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Exit Survey 2021: Career and Looking Forward

May 13, 2021|2 minutes

Adarsh Swarnakar

Chandrachud Pati

Aditi Golchha

Utkarsh Singh

Career is indeed one of the decisive factors of one's college life. The four years show the direction of the entire life ahead. While terms like 'placement', 'CTC', 'higher studies', 'entrepreneurship' become more common, choosing the right path is the key, and there are many aspects that help you decide it. The Training and Placement Cell of the institute has a crucial role to play here.

The placements for the academic year were far from being usual. With companies recruiting through virtual mode and amid all the constraints, the institute seems to have fared well. Let's have a look at what the final year students have to say.

How many appeared for placements?

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This one percentage defines the entire year's placement and speaks volumes about how an institute has been performing on this front. Out of the 286 students who filled the form, 77.7% went for placements, while the rest did not. This, in itself, is not an alarming number, but there is scope for improvement.

Future Plans:

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When asked about what the students aim to achieve further in life, a major 58.7% was inclined towards corporate jobs, while in the second position came higher studies with 18.5% students opting for it. Then came the preparation for competitive exams. 5.2% of them are interested in GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering)/ ESE (Engineering Services Examination), and 6.3% have a predisposition towards becoming a civil servant.

Entrepreneurship didn't garner much attention and got only 2.8% aspiring for it. This indeed indicates the imperative role FTBI (Foundation of Technology and Business Incubation) has to play and demands intense stimulation and assistance from the institute's side.

A good 7.9% of students have not decided their career path yet.

"What's your CTC?"

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The average annual salary that a professional receives is considered important at this time. Although it doesn't become the only indicator of one's potential, it still carries significance.

A primary 45.2% of students fall under the category of those getting an average CTC (Cost to Company) of 5.5-10 LPA. While 11.9% of them are set to receive above 20 LPA, 7.3% will have CTC of less than 4 LPA.

Sector of Job

The sector in which a student gets a job today may define his/her course of future. This ideally ought to be the field of one's deep interest and reflects his/her years and growth at NIT Rourkela.

A majority of students (41.7%) choose to pursue their career in the Software and IT sector because it is a fast-developing field with lucrative future options. Students' second choice was Analytics and Consulting, with many big and reputed companies visiting for placements this year. The Power and Heavy Industries sector got 15%, with a majority of them being from the core branches. Other key domains like Oil and Natural Gas, Semiconductors and Education followed.

Higher Studies

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An outstanding number of students chose to pursue higher studies in their future as they undoubtedly promise better opportunities in the future. While 28.7% of students decided not to take up higher studies at all, 38.8% of them chose to clinch an MS/ M. Tech/ PhD in their core branch and 8.1% in a different department.

Getting into a B- School and pursuing MBA/ MiM (Masters in Management) was a popular choice, with 22.3% of voters opting for it. Other choices included Masters in Arts, Design and other fields.

Importance of CGPA and Co-curricular Activities

Achieving a good CGPA and having a good record in extra-curricular activities mean an all-around development of a student. These factors play an imperative role in placement as well.

Image Caption

How Did You Get Your Job?

Image Caption

The source of one's job can become a torch-bearer for other students of the institute and beyond to look in the right direction. Here the impeccable role of the institute's Placement Cell comes to the picture as almost 78% of the 181 respondents got their job via on-campus placement drive, 6% of students got their jobs via off-campus.

Another popular way was Pre-placement offers (PPOs) from internships that the students got did in their third year and then got placed in those respective companies.

In such a situation, it again becomes important to know the average number of internships a student was a part of. While the majority has done just one internship experience, there are also students with zero and more than four internships showing a contrasting picture.

Image Caption


Toward the end, it becomes vital to take note of the overall placement experience of students and if they are actually satisfied with the place, they are in currently. This will show us the way forward and point out in what respects NIT Rourkela is doing well and where it requires improvement.

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With this, Team Monday Morning concludes its survey and expects the institute administration as well as the students to take cognizance of the salient results that we achieved, and take leaps forward for better future outcomes.

Designs by Priyasha Das

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