

An 'Alumni Speaks' session was organised on May 16th wherein Akram Ansari, a 2016 B.tech. Graduate in Civil Engineering shared with the attendees his journey at NIT Rourkela. Having held various positions of responsibility like Founder and Chairman of Bless N Bliss Foundation and Founder, Director and CEO of A.P. Construction Pvt. Ltd. and The Organicers Pvt. Ltd., he enlightened about the prospects of entrepreneurship and motivated the students for the same.

The much-anticipated fest commenced on the evening of May 14th with an opening ceremony graced by the chief guest, Professor Snehashish Chakraverty, and the guest of honour, Prof. Chittaranjan Patra. They expressed their contentment over the activeness of the cub even amidst the global pandemic and congratulated them for their various initiatives. Prof. Subhajit Mondal and Pradip Sarkar, patrons of the fest, highlighted the club's achievements and wished them successful conduct of the fest.

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Workshops for Matlab and 3ds Max organised in collaboration with Lakshya Institute of Technology (LIT) saw a turnout of 100+ and was worthwhile for making the participants acquainted with the software of technical importance.


Overall, Smarak had eight different competitions ranging from A photography contest to An online quiz event. Each competition saw huge responses from participants all over the world. The competitions were-


An online quiz event that covered questions of Civil Engineering and General Knowledge Topic. The overall prize money for the event was ₹5,000/.


A photography contest where participants had to submit their e photographs clicked by them and a short write-up based explaining the picture's essence. The Participants have to click a photo related to Civil Structures, and those pictures were uploaded to the Instagram handle of Smarak.


An event where participants showcased their skills of analysing and prototyping in the domain of MATLAB. Participants were given the problem statement, and within a span of 2 hours, they needed to demonstrate their MATLAB skills. The problem Statements were restricted to the Civil Engineering aspects.


An event where participants demonstrated their artistic talent, drew famous architectural monuments/structures and conveyed its significance to the audience. It was an individual event where participants had to draw on A4 size white paper using a pencil or pen and later upload it in the .jpeg/ .bmp format.


An Event that tested participants' knowledge in analysing Building models/Structural elements using software like ETABS/ SAP2000/ STAAD.Pro.


Participants showcased their CAD skills by designing a layout using Autocad 2D and 3D software on the spot, thus testing their imagination and modelling abilities. Participants were given the problem statement, and within a span of 2 hours, they needed to demonstrate their CAD skills.


A unique design-based competition where participants had to design a city plan according to the given problem statement. It was a team event. The team must consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants. The participants had to submit the AutoCAD plan in the google form.


An event where participants had to present their innovative ideas and solutions to an existing topic. It was a team event where the maximum number of members in a group was four. It was a 2 stage event.

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony kickstarted at 6.30 pm via M.S. Teams by the Welcome Address of the convenor of the Fest Satyadip Mohapatra.

In a short speech, Satyadeep thanked the honourable dignitaries, namely Prof. Seemita Mohanty, Prof. S. Mondal and Prof. P. Sarkar, for attending the closing ceremony. He also briefed the attendees of the events, which had spanned over the past three days.

This was followed by short speeches by Prof Mondal, Prof Sarkar and Prof Mohanty, who were elated by the fest's success and congratulated the organisers for organising the fest via online mode.

Next, everyone witnessed the Shaam-e-Sukhan, organised by Kalaam, the Poetic Club of NIT Rourkela, where students from NIT Rourkela amused the audience with their captivating poetry. The session lasted for around 50 mins.

A standup comedy session followed the Shaam-e-Sukhan, where the audience was treated to hilarious standup comedies by Ranjeet Singh. This session lasted for 15 minutes.

The last pro show of the night was conducted by the music clubs of NITR, namely Heartbeat, DnB & Euphony. The session lasted for 25 mins as the audience was left in awe by the scintillating performance. Armandev Puhan (organising secretary of the fest) 's speech marked the end of the fest.

Words from the Organizing Team

Armandev Puhan, the organising secretary of the fest, had the following to say,

Smarak was conducted for the first time, and it was an online civil Engineering fest. Since civil Engineering fests aren't famous in various institutions, we targeted the students of different IITs and NITs for maximum participation. We recorded 450+ participants from various institutions in India and countries like Bangladesh, Peru. There were 40+ participants in each event. We had four sponsors. We had a pre-fest guest talk session on GATE, IES for participants as well. We also have a webinar on "Studying in Foreign Universities" in the future. The hard work and efforts put in by the second years and the organising team paid off as the fest was a grand success.

Expressing his contentment post the event, Satyadip Mohapatra, the convenor of the fest, said:

Our inspiration was IIT Kgp Megalith (Annual technical fest of the Department of Civil Engineering). Moreover, being the oldest department of NITR, we had to have our fest and celebrate the essence of civil engineering. We initially had the vision to conduct it in offline mode. But due to various factors like exam schedule and ongoing covid pandemic, we had to conduct it in online mode. Despite the problems, the fest was a grand success. We are thankful to Seemita Mam, Pradeep Sir and Subhojit Sir for their constant help, guidance and support throughout the fest. The organising team, too, worked tirelessly for the success of the fest.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the team of Smarak and wishes them the very best for their endeavours ahead!

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