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The GATE to Triumph: Subhrajeet Lenka (AIR 2)

Mar 21, 2020|2 minutes

Aradhana Gupta

Discipline is the bridge between goals and success, and Subhrajeet Lenka, a disciplined and focused candidate, proves that perseverance is the lead to any triumph. Subhrajeet managed to prove his mettle in GATE and bagged an All India rank 2 in the GATE Examination (in Mining Engineering). His calmness while problem-solving and analytical skills gave him confidence, and consistently working on it ensured success.

In a conversation with Monday Morning, he shares his experience and preparation strategy, for achieving this great success.

MM: What is the story behind pursuing the Gate exam?

Subhrajeet: As only a few PSUs (Public Sector Unit) come to offer on-campus job offers to the students of Mining Engineering every year, I had decided to sit for GATE Examination to accomplish my dream of joining a PSU..Considering this, I utilized the December months after my 5th and 7th semester and stayed back in the campus and prepared for the GATE. I believed in my problem-solving skills which encouraged me to pursue GATE.

MM: What study resources did you refer to?

Subhrajeet: A professor of Mining Department, Prof.A.K.Gorai, who wrote a book A Guide to Mining Engineering seemed to be sufficient for GATE. I also went through some of the GATE toppers interviews. Some of the topics are already covered in the curriculum and for the rest, I referred to the book. Another book I followed was Mining Digest by L.C.Kaku and practised previous year GATE questions. Mining engineering doesn’t have many online video channels for GATE preparations, the only one being _Mine Portal_which I sometimes referred to, but I don’t think if it was necessary.

MM: How did you manage academics and GATE preparations together?

Subhrajeet: As I used to prepare in the December months only and utilize both the months, I didn’t have to put many efforts during the semester time. So it never actually coincided, although since the last semester I had the aim of solving the GATE previous year questions, which I used to do along with my semester studies, therefore, everything went on smoothly. I set a target of solving one paper every day and had committed to dedicating my vacations to the preparations.

MM: Did the curriculum of NITR help you in achieving your goal?

Subhrajeet: The curriculum did help me, not for all the courses, but for some it did, because the lectures and syllabus helped in understanding the concepts of it. The professors have covered the problem solving and analysis part efficiently which helped me to a greater extent. And for the theoretical parts, I referred to the books. Along with this, it is also important for a student to understand the weightage of the different topics in the exam.

MM: How did you go on with the preparation?

Subhrajeet: When I first started solving the A.K.Gorai book, I went through each question of it. I was able to solve some question and the one that I didn’t, I marked it as doubt and got it cleared, and while revising I revisited these marked questions and solved them again. In the theory books, I highlighted the important points and took notes of it. While for the mock test, I used to sit for three hours and solve the previous year question paper and recheck the answers, it generally took me only 2 hours to solve the paper. My scores gave me confidence and boosted my performance each time. A week before GATE, I only revised the concepts.

MM: What was your paper answering strategy?

Subhrajeet: As I was able to solve the paper in 2 hours, I knew that an hour can be used to mark the questions on the computer and revise the answers. I generally have some calculation mistakes, so revising help me reduce my mistakes. Another important thing I did was using the GATE calculator, I downloaded its App on my phone and used to practice on it while solving the papers.

MM: What are your future plans?

Subhrajeet: I want to join a PSU company for now and later on pursue CAT examination.

MM: Who was your constant support or source of motivation during this time?

Subhrajeet: I follow one of my seniors Sudipta Kumar Panda who also achieved an under 100 rank last year, who told me about the placement scenario and mentored me to achieve success in GATE.

MM: What is your message to the junta out there?


Time management is the key to success, impatient behaviour may lead you to create mistakes. Therefore being confident and patient while attempting the paper will help you achieve your goals.

Team Monday Morning wishes Subhrajeet Lenka congratulations and all the best for his future.

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